Lawfully established definition

Lawfully established means library establishment by a public or local act, city charter, or ordinance, or special act of the legislature and excludes any type of library that has been established in a fashion unrecognized by the department.
Lawfully established means library establishment by a public or local act, city

Examples of Lawfully established in a sentence

Lawfully established collective organizations may register collective marks to be used by their members under regulations on use of collective marks.

Lawfully established uses occurring as of the effective date of this program shall be considered conforming to this program, with the exception of existing over-water residences and existing non-water- oriented commercial or industrial uses, which shall be considered nonconforming.

Lawfully established uses that do not comply with separation distance requirements are also deemed to be nonconforming uses.

Lawfully established means one of the following: ▪ The use, building or structure was established in compliance with a previous Zoning By-law of the Township or its amalgamated Towns/Townships.

Lawfully established turf removed for any reason may be replaced, but the total area covered by the turf shall not be increased.

Lawfully established Lots of Record that do not comply with the underlying zoning with regards to minimum lot area and frontage may be treated as legal, non-conforming uses and subject to 17.05.020 (3), for the purposes of replatting and consolidations when the degree of non-conformity is not increased.

Lawfully established buildings and uses, lighting, landscaping, parking, building setbacks, and other site features in existence at the time of the adoption of this Ordinance shall be permitted to lawfully continue subject to the provisions of Section 6.1 (Non-Conforming Uses, Lots and Structures) and other provisions of this Ordinance applicable to non-conformity with the provisions of this Ordinance, provided that such continued use is not dangerous to life or community.

Lawfully established uses that do not comply with any applicable separation (or spacing) distance requirements (e.g., those that require one land use to be located a certain minimum distance from another land use) are also deemed nonconforming uses.5.401.B All nonconforming uses are subject to nonconformity determination provi- sions of Sec.

Lawfully established dwelling – A dwelling that was constructed in compliance with the laws in effect at the time of establishment.

Lawfully established buildings and uses in existence at the time of the adoption of this Ordinance shall be permitted to have their existing use or occupancy continued, provided such use is not dangerous to life.

