Labeling Sample Clauses

Labeling. Upon request, Lessee will mark the Equipment indicating Lessor's interest with labels provided by Lessor. Lessee will keep all Equipment free from any other marking or labeling which might be interpreted as a claim of ownership.
Labeling. As a condition to the grant of the rights hereunder, Licensee agrees that it will cause to appear on or within each Licensed Article sold by it and on or within all packaging, cartons, wrapping material, advertising, promotional or display material bearing the Name, the notice as set forth in the License Agreement Summary, Paragraph 8(a).
Labeling. As a condition to the grant of rights hereunder, Licensee agrees that it will cause to appear on or within each Licensed Article sold by it and on or within all packaging, cartons, wrapping material, advertising, promotional or display material bearing the Name, the notice: "YAHTZEE is a trademark of Hasbro used with permission. (C)[year of first publication] Hasbro. All rights reserved." and any other notice desired by Licensor, and where such article or advertising, promotional or display material bears a trademark or service mark of Licensor, appropriate statutory notice of registration thereof. It is understood that, in the event that any change or changes in the foregoing notices shall be required, such change or changes shall be instituted within [ ] days on a running change, go forward basis only after Licensor gives written notice to Licensee of the requested change, and shall not affect Licensee's inventory or parts or product in process existing at the end of such ninety day period and bearing the notice referenced above; provided, however, that no such change need be instituted in the software of the Licensed Articles until Licensee elects to submit a new revision of the software for the necessary regulatory approval, and then such change shall be instituted when and where such approval is received and such revision is incorporated into the Licensed Articles.
Labeling. Supplier is responsible for labeling the Product(s) and the packages as may be required for shipping. The labels shall comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, ordinances and regulations for the Territories designated in Schedule B. Art work for the label to be provided by purchaser. Supplier shall manufacture the label approved by the purchaser. Supplier shall acquire no rights of any kind in or to any of supplier’s trademark(s), service mark(s), trade name(s), logo(s), labels, or product designation and shall not make any use of the same for any reason except as necessary to comply with the packaging and labeling requirements unless otherwise agreed by and between the parties as set forth in Schedule C. .
Labeling. The Product sold or offered for sale by Tris shall be labeled with Tris’s name, trademarks and trade dress as per label artwork provided and paid for by Tris, in a manner consistent with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, in accordance with the requirements of the approved Product ANDA and otherwise in a manner reasonably agreed upon by the parties. In particular, it is agreed that the phrase (“manufactured by Intellipharmaceutics”), shall be evident on the packaging and labeling for the Product. Tris shall not alter the labeling or package inserts associated with Product that are received from IPC. IPC shall acquire all Labeling and Packaging for the Product supplied to Tris under this Agreement. IPC shall advise Tris in writing within ten (10) business days should IPC be required by the FDA or other governmental agency or authority to make any change in any such Label or Labeling, including but not limited to DCSCA serialization and transfer of data. Tris shall be responsible for the updating and approving of all artwork and text associated with such change, provided that the cost and expense of implementing such changes shall be borne by IPC.
Labeling. In accordance with Section 7.1, Buyer is responsible for having Buyer Labeling submitted to the FDA as soon as possible following Closing. Buyer may use the Seller Labeling on the Inventory until such Inventory is exhausted. In addition, Buyer may use the Seller Labeling on each Product manufactured by Seller or its Affiliates for Buyer until the earlier of the date (i) the FDA approves the Buyer Labeling for use on such Product and Buyer, using all reasonable efforts, has obtained sufficient supplies of materials with such Labeling for use on such Product, or (ii) six (6) months following Closing, provided, however, if at the end of such six (6) month period the FDA has not yet approved the Buyer Labeling, then such six (6) month period shall be extended for a period of time to be mutually agreed by the parties reasonably required to obtain such approval, but in no event greater than an additional six (6) months.
Labeling. The Subgrantee shall insure that each individual product (as well as the carton, container or package in which the product is shipped) of any of the following substances (as defined by the Act and the regulations) supplied by the Subgrantee is clearly labeled, tagged or marked with the information listed in Paragraph (1) through (4):
Labeling. 9.1 Licensee agrees that it will cause to appear on or within each Licensed Product manufactured, sold, and/or distributed under this Agreement and on or within all advertising, marketing, promotional, or display material bearing the Licensed Marks, the appropriate trademark and copyright notices, markings, and/or designations, and/or any other notice requested by Licensor. In the event that any Licensed Product is distributed and/or sold in a carton, container, packing and/or wrapping material bearing the Licensed Marks, such notices shall also appear upon the said carton, container, packing, and/or wrapping material.
Labeling. Purchaser shall be responsible for the labeling to be used on each Product and the packaging thereof, including any changes to such labels; provided that Purchaser shall ensure that all such labeling complies with Applicable Laws. AAI DS shall use the specified labeling (and only such labeling) on the Products, and shall not use such labeling on any other product. Any Purchaser-directed change to a Product label shall be implemented by AAI DS as soon as reasonably practicable following AAI DS' receipt of written notification of such label changes. Purchaser shall reimburse AAI DS for costs incurred in connection with any such label changes, including without limitation, the costs of obsolescence of goods-in-process, packaging materials and supplies and finished goods not suitable for Commercializing in the Territory due to such label changes.