Members of the Sample Clauses

Members of the. Negotiating Committee shall be granted leave of absence with pay for attendance at all meetings with Officials of the Employer, including with any Committee, Board or other duly constituted statutory authority, arranged or called for the purpose of
Members of the. Union shall select a Steward who is a regular employee to represent them. Members of the Union may also select an alternate Steward who is a regular employee to represent them in the absence of the Steward.
Members of the. Union executive shall be able to act as a Union Steward in the absence of the employee’s area Steward.
Members of the. Negotiating Committee shall be allowed the necessary time off to attend collective bargaining meetings with the City, without loss of pay. On days that negotiations are scheduled, all members of the negotiating team will be assigned to the day shift. Further, the CPPA shall provide the names of its Negotiating Committee members to the City and the City shall provide the names of its Negotiating Committee to the CPPA.
Members of the. Negotiating Committee shall not absent themselves from their regular duties without obtaining prior approval from their Management Officer for all negotiating meetings other than scheduled negotiations with the employer. The University agrees to maintain the pay of such persons on approved absence for all reasonable time so spent but only for such hours that are straight time regularly scheduled working hours. There shall be no charge to the Union for members of the negotiation team attending scheduled negotiating meetings.
Members of the. Negotiating Committee and Union Officers who are employees of the Company be retained during their respective terms of office, notwithstanding their position on the Seniority List, so long as the Company has work available which they are qualified to perform and their conduct conforms with the ordinary requirements of the Company. The Union will inform the Company in writing of the election of any employee to, or the removal of any employee from, these offices or committee and this benefit will apply only to those employees of whom the Company has been so informed.
Members of the. Commission shall not be held criminally or civilly liable for any acts carried out within the scope of their duties. Members of the Commission, and their families, who are not citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina shall be accorded the same privileges and immunities as are enjoyed by diplomatic agents and their families under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.
Members of the. UNIT NOT IN A TENURE TRACK [This Article was amended and opened for renegotiation by the June 2, 2011 Memorandum of Agreement. See, infra, at pg. 65.] [This Article was superseded and replaced in it is entirety by the May 16, 2012 Memorandum of Agreement. See, infra, at pg. 77. Revisions have been noted herein as [additions] and deletions.] [New appointments to Cooperative Extension Educator titles are covered by Article 13 pursuant to a Memorandum of Agreement. See, infra, at pg. 85. These titles have been added to Article 13.1 below and noted as [additions].]
Members of the. Local Union Executive shall be granted unpaid time off for the purpose of attending Local Executive meetings provided that the member first obtains the permission of her/his Supervisor before absenting herself/himself from her/his duties. These meetings shall be held the second Tuesday of each month. Leave for such meetings shall be for a full shift.