Line Sample Clauses

Line. Interconnection Facilities are the conductors, insulators, support structures, foundations, connectors and hardware between the respective disconnect switch and the 115kV line. The distance between the Interconnection and Delivery Point is approximately ( ) miles per phase, with a total of approximately ( ) miles of conductor per phase.
Line. Subject to and upon the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, and relying on the representations and warranties contained in this Agreement, each Bank, severally, agrees to make a revolving line of credit available to the Borrower in the maximum aggregate principal amount equal to such Bank's Commitment set forth in SCHEDULE 1 hereto. The aggregate amount of all Advances, plus the undisbursed amount of all standby letters of credit permitted to be issued under Subsection 2.1(c) hereof, cannot exceed the Commitment Limit. The line of credit is represented by the Notes in the aggregate principal amount of the Amount, and individually in the principal amount of each Bank's commitment, payable to the order of the Banks. Principal and all accrued and unpaid interest on the line of credit shall be payable in full at maturity on the Maturity Date, after which no further Advances will be made.
Line. Annual choice of permanent shift assignment and choice of days off shall be based on seniority, as defined in Article 14, "Seniority", of this Agreement, whenever practical, but allocation and scheduling of the work force shall rest with the Police Chief in accordance with departmental operations and policies. Members shall not choose an assignment which would be in violation of Article 6(C). Line employees who are unable to assume their full duties by April 1 will not participate in the annual shift bid process. Upon their return to full duty, reasonable effort and accommodation will be made by the Police Chief as to their shift assignment and days off, dependent upon their seniority and departmental needs at the time. Upon return from active military duty, these employees shall be given “special consideration” for their relative seniority by the Police Chief on their assigned shift and days off.
Line. SHCCC shall provide the Corporation with access to one access seat to its MS Sharepoint Portal Server and a corresponding portal, and shall, for additional charges, at cost, develop additional intranet and extranet portals for the Corporation's clients. In addition, the Corporation shall be provided access to SHCCC's MS Office Suite and application tools contained therein;
Line. Each Lender agrees, severally and not jointly, on the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth, to make advances to Borrower under a line of credit (the "Line") from time to time during the period from the Closing Date, to but excluding the Maturity Date, in the amount of its Pro Rata Share of the lesser of (i) the Commitment, or (ii) the Borrowing Base then in effect. Requests for advances under the Line may be made only twice per month. Advances or amounts outstanding under the Commitment will be called "Loans". Loans may be repaid and reborrowed. The Loans shall be repaid in full on the Maturity Date. The "Maximum Loan Balance" will be the lesser of (a) the "Borrowing Base" or (b)
Line. In the streets, roads, highways or any combination thereof along which the Authority is authorized to: (a) operate buses according to an established and published schedule, and (b) to transport passengers.
Line. The obligation not to disclose Information shall not apply to any part of such Information that: (a) is or becomes part of the public domain other than by unauthorized acts of the party obligated not to disclose such Information or its Affiliates; (b) can be shown by written documents to have been disclosed to the receiving party or its Affiliates by a Third Party, provided such Information was not obtained by such Third Party directly or indirectly from the other party pursuant to a confidentiality agreement; (c) prior to disclosure under this Agreement, was already in the possession of the receiving party or its Affiliates, provided such Information was not obtained directly or indirectly from the other party pursuant to a confidentiality agreement; (d) can be shown by written documents to have been independently developed by the receiving party or its Affiliates without breach of any of the provisions of this Agreement; (e) is disclosed by the receiving party pursuant to interrogatories, requests for information or documents, subpoena, civil investigative demand issued by a court or governmental agency or as otherwise required by law; provided that the receiving party notifies the other party immediately upon receipt thereof (and provided that the disclosing party furnishes only that portion of the Information which it is advised by counsel is legally required); or (f) pharmacological and clinical data used for marketing purposes following receipt of FDA Approval.
Line. 4 of the paragraph entitled "Principal and Interest" on page 1 of the Note is amended by inserting the term 50% of in front of the term "the" in such line.
Line. Advances shall be limited to the lesser of (i) 80% of Eligible Accounts (as hereinafter defined); or (ii) $10,000,000. As used herein, "Eligible Accounts" will include those accounts receivable of Borrower which are outstanding less than 90 days from invoice date subject to certain exclusions for contra, foreign*, US government, inter-company accounts, and accounts with over 25% of the balance aged more than 90 days past invoice date. Any account which alone exceeds 25% of total accounts will have the amount in excess of 25% excluded unless approved in writing by Bank. *Foreign accounts approved in writing by Bank shall be eligible for inclusion in the Borrowing Formula.