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List of. Stockholders The Secretary shall prepare and make, at least ten (10) days before every meeting of stockholders, a complete list of the stockholders entitled to vote at said meeting, arranged in alphabetical order, showing the address of each stockholder and the number of shares registered in the name of each stockholder. Such list shall be open to the examination of any stockholder, for any purpose germane to the meeting, on a reasonably accessible electronic network, provided that the information required to gain access to such list is provided with the notice of the meeting, or during ordinary business hours, at the principal place of business of the corporation. In the event that the corporation determines to make the list available on an electronic network, the corporation may take reasonable steps to ensure that such information is available only to stockholders of the corporation. The list shall be open to examination of any stockholder during the time of the meeting as provided by law. (Del. Code Ann., tit. 8, ss. 219)
List of. T.a.b.l.e.s..........................x.i.i.i.... Liosft Ma.p.s...............................xi.v..... Introd.u.c.t.i.o.n............................1...... Chap:tePrri1mary..S.o.u.r.c.e.s...................1.1......
List of. Stockholders Schedule 4.03(a) Material Contracts Schedule 4.03(e) Required Consents PURCHASE AGREEMENT This Purchase Agreement (this "Agreement") is entered into as of July 16, 2002, by and among Gasco Energy, Inc., a Nevada corporation (the "Company"), Pannonian Energy Inc., a Delaware corporation and wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company ("Pannonian"), San Joaquin Oil & Gas Ltd., a Nevada corporation and wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company ("San Joaquin"), Brek Energy Corporation, a Nevada corporation ("Brek"), Brek Petroleum Inc., a Nevada corporation and wholly-owned subsidiary of Brek ("Brek Nevada"), Brek Petroleum (California), Inc., a California corporation and wholly-owned subsidiary of Brek ("Brek California" and, together with Brek Nevada, collectively "Brek Petroleum") and the persons listed in Schedule A hereto (the "Stockholders"). The Company, Pannonian and San Joaquin are collectively referred to herein as the "Company Parties." Brek, Brek Petroleum and the Stockholders are collectively referred to herein as the "Purchasers." The Company, Pannonian, San Joaquin, Brek, Brek Petroleum and the Stockholders are collectively referred to herein as the "Parties" and, individually, each a "Party".

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LIST OF APPENDICES APPENDIX -------- General Information Relating to the Partnerships........................ A Table 1 Jurisdiction of Organization, Initial Investment by Limited Partners and Number of Limited Partners Table 2 Aggregate Merger Value Table 3 Merger Value Attributable to Partnership Interests of Limited Partners Table 4 Ownership Percentage and Merger Value Attributable to Nonmanaging General Partners Other Than Pioneer USA Table 5 Ownership Percentage and Merger Value Attributable to Pioneer USA Held in Its Capacities as General Partner, Nonmanaging General Partner and Limited Partner Table 6 Voting Percentage in Partnerships Beneficially Owned by Pioneer USA in Its Capacity as a Limited Partner Table 7 Historical Partnership Distributions Table 8 Annual Repurchase Prices and Aggregate Annual Repurchase Payments Table 9 Participation in Costs and Revenues of the Partnerships Table 10 Average Oil, Natural Gas Liquids and Gas Sales Prices and Production Costs Table 11 Proved Reserves Attributable to Pioneer USA, Other Nonmanaging General Partners and Limited Partners Table 12 Oil, Natural Gas Liquids and Gas Production Table 13 Productive Wells and Developed Acreage Table 14 Recent Trades of Partnership Interests Summary Reserve Report of Williamson Petroleum Consultants, Inc. for the B Partnerships.......................................................... Form of Fairness Opinion of Robert A. Stanger & Co., Inc................
