Licensor will Sample Clauses

Licensor will. 5.2.1 Diligently progress the Initial NDA through to NDA Approval, including effecting all such Clinical Trials as may reasonably be required on the terms of Clause 7.2, promptly dealing with all matters and issues raised by the FDA in connection therewith and paying all fees (including the PDUFA fee) payable on or in connection with such NDA Approval. Licensee will give reasonable assistance to Licensor in such matters provided that in the event that in connection with the Initial NDA the FDA requests any Clinical Trials, the Parties shall act in connection with such Clinical Trials in accordance with Clause 7.2;
Licensor will. 2.1.1 Support a Subscription-based business model, where LICENSOR will receive ($.25 USD) per user per month or ($3.00 USD) per annual subscription.
Licensor will perform installation of the Game Server Software in Server computers via Internet or at Licensee's sites on the date when mutually agreed by the parties, subject to Licensee satisfying the system requirements set forth in Exhibit (E).
Licensor will. 2.1.1 Support a per device License-based business model, where LICENSOR will receive agreed percentage of license revenue per device once sold (wholesale or retail).
Licensor will. 2.1.1 Support a per device License-based business model, where LICENSOR will receive ($2.50) per device once sold (wholesale or retail).
Licensor will furnish to Licensee glossy prints of still photos, synopses, cast lists and all other promotional material for the promotion and exploitation of the Programs, if available. Licensor grants (and will cause its Affiliates to grant) to Licensee and its Affiliates the right to use and license others to use Licensor's name and, unless Licensee is advised by Licensor that the rights of Licensor are limited (in which case, to the extent not limited), to use and license others to use the name and likeness of, and biographical material concerning, each star, featured performer, writer, director and producer in the Programs and the titles of each Program and fictitious persons and locales therein, for advertising and publicity, of the Programs, and any broadcaster or sponsor thereof, but not for direct endorsement of any product or service, provided that any such use will protect the copyrights of Licensor. To the extent available to Licensor or its Affiliates after reasonable efforts, Licensor will furnish Licensee with music cue sheets for the Programs and the information necessary for administration of rights payments and compliance with Section 507 of the Federal Communications Act of 1934, as amended concerning broadcast matter and disclosures required thereunder, insofar as that Section applies to Persons furnishing program material for television broadcasting ("Section 507"). Subject to the foregoing and subject to Licensor's reasonable prior approval, Licensee shall have the right to produce its own promotional material for or from the Programs. Televisa shall permit Televisa's proprietary artists to appear on or for Licensee or its Affiliates for promotional or programming purposes at mutually agreeable times (which agreement shall not be unreasonably withheld), at Licensee's expense, it being agreed that Televisa may not be able to require an artist to appear, all requests to and contacts with artists shall be made through a Televisa representative designated by Televisa, and Televisa shall not be required to approve any appearance which would interfere in any material respect with Televisa's operations or productions.

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Licensor any Person from whom an Obligor obtains the right to use any Intellectual Property. Lien: any lien, security interest, pledge, hypothecation, assignment, easement, right-of-way, or other title exception or encumbrance. Lien Waiver: an agreement, in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to Agent, by which (a) for any material Collateral located on leased premises, the lessor waives or subordinates any Lien it may have on the Collateral, and agrees to permit Agent to enter upon the premises and remove the Collateral or to use the premises to store or dispose of the Collateral; (b) for any Collateral held by a warehouseman, processor, shipper, customs broker or freight forwarder, such Person waives or subordinates any Lien it may have on such Collateral, agrees to hold any Documents in its possession relating to such Collateral as agent for Agent, and agrees to deliver such Collateral to Agent upon request; (c) for any Collateral held by a repairman, mechanic or bailee, such Person acknowledges Agent's Lien, waives or subordinates any Lien it may have on such Collateral, and agrees to deliver such Collateral to Agent upon request; and (d) for any Collateral subject to a Licensor's Intellectual Property rights, the Licensor grants to Agent the right, vis-à-vis such Licensor, to enforce Agent's Liens with respect to such Collateral, including the right to dispose of it with the benefit of the Intellectual Property, whether or not a default exists under any applicable License. Loan: a Term Loan. Loan Documents: collectively, as may be amended, modified or supplemented from time to time, this Agreement, the Other Agreements and the Security Documents.
