NOTE Sample Clauses

NOTE. For Community-­‐Based TLDs Only] Obligations of Registry Operator to TLD Community. Registry Operator shall establish registration policies in conformity with the application submitted with respect to the TLD for: (i) naming conventions within the TLD, (ii) requirements for registration by members of the TLD community, and (iii) use of registered domain names in conformity with the stated purpose of the community-­‐based TLD. Registry Operator shall operate the TLD in a manner that allows the TLD community to discuss and participate in the development and modification of policies and practices for the TLD. Registry Operator shall establish procedures for the enforcement of registration policies for the TLD, and resolution of disputes concerning compliance with TLD registration policies, and shall enforce such registration policies. Registry Operator agrees to implement and be bound by the Registry Restrictions Dispute Resolution Procedure as set forth at [insert applicable URL] with respect to disputes arising pursuant to this Section 2.19. Registry Operator shall implement and comply with the community registration policies set forth on Specification 12 attached hereto.]
NOTE. This provision shall apply to all current employees at July 1, 2009 with the understanding that there is no retroactivity.
NOTE. The calculation of recovery on a loan for which a Restructuring Loss has been paid will only apply if the loan is sold. EXAMPLE CALCULATION Restructuring Loss Information Loan principal balance before restructuring $ 200,000 A NPV, restructured loan 165,000 B Loss on restructured loan $ 35,000 A – B Times FDIC applicable loss share % (80% or 95%) 80% Loss share payment to purchaser $ 28,000 C Calculation – Recovery amount due to Receiver Loan sales price $ 190,000 NPV of restructured loan at mod date 165,000 Gain - step 1 25,000 D PLUS Loan UPB after restructuring (1) 200,000 Loan UPB at liquidation date 192,000 Gain - step 2 (principal collections after restructuring) 8,000 E Recovery amount 33,000 D + E Times FDIC loss share % 80% Recovery due to FDIC $ 26,400 F Net loss share paid to purchaser (C – F) $ 1,600 Proof Calculation (2) Loan principal balance $ 200,000 G Principal collections on loan 8,000 Sales price for loan 190,000 Total collections on loan 198,000 H Net loss on loan $ 2,000 G – H Times FDIC applicable loss share % (80% or 95%) 80% Loss share payment to purchaser $ 1,600
NOTE. Where a proposed layoff results in the subsequent displacement of any member(s) of the bargaining unit, the original notice to the Union provided in (i) above shall be considered notice to the Union of any subsequent layoff.
NOTE. For the purpose of this Agreement for Sale, unless the context otherwise requires,-(a) “
NOTE. The signature to this Assignment Form must correspond with the name as it appears on the face of the Warrant, without alteration or enlargement or any change whatever. Officers of corporations and those acting in a fiduciary or other representative capacity should file proper evidence of authority to assign the foregoing Warrant.
NOTE. The execution of this Assignment Agreement may not transfer a proportionate share of the Existing Lender's interest in the Transaction Security in all jurisdictions. It is the responsibility of the New Lender to ascertain whether any other documents or other formalities are required to perfect a transfer of such a share in the Existing Lender's Transaction Security in any jurisdiction and, if so, to arrange for execution of those documents and completion of those formalities. 170 The Schedule Relevant Commitment/rights and obligations to be assumed by the Increase Lender [insert relevant details] [Facility office address, fax number and attention details for notices and account details for payments] [Increase Lender] ______________________________ By: By: This Agreement is accepted as an Increase Confirmation for the purposes of the Facility Agreement by the Agent and as a Creditor Accession Undertaking for the purposes of the Intercreditor Agreement by the Security Agent and the Increase Date is confirmed as confirmed as [●]. Agent (on behalf of itself and the other Finance Parties) ______________________________ By: Security Agent (on behalf of itself and the other Finance Parties) ______________________________ By: TORM A/S ______________________________ By: 171 Schedule 9 Approved Existing Indebtedness None. 172 Schedule 10 Form of Accession Deed To: [●] (as Agent) and [●] (as Security Agent) From: [Acceding Guarantor] Dated: Dear Sirs TORM A/S US$75,000,000 Working Capital Facility Agreement Dated [●] 2015 (the "Facility Agreement")