LIST OF FUNDS This Schedule A, as may be amended from time to time, is incorporated into that certain Agency Agreement dated April 30, 2010 by and between DST Systems, Inc. and Lord Abbett Family of Funds. Capitalized terms used herein but not defined herein in this Schedule A have the meanings given to such terms in the Agreement. The following table is the list of the Funds within the Lord Abbett Family of Funds. Registrants are listed in bold font and each Registrant’s Series, if any, are listed in italics immediately below the Registrant. LORD ABBETT AFFILIATED FUND, INC. LORD ABBETT BLEND TRUST Lord Abbett Small-Cap Blend Fund LORD ABBETT BOND-DEBENTURE FUND, INC. LORD ABBETT DEVELOPING GROWTH FUND, INC. LORD ABBETT GLOBAL FUND, INC. Lord Abbett Global Allocation Fund Lord Abbett Developing Local Markets Fund LORD ABBETT INVESTMENT TRUST Lord Abbett Convertible Fund Lord Abbett Core Fixed Income Fund Lord Abbett Floating Rate Fund Lord Abbett High Yield Fund Lord Abbett Income Fund Lord Abbett Short Duration Income Fund Lord Abbett Total Return Fund Lord Abbett Balanced Strategy Fund Lord Abbett Diversified Income Strategy Fund Lord Abbett Growth & Income Strategy Fund Lord Abbett Diversified Equity Strategy Fund LORD ABBETT MID-CAP VALUE FUND, INC. 1 As amended on November 19, 2010 to reflect (1) the Reorganization of each of Lord Abbett Connecticut Tax-Free Income Fund, Georgia Series, Lord Abbett Hawaii Tax-Free Income Fund, Lord Abbett Missouri Tax-Free Income Fund, and Pennsylvania Series into Lord Abbett National Tax-Free Income Fund; and (2) the Redomestication of each of Lord Abbett High Yield Municipal Bond Fund, Lord Abbett Intermediate Tax-Free Fund, and Lord Abbett Short Duration Tax Free Fund, as a series of Lord Abbett Municipal Income Fund, Inc. LORD ABBETT MUNICIPAL INCOME FUND, INC. Lord Abbett AMT Free Municipal Bond Fund Lord Abbett California Tax-Free Income Fund Lord Abbett High Yield Municipal Bond Fund Lord Abbett Intermediate Tax-Free Fund Lord Abbett National Tax-Free Income Fund Lord Abbett New Jersey Tax-Free Income Fund Lord Abbett New York Tax-Free Income Fund Lord Abbett Short Duration Tax Free Fund LORD ABBETT RESEARCH FUND, INC. Lord Abbett Capital Structure Fund Lord Abbett Classic Stock Fund Lord Abbett Growth Opportunities Fund Small-Cap Value Series LORD ABBETT SECURITIES TRUST Lord Abbett Alpha Strategy Fund Lord Abbett Fundamental Equity Fund Lord Abbett International Core Equity Fund Lord Abbett International Dividend Income Fund Lord Abbett International Opportunities Fund Lord Abbett Large-Cap Value Fund Lord Abbett Micro-Cap Growth Fund Lord Abbett Micro-Cap Value Fund Lord Abbett Value Opportunities Fund LORD ABBETT SERIES FUND, INC. Bond-Debenture Portfolio Capital Structure Portfolio Classic Stock Portfolio Developing Growth Portfolio Fundamental Equity Portfolio Growth and Income Portfolio Growth Opportunities Portfolio International Core Equity Portfolio International Opportunities Portfolio Mid-Cap Value Portfolio Total Return Portfolio Value Opportunities Portfolio LORD ABBETT STOCK APPRECIATION FUND LORD ABBETT U.S. GOVERNMENT & GOVERNMENT SPONSORED ENTERPRISES
LIST OF TABLES Table 1: STC Fee Proposal Table 5 Table 2: Client Contacts 12 Table 3: NTT DATA Team Members 13 Table 4: RTM Terms 52 Table 5: Governance Authorities and Roles 55 Table 6: Escalation Matrix 57 Table 7: Change Management Information 59 Table 8: Change Request Priority Definitions 59 Table 9: Risk and Opportunity Management Terms 62 Table 10: Risk and Opportunity Priority 63 Table 11: Risk and Opportunity Categories and Sources 64 Table 12: Risk and Opportunity Management Information 66 Table 13: Issue Categories and Sources 68 Table 14: Issue Management Information 70 List of Figures: Figure 1: NTT DATA Structure and Solution Offerings 7 Figure 2: NTT DATA Business Units and Go To Market Teams 7 Figure 3: NTT DATA US Office Locations 9 Figure 4: NTT DATA Oracle PeopleSoft Solution Capabilities 11 Figure 5: NTT DATA SBA Team Structure 14 Figure 6: NTT DATA PeopleSoft Implementation Methodology 44 Figure 7: SBA Imperatives and NTT DATA Value Propositions 47 Figure 8: NTT DATA Oracle Experience 48 Figure 9: Implementation Timeline Estimate 72 Figure 10: Certificate of Liability Insurance 74 RESPONSE TO SBA REQUEST FOR QUOTE: PEOPLESOFT CONSULTING SERVICES SECTION I – INTRODUCTION NTT DATA is pleased to respond to the State Board of Administration’s (SBA) RFQ for PeopleSoft Consulting Services. We believe we are uniquely qualified to provide the required services to the SBA to exceed the project expectations. We are a top ten global systems integrator with the depth and breadth to deliver in the PeopleSoft ecosphere. We are Client Focused which means