Licensee Licensee represents and warrants that:
Sublicensees Each of New River’s sublicensees with respect to any affected Collaboration Products at such time will continue to have the rights and license set forth in their sublicense agreements, subject to the continued performance of the obligations thereunder; provided, however, that such sublicensee agrees in writing that Shire is entitled to enforce all relevant terms and conditions of such sublicense agreement directly against such sublicensee; and provided, further, that such sublicensee is not then in breach of its sublicense agreement.
Subdistributors Subject to the provisions of this Section 2.2, Nipro --------------- may appoint one or more third parties, with a reputation for competence and ethical behavior, within any portion of the Territory to distribute the FreeStyle Products in the Field of Use. Within twenty (20) days after the appointment of such Subdistributor, Nipro shall notify TheraSense of the identity of such Subdistributor. Nipro shall not sell or otherwise transfer the FreeStyle Products to any Subdistributor until such Subdistributor enters into a form of written agreement ("Subdistributor Agreement") with Nipro, binding the Subdistributor to terms and conditions substantially similar to those terms and conditions agreed upon by Nipro in this Agreement. Further, Nipro shall only grant Subdistributors the right to make sales of the FreeStyle Products in the Territory in the Field of Use. Nipro agrees to terminate a Subdistributor's right to distribute the FreeStyle Products promptly upon becoming aware that such Subdistributor, or its authorized distributor(s) or reseller(s), is selling or otherwise distributing the FreeStyle Products in violation of its Subdistributor Agreement. Each Subdistributor Agreement shall contain provisions making TheraSense a direct and intended third party beneficiary of such Subdistributor Agreement.
Microsoft Microsoft warrants and represents that:
Distributors The Manager shall make or cause to be made such arrangements as are expedient for the distribution of Units, having regard to the requirements of Applicable Laws and applicable stock exchange rules and regulations respecting such distribution of Units in the jurisdiction or jurisdictions in which they are to be distributed. It is understood and agreed that: (i) the Manager or the Investment Manager may distribute Units itself in the offering jurisdictions in which it is registered, or is exempt from such registration, under applicable Securities Legislation; and (ii) the Manager will retain the services of the Underwriters pursuant to the Underwriting Agreement to assist it in the distribution of the Units in the offering jurisdictions.
SOURCE CODE ESCROW FOR LICENSED PRODUCT If Source Code or Source Code escrow is offered by either Contractor or Product manufacturer or developer to any other commercial customers, Contractor shall either: (i) provide Licensee with the Source Code for the Product; or (ii) place the Source Code in a third party escrow arrangement with a designated escrow agent who shall be named and identified to the State, and who shall be directed to release the deposited Source Code in accordance with a standard escrow agreement acceptable to the State; or (iii) will certify to the State that the Product manufacturer/developer has named the State, acting by and through the Authorized User, and the Licensee, as a named beneficiary of an established escrow arrangement with its designated escrow agent who shall be named and identified to the State and Licensee, and who shall be directed to release the deposited Source Code in accordance with the terms of escrow. Source Code, as well as any corrections or enhancements to such source code, shall be updated for each new release of the Product in the same manner as provided above and such updating of escrow shall be certified to the State in writing. Contractor shall identify the escrow agent upon commencement of the Contract term and shall certify annually that the escrow remains in effect in compliance with the terms of this paragraph. The State may release the Source Code to Licensees under this Contract who have licensed Product or obtained services, who may use such copy of the Source Code to maintain the Product. FOR NEGOTIATED CONTRACTS THE FOLLOWING CLAUSES ARE RESERVED BECAUSE BIDDING DOES NOT APPLY: Clauses: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 15, 21, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 36, 49, 50, 52, 54 and 37 I N D E X Paragraph Paragraph A No. Additional Warranties 72 Advertising Results 20 Applicability 1 Assignment 56 Assignment of Claim 66 Audit of Licensed Product Usage 80 Authentication of Facsimile Bids 10 B Bid Contents 12 Bid Evaluation 29 Bid Opening 7 Bid Submission 8 C Changes to Product or Service Offerings 84 Clarification/Revisions 31 Confidential/Trade Secret Materials 14 Conflict of Terms 4 Conditional Bid 30 Contract Billings 62 Contract Creation/Execution 38 Contract Term - Renewal 71 Cooperation with Third Parties 70 D Default - Authorized User 63 Definitions 5 Disqualification for Past Performance 35 Drawings 25 E Emergency Contracts 43 Employees/Subcontractors/Agents 55 Equivalent or Identical Bids 33 Estimated/Specific Quantity Contracts 42 Ethics Compliance 3 Expenses Prior to Contract Execution 19 Extraneous Terms 13 F Facsimile Submissions 9 Freedom of Information Law 16 G Governing Law 2 I Indemnification 74 Indemnification Relating to Third Party Rights 75 Independent Contractor 68 Installation 52 Insurance 77 No. Interest on Late Payments 64 International Bidding 6 L Late Bids 11 Legal Compliance 73 Limitation of Liability 76 M Modification of Contract Terms 40 N No Hardstop/Passive License Monitoring 85 O On-Site Storage 54 Ownership/Title to Project Deliverables 81 P Participation in Centralized Contracts 39 Performance and Responsibility Qualifications 34 Performance/Bid Bond 58 Prevailing Wage Rates Public Works & Building Services Contracts 17 Pricing 24 Procurement Card 27 Product Acceptance 79 Product Delivery 45 Product References 21 Product Substitution 50 Product Version 83 Products Manufactured in Public Institutions 23 Prompt Payment Discounts 32 Proof of License 82 Purchase Orders 44 Q Quantity Changes Prior to Award 36 R Rejected Product 51 Release of Bid Evaluation Materials 15 Re-Weighing Product 49 Remanufactured, Recycled, Recyclable or Recovered Materials 22 Remedies for Breach 65 Repaired or Replaced Product/Components 53 S Samples 28 Savings/Force Majeure 61 Scope Changes 41 Security 69 Site Inspection 26 Shipping/Receipt of Product 47 Software License Grant 78 Source Code Escrow for Licensed Product 86 Subcontractors and Suppliers 57 Suspension of Work 59 T Taxes 18 Termination 60 Timeframe for Offers 37 Title and Risk of Loss 48 Toxic Substances 67 W Weekend and Holiday Deliveries 46 APPENDIX C MINORITY AND WOMEN-OWNED BUSINESS ENTERPRISES EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY POLICY STATEMENT I, , the (title) of (Contractor) agree that (Contractor) has adopted the following policies with respect to Contract Number . M/WBE Contractor will make good faith efforts to achieve the M/WBE contract participations goals set by OGS for that area in which the State-funded project is located, by taking the following steps:
Distributor The Trust hereby appoints the Distributor as general distributor of shares of beneficial interest of the Series ("Series shares") during the term of this Agreement. The Trust reserves the right, however, to refuse at any time or times to sell any Series shares hereunder for any reason deemed adequate by the Board of Trustees of the Trust.
Third Party Vendors Except as provided below, to the extent that any Welfare Plan is administered by a third-party vendor, the Parties shall cooperate and use their commercially reasonable efforts to replicate any contract with such third-party vendor for Parent or SpinCo, as applicable and to maintain any pricing discounts or other preferential terms for both Parent and SpinCo for a reasonable term. Neither Party shall be liable for failure to obtain such pricing discounts or other preferential terms for the other Party. Each Party shall be responsible for any additional premiums, charges, or administrative fees that such Party may incur pursuant to this Section 7.07.
Licensed Products Lessee will obtain no title to Licensed Products which will at all times remain the property of the owner of the Licensed Products. A license from the owner may be required and it is Lessee's responsibility to obtain any required license before the use of the Licensed Products. Lessee agrees to treat the Licensed Products as confidential information of the owner, to observe all copyright restrictions, and not to reproduce or sell the Licensed Products.