Legal Sample Clauses

Legal. You must maintain ownership and control of your Application at all times to the extent required to practically and legally enforce the requirements of these guidelines. If you are seeking to permit a third party Application to incorporate or access our services, then you must also obtain Google’s written approval of that third party Application (in addition to the approval required for your Application). If Google approves the third party Application, you are responsible for ensuring that such third party Application also complies with these Guidelines. You agree to be responsible and liable for your Application’s access of Google’s results. Special indemnity and other suspension and/or termination provisions may apply. These are addressed in your agreement with Google.
Legal. Commence, settle or compromise any pending or threatened suit, action or claim which (A) is material to the Company and its Subsidiaries, taken as a whole, or otherwise involves the payment by the Company of an amount in excess of $500,000, in the aggregate, for all such suits, actions or claims or which challenges the transactions contemplated hereby, (B) would involve material restrictions on the business activities of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries, or (C) would involve the issuance of Company securities;
Legal. If it becomes necessary for the Beneficiary to employ legal counsel or to take legal action to collect the indebtedness, to enforce any provision, or to protect any of Beneficiary’s rights under this Deed of Trust (including any protection of Beneficiary’s rights under any proceedings under Title 11 of the United States Code), Trustor agrees to pay to Beneficiary, in addition to taxable costs of any legal proceeding or action, attorney fees in a reasonable amount and all costs of preparation and conduct of the proceedings, including costs of title searches and title policy commitments, all of which will be a lien upon the Trust Property and secured by this Deed of Trust.