Lockouts Sample Clauses

Lockouts. Should tenants lock themselves out of their dwelling and be unable to gain access through their own resources, they may call upon professional locksmith or the Owners to let them in. In either case, they are responsible for payment of the charges and/or damages involved. Owners charge a fee of $15 for providing this service between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, excepting holidays, and a fee of $25 for all other times. This fee is due and payable when the service is provided.
Lockouts. A Lockout occurs when you do not have the correct keys and/or you accidentally lock your keys inside of your house/apartment or bedroom. If you are locked out AFTER Office Hours, you have two options. You may call the emergency answering service (972-7058) and if a CBS staff member is available, he/she will open the property for a fee of $125.00, which will be charged to your account. Or, you may call a locksmith and pay him/her to open the property. NOTE: If it is after hours and you have the correct keys, but cannot open your bedroom or exterior door due to a broken or malfunctioning lock, we consider this a maintenance issue. Please call the emergency answering service (972- 7058) to report a broken or malfunctioning lock. If a lockout occurs DURING office hours, you may come to the office and borrow the master keys for a $10.00 charge. There is a one-hour time limit when borrowing keys. CBS will not loan keys to anyone who is not on the lease. Please remember photo identification is required when borrowing keys and for lockouts. TRASH and TRASH SERVICE Some houses and all apartments are required to use a private collection service contracted by CBS Rentals. Please review your lease to determine if your dwelling is using this service, the monthly cost and the bin volume. The contracted service provides covered trash bins and collects trash twice a week. All trash must be put in tied, plastic trash bags and placed in the bin. The service will pickup from the designated trash bin areas at the apartment buildings. If your bin is not located in one of the designated areas, roll the trash bin to the curb the evening before pickup and remove it from the curb the following afternoon. CBS Rentals will move any toter left on the street curb and charge the house. There will be additional charges if your trash is more than the contracted amount in your lease. You will be charged a substantial fee if you place large objects or any excess trash at the trash bin areas, especially during move-in and move-out. Make sure you do not go over your contracted volume. Please remember to compact your refuse before placing any bags in the bins. Single-stream recycling is available at all CBS apartment building locations. If your house is not using a contracted service through CBS Rentals, please contact the City of Charlottesville for more information regarding their requirements for trash pickup. 434-970-3830. Additional information is included in your Resident Handbook. All ...
Lockouts. It is agreed by the employer that there shall be no lockouts during the term of this Agreement or while negotiations for renewal of the Agreement are in progress.