Key Personnel Sample Clauses

Key Personnel. C4.1 The Contractor acknowledges that the Key Personnel are essential to the proper provision of the Services to the Authority.
Key Personnel. Section 4.7.1 To carry out its duties, the Design-Builder shall provide at least the key personnel identified in Exhibit D to this Agreement, who shall carry out the functions identified in the Exhibit. Among other things, the Key Personnel shall include the project managers that will be responsible for managing the Work related to the Project’s structural, mechanical, electrical and special systems. It is contemplated that these project managers will work from the design stage, purchasing and throughout the bulk of the field work. The Design-Builder's obligation to provide adequate staffing is not limited to providing the key personnel, but is determined by the needs of the Project. The Design-Builder shall not replace any of the key personnel without the Department's prior written approval, which shall not be unreasonably withheld. If any of the key personnel become unavailable to perform services in connection with the Contract due to death, illness, discharge or resignation, then the Design-Builder shall promptly appoint a replacement acceptable to the Department. The Department shall be entitled to complete information on each such replacement, including a current resume of his or her qualifications and experience.
Key Personnel. Subadviser agrees that the following key personnel will have primary responsibility with respect to the investment management of the Account. If these individuals are unable to devote sufficient time to maintain primary responsibility for the Account, Subadviser must give Client written advance notice, or, if Subadviser does not have advance knowledge of such inability, prompt written notice within one (1) business day after Subadviser first learns of such inability, of the name of the person designated by Subadviser to replace or supplement these individuals. In addition, Subadviser shall give Client written notice of the replacement of any employee of Subadviser who has direct supervisory responsibility for the key personnel or who has responsibility for setting investment policy as soon as reasonably practicable.
Key Personnel. 2.3.1 The Solicitor acknowledges that the Key Personnel are essential to the proper provision of the Contract Services to the Client. The Key Personnel shall be responsible for performing such roles as are ascribed to them in the Letter of Appointment and such other roles as may be necessary or desirable for the purposes of the Contract or as may be agreed between the Parties from time to time.
Key Personnel. In selecting the Contractor for this Contract the City relied on the qualifications and experience of those persons identified by Contractor by name as performing the Services ("Key Personnel"). Contractor must not reassign or replace Key Personnel without the written consent of the Commissioner, which consent the Commissioner will not unreasonably withhold. The Commissioner may at any time in writing notify Contractor that the City will no longer accept performance of Services under this Contract by one or more Key Personnel. Upon that notice Contractor must immediately suspend the services of such person(s) and provide a replacement of comparable qualifications and experience who is acceptable to the Commissioner. Contractor's Key Personnel, if any, are identified in the Scope of Services / Detailed Specifications portion of this Contract.
Key Personnel. Consultant acknowledges and agrees that the City selected Consultant for award of this Contract because of the special qualifications of Consultant’s key personnel. Consultant shall not reassign or transfer key personnel to other duties or positions such that they are no longer available to provide City with the expertise, experience, judgment, and personal attention at the level proposed without first obtaining the City’s prior written consent to such reassignment or transfer. The City shall have the right to interview, review the qualifications of, and approve or disapprove any proposed change in key personnel. Approved and authorized for signature by City Council acting as the Local Contract Review Board on July 17, 2019. CITY OF BEND, OREGON Eric King, City Manager Date APPROVED AS TO FORM: City Attorney’s Office Date MURRAYSMITH, INC. Title: Date City Contracting & Funding Authorizations: By: Tom Hickmann, EIPD Director Date City of Bend, Oregon By: George Franklet, Principal Engineer Date City of Bend, Oregon By: Garrett Sabourin, Project Manager Date City of Bend, Oregon By: Gwen Chapman, Purchasing Manager Date City of Bend, Oregon EXHIBIT A SCOPE OF WORK MURPHY CORRIDOR CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT, SUPPLEMENTAL CONSTRUCTION INSPECTION, AND QUALITY ASSURANCE (QA) MATERIALS TESTING SERVICES BEND, OREGON Introduction The City of Bend (City) is contracting with Murraysmith (Consultant) to provide construction management (CM), inspection, and QA materials testing services for the Murphy Corridor project.
Key Personnel. 11.1 Each party shall appoint the persons named as such in Schedule 4 as the individuals who shall be responsible for the matters allocated to such Key Personnel. The Key Personnel shall be those people who are identified by each party as being key to the success of the implementation and/or operation of the Services and who shall be retained on the implementation and/or operation of the Services for such time as a person is required to perform the role which has been allocated to the applicable Key Personnel. The Key Personnel shall have the authority to act on behalf of their respective party on the matters for which they are expressed to be responsible.