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Established means the same as it does for the purposes of the Community Treaties;
Established Rate means the rate for the conversion of the Specified Currency (including compliance with rules relating to roundings in accordance with applicable European Community regulations) into euro established by the Council of the European Union pursuant to Article 123 of the Treaty;
Qualifying student means a student who is a South Carolina resident and who is eligible to be enrolled in a South Carolina secondary or elementary public school at the kindergarten or later year level for the current school year.
Established Grade means that grade established by the City for the particular area in which a sidewalk is to be constructed.
Enterprise risk means an activity, circumstance, event, or series of events involving one or more affiliates of an insurer that, if not remedied promptly, is likely to have a material adverse effect upon the financial condition or liquidity of the insurer or its insurance holding company system as a whole, including anything that would cause:
Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act means the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, 2003 (Act No. 53 of 2003);
Industrial establishment means a workshop or other establishment in which the work of making, altering, repairing, ornamenting, finishing or packing or otherwise treating any, article or substance with a view to its use, sale transport, delivery or disposal is carried on or where any such service is rendered to a customer, and includes such other class or classes of establishments as Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, declare to be industrial establishments for the purposes of this Act, but does not include a factory;
freezing of economic resources means preventing the use of economic resources to obtain funds, goods or services in any way, including, but not limited to, by selling, hiring or mortgaging them;
economic resources means assets of every kind, whether tangible or intangible, movable or immovable, which are not funds but can be used to obtain funds, goods or services;
fixed establishment means a place (other than the registered place of business) which is characterised by a sufficient degree of permanence and suitable structure in terms of human and technical resources to supply services, or to receive and use services for its own needs;
Mobile food establishment means a food establishment operating from a vehicle, including a watercraft, that returns to a mobile food establishment commissary for servicing and maintenance at least once every 24 hours.
educational establishment means premises used for the purposes of education and includes a school, tertiary institution, business college, academy or other educational centre;
Cannabis establishment means a cannabis cultivator, wholesaler, product manufacturer, retailer, or testing laboratory licensed by the Board to engage in commercial cannabis activity in accordance with this chapter.
Established place of business means a permanent, enclosed commercial building located in this state that is easily accessible and open to the public at all reasonable times and at which a new motor vehicle dealer may legally conduct business, including the display and repair of motor vehicles, in compliance with the terms of all applicable buildings codes, zoning, and other land-use regulatory ordinances.
Qualifying Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs means either (i) standard gas or electric EEMs (i.e., measures found on any of the Standard Initiative applications: Lighting, VFD, HVAC, Specialty Equipment, Steam Trap, and Leak Survey and Repair); or (ii) measures eligible under the Custom Initiative approved by Ameren Illinois; or (iii) measures found in the Streetlighting or Retro-commissioning Initiative as identified in official program materials found on the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency website. Technologies that purport to save energy through reduction of voltage, demand, or power conditioning are not Qualifying EEMs. EEMs that displace electrical energy use or natural gas to another fuel (i.e., fuel switching proposals) are not Qualifying EEMs. Other than geothermal projects, renewable energy projects (solar, wind power, etc.) are also not eligible for incentives under this program. Unless explicitly pre-approved, EEMs must be new and covered by warranties. Natural Gas (gas) incentives do not include propane or butane measures.
COVID-19 Measures means any quarantine, “shelter in place,” “stay at home,” workforce reduction, social distancing, shut down, closure, sequester, safety or similar Law, directive, guidelines or recommendations promulgated by any industry group or any Governmental Authority, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization, in each case, in connection with or in response to COVID-19, including the CARES Act and Families First Act.
Fully vaccinated means the employer has documented that the person received, at least 14 days prior, either the second dose in a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine series or a single-dose COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccines must be FDA approved; have an emergency use authorization from the FDA; or, for persons fully vaccinated outside the United States, be listed for emergency use by the World Health Organization (WHO).
Commercial establishment means a place of business which is at all times equipped with sufficient tables and seats to accommodate twenty-five persons at one time, and the licensed premises of which conform to the standards and specifications of the division.
Life-sustaining treatment means treatment that, based on reasonable medical judgment, sustains the life of a patient and without which the patient will die. The term includes both life-sustaining medications and artificial life support such as mechanical breathing machines, kidney dialysis treatment, and artificial hydration and nutrition. The term does not include the administration of pain management medication, the performance of a medical procedure necessary to provide comfort care, or any other medical care provided to alleviate a patient’s pain.
Supportive measures means individualized services that are offered to the complainant or the respondent designed to restore or preserve equal access to the District’s education program or activity without unreasonably burdening the other party. The supportive measures must be non-disciplinary and non-punitive in nature; offered before or after the filing of a formal complaint or where no formal complaint has been filed; and offered to either party as appropriate, as reasonably available, and without fee or charge. Examples of supportive measures include, but are not limited to: measures designed to protect the safety of all parties or the District’s educational environment, or deter sexual harassment; counseling; extensions of deadlines or other course-related adjustments; modifications of work or class schedules; campus escort services; mutual restrictions on contact between the parties; changes in work or class locations; leaves of absence; and increased security and monitoring of certain areas of the campus.
Adult entertainment establishment means any of the following:
Michigan economic growth authority means the Michigan economic growth authority created in the Michigan economic growth authority act, 1995 PA 24, MCL 207.801 to 207.810.
Relevant Fund means an Approved Fund nominated by the employee, which is able to accept contributions from the employer.
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Financially Evaluated Entity means the company which has been evaluated for the satisfaction of the financial requirement set forth in Clause 2.1.3 hereof;
Postpartum recovery means (a) the entire period a woman or youth is in the hospital, birthing center, or clinic after giving birth and (b) an additional time period, if any, a treating physician determines is necessary for healing after the youth leaves the hospital, birthing center, or clinic;