that we are completely aligned to your success and that is how we go to market. Based on the team’s success, we have been building a team dedicated to our public sector pursuits located here in Tallahassee. This team will be augmented by long-term employees from our Oracle Practice who have many decades of experience configuring PeopleSoft to meet specific client’s needs. This in-house experience will provide the greatest benefit to SBA. Scope NTT DATA is tasked with implementing the PeopleSoft Absence Management and Time and Labor modules. NTT DATA will use the requirements gathered in Phase 1 to develop the functional designs, process flows and Fit-Gap documentation in Phase 2. In Phase 3, NTT DATA will develop the technical designs, build, test, and rollout the approved changes. The NTT DATA scope includes: • Defect resolution associated with this implementation before and after the rollout (throughout the 12-month warranty period) • Manage change by developing and implementing a change management plan and approach outlining how the change impact is assessed, managed, and sustained over time. • Provide support during the warranty period; NTT DATA provides up to 80 hours of warranty for 12 months. • Transition the ownership of the changes to Florida SBA; NTT DATA conducts transition sessions to train Florida SBA staff members on the technical aspects of implementation.
Lists No later than the first paycheck in October of each school year, the Board of Education shall provide the Association with a list of all certified employees of the Board of Education and the positions held by said employees. The Board shall notify the Association monthly of any changes in said list.
List of Contracts The information set forth in the List of Contracts is true, complete and correct in all material respects as of the Cutoff Date.
Foreign Assets Control Regulations and Anti-Money Laundering Each Credit Party and each Subsidiary of each Credit Party is and will remain in compliance in all material respects with all U.S. economic sanctions laws, Executive Orders and implementing regulations as promulgated by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”), and all applicable anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing provisions of the Bank Secrecy Act and all regulations issued pursuant to it. No Credit Party and no Subsidiary or Affiliate of a Credit Party (i) is a Person designated by the U.S. government on the list of the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons (the “SDN List”) with which a U.S. Person cannot deal with or otherwise engage in business transactions, (ii) is a Person who is otherwise the target of U.S. economic sanctions laws such that a U.S. Person cannot deal or otherwise engage in business transactions with such Person or (iii) is controlled by (including without limitation by virtue of such person being a director or owning voting shares or interests), or acts, directly or indirectly, for or on behalf of, any person or entity on the SDN List or a foreign government that is the target of U.S. economic sanctions prohibitions such that the entry into, or performance under, this Agreement or any other Loan Document would be prohibited under U.S. law.
List of Plans Section 3(p) of the Disclosure Schedule contains an accurate and complete list of all employee benefit plans ("Employee Benefit Plans") within the meaning of Section 3(3) of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended ("ERISA"), whether or not any Employee Benefit Plans are otherwise exempt from the provisions of ERISA, established, maintained or contributed to by MRS (including all employers (whether or not incorporated) which by reason of common control are treated together with MRS and/or MAURO as a single employer within the meaning of Section 414 of the Code) since September 2, 1974.
Holders Lists The Trustee shall preserve in as current a form as is reasonably practicable the most recent list available to it of the names and addresses of Holders. If the Trustee is not the Security Registrar, the Issuer shall furnish to the Trustee, in writing at least five Business Days before each Interest Payment Date and at such other times as the Trustee may request in writing, a list in such form and as of such date as the Trustee may reasonably require of the names and addresses of Holders.
Subproviders and Suppliers List Pursuant to requirements of 43 Texas Administrative Code §9.350 et seq., the Engineer must provide the State a list (Exhibit H-5/DBE or Exhibit H-6/HUB) of all Subproviders and suppliers that submitted quotes or proposals for subcontracts. This list shall include subproviders and suppliers names, addresses, telephone numbers, and type of work desired.