Material Sample Clauses

Material. Material purchased or furnished by Operator for use on the Joint Property as provided under Section IV. Only such Material shall be purchased for or transferred to the Joint Property as may be required for immediate use and is reasonably practical and consistent with efficient and economical operations. The accumulation of surplus stocks shall be avoided.
Material. In the event of any Material Damage (as hereinafter defined) to or destruction of the Property or any portion thereof prior to Closing, either Seller or Purchaser may, at its option, terminate this Agreement by delivering written notice to the other on or before the expiration of ten (10) days after the date Seller delivers the Casualty Notice to Purchaser (and if necessary, the Closing Date shall be extended to give the parties the full ten (10) day period to make such election and to obtain insurance settlement agreements with Seller’s insurers and agree upon repair and restoration of the affected Property). Upon any such termination, the Earnest Money shall be returned to Purchaser and the parties hereto shall have no further rights or obligations hereunder, other than those that by their terms survive the termination of this Agreement. If neither Seller nor Purchaser so terminates this Agreement within said ten (10) day period, then the parties shall be deemed to have waived the right to terminate under this Section 6.2.1 and the parties shall proceed under this Agreement and close on schedule (subject to extension of Closing as provided above), and as of Closing, to the extent permitted by the terms of the applicable policies, Seller shall assign to Purchaser, without representation or warranty by or recourse against Seller, all of Seller’s rights in and to any resulting insurance proceeds (including any rent loss insurance applicable to any period on and after the Closing Date) due Seller as a result of such damage or destruction (or if such have not been awarded, all of Seller’s right, title and interest to any claims and proceeds Seller has with respect to any casualty insurance policies relating to the Property in question, to the extent the same are assignable pursuant to the terms of the applicable policies; provided, however, should Seller’s insurance policy prohibit the assignment of such proceeds, Seller shall provide Buyer with a credit to the Purchase Price at Closing in an amount equal to the proceeds.) and Purchaser shall assume full responsibility for all needed repairs, and Purchaser shall receive a credit at Closing for any deductible or self-insured amount under such insurance policies (“Insurance Proceeds Assignment”). For the purposes of this Agreement, “Material Damage” and “Materially Damaged” means damage that, in the opinion of an architect or other third-party contractor selected by Seller and reasonably approved by Purchaser, ...
Material. The cost, net of discounts taken by Paltar, of Material purchased or furnished by Paltar, Such costs shall include, but are not limited to, export brokers' fees, transportation charges, loading, unloading fees, export and import duties and Licence fees associated with the procurement of Material and in-transit losses, if any, not covered by insurance. So far as it is reasonably practical and consistent with efficient and economical operation, only such Material shall be purchased for, and the cost thereof charged to, the Operating Account as may be required for immediate use.
Material. Material purchased or furnished by the Operator for use on the Property as provided under section 4 of this Appendix I.
Material. An itemized list of all materials purchased and installed at the crossing location. If materials purchased are installed at multiple crossing locations, a notation must be made to identify the crossing location.
Material. The term "Material" shall mean, as applied to any Entity or the Business, material to the business, operations, property or assets, liabilities, financial condition or results of operations of the Business or that Entity and its Subsidiaries considered as a whole, as the case may be.
Material. The term “material,” when used to qualify a requirement for the furnishing of information as to any subject, limits the information required to those matters as to which an average prudent investor ought reasonably to be informed before buying or selling the security registered. The materiality of any interest is to be determined on the basis of the significance of the information in light of all the circumstances of the particular case. The importance of the interest to the person having the interest, the relationship of the parties to the transaction with each other and the amount involved in the transaction are among the factors to be considered in determining the significance of the information.
Material. Material purchased or furnished by the Operator for use on the Property as provided under Section 4 of this Schedule “C”.
Material. This Letter Agreement covers the terms and conditions for the services offered by the Seller to the Buyer ("Material Support") in respect of Aircraft spare parts and other equipment itemized below in Subparagraphs 1.1(a) through 1.1(f) ("Material") and is intended by the parties to be and will constitute an agreement of sale of all Material furnished to the Buyer by the Seller pursuant hereto, except as to Material leased to the Buyer pursuant to Clause 12 of this Letter Agreement. The Material will comprise: