Methods of Operation Sample Clauses

Methods of Operation. 1. Complete weekly, monthly, and periodic checklists for all cleaning services. Review the checklists to ensure full compliance with the provisions of the contract and sign the payment paperwork once each week. The checklists will be available for initial review by the Provider at the pre-work meeting.
Methods of Operation. The Contractor shall inform the City in advance concerning plans for performing each part of the Work. If at any time the Designated Transfer Station(s), Designated Disposal Facility(ies), or Contractor's methods of executing the Work appear to the City to be inadequate to ensure the required reliability, safety, quality, or rate of progress of the Work, the City may request the Contractor to increase or improve its Designated Transfer Station(s) and/or Disposal Facility(ies) and/or methods; but neither compliance with such requests nor failure of the City to issue such requests shall relieve Contractor from its obligation to secure the degree of reliability, safety, quality of the Work, and the rate of progress required by this Agreement. The Contractor shall be solely responsible for the reliability, safety, adequacy, and efficiency of its operations, Designated Transfer Station(s), and/or the Designated Disposal Facility(ies) and/or methods.
Methods of Operation. Operating procedures, if any, for the Services will be mutually agreed in writing upon by the Parties. Details of such operating procedures will be set forth in the applicable Service Schedule or a joint operating agreement. It is understood that the joint operating agreement may change from time to time by written agreement of the Parties.
Methods of Operation. The Bank shall carry out its operations in furtherance of its purpose and functions as set out in Articles 1 and 2 of this Agreement in any or all of the following ways:
Methods of Operation. Manager shall make substantial changes in the method of operating the Facility only after timely notification to, and with the consent of Owner. Changes made to conform to governmental laws, regulations and ordinances shall not be deemed "substantial" for the purposes of this agreement.
Methods of Operation. Contracting. All service contracts permitted to be entered into pursuant to Section 6.7 above, all contracts for capital improvements and all contracts for the refurbishing and modeling of tenant spaces which (a) cover expenditures included within the Annual Plan or expenditures which are otherwise approved in advance by Owner or (b) which are approved in advance by Owner or otherwise meet criteria established by Owner for such contracts, shall be executed by Manager as agent for Owner. Without relieving it of its obligations hereunder, pursuant to Section 6.3 above, Manager shall be entitled, in its discretion and at its cost, to enter in its own name into such subcontracts with third parties or affiliates to perform any of the management functions which are the subject of this Agreement as it may determine. All other contracts with respect to the Project and all tenant leases shall be executed by Owner. Upon any termination of this Agreement, Manager shall, if requested by Owner, assign all assignable contracts executed by Manager to Owner.
Methods of Operation. The gauging equipment in the ship's tanks and the equipment for measuring the density of the LNG, shall be provided, operated and maintained by the Seller at its expense. The equipment and material utilized for the determination and tests of the quality of the product shall be provided, operated and maintained by Buyer, at its expense. Any measurement and any calculation relating to the gauging and the determination of the density of the LNG shall be made by Seller, in the presence of a representative of Buyer if Buyer so wishes. Any measurement and any calculation relating to the determination and tests of the quality of the LNG shall be made by Buyer, in the presence of a representative of Seller if Seller so wishes. The absence of one of the parties will affect neither the taking of the measurements nor the preparation of the calculations incumbent upon the other party. At any time, one party shall have the right to inspect the measuring and testing equipment provided by the other party, after prior notice to the latter. Calibration of an instrument shall be made by the party in charge of the operation of this instrument, the other party having the right to be present at such operations. However, all data relating to the tests, diagrams, calculations or any other similar information must be made available to the parties and kept for a period of at least three (3) years.
Methods of Operation. All questions and problems will be resolved by following the Escalation Ladder.
Methods of Operation. Kalitta shall dete1mine, in its sole judgment, the manner in which equipment used in cmmection with Training shall be operated. Customer shall cause all its Trainees, agents and subcontractors to observe and obey all orders, which may be given to them by Kalitta in c01mection with Training.