Notice of any Sample Clauses

Notice of any. Special Meeting of the Members shall include a description of the purpose or purposes for which the special Meeting is called.
Notice of any meeting to be held pursuant to paragraph (a) above or Section 4.10 hereof shall be given not less than 10 days nor more than 60 days before the date of the meeting, to each Limited Partner at his record address on the books of the Partnership, or at such other address which he may have furnished in writing to the General Partner of the Partnership. Such notice shall be in writing, and shall state the place, date and hour of the meeting and shall indicate (if so) that the notice is being issued at or by the direction of the Limited Partner or Limited Partners calling the meeting. If a meeting is adjourned to another time or place, and if an announcement of the adjournment or time or place is made at the meeting, it shall not be necessary to give notice of the adjourned meeting.
Notice of any. (a) proposed amendment under clause 16.2(a)(i) shall be given by the Issuer to each Holder or, if it affects one or more Classes of Holders but not all Holders, to the Holders of each affected Class of Holders not less than 14 days before the date on which it is intended that such variation take effect, but the non-receipt of notice by any such Holder shall not affect the validity of any such variation; and
Notice of any sale pursuant to any provision of this Indenture shall state the time and place of said sale, and shall contain a brief general description of the property or properties to be sold, and shall be sufficiently given if published once in each week for three successive weeks prior to such sale in a Daily Newspaper in Nashville, Tennessee, New York, New York and in the relevant area in which the parcel or parcels proposed to be sold are situated, and in such other manner as may be required by law.
Notice of any vacancy in a professional position (administrative at the dean level or higher, or teaching) at the College shall be given to the President of the Association at least three (3) work days prior to its distribution.
Notice of any proposed involuntary transfer shall be given to the affected unit member by the immediate supervisor no less than five (5) working days prior to the effective date of the transfer. Basis for involuntary transfers are limited to:

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NOTICE OF ANY WITHHOLDING OR DEDUCTION If any Issuer is, in respect of any payments, compelled to withhold or deduct any amount for or on account of taxes, duties, assessments or governmental charges as specifically contemplated under the Conditions, such Issuer shall give notice thereof to the Agent as soon as it becomes aware of the requirement to make such withholding or deduction and shall give to the Agent such information as it shall require to enable it to comply with such requirement.
Notice of Layoff (a) Twenty-eight (28) days’ written notice of layoff shall be given to the President of the Local Union and to the Provincial office of the Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union except layoff which results from labour disputes or unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the Employer in which case as much notice as possible will be given.
Notice of Loss The Grantor will promptly notify the Secured Party of any loss of or material damage to any material item of Collateral or of any substantial adverse change, known to Grantor, in any material item of Collateral or the prospect of payment or performance thereof.
Notice of Borrowing (a) Whenever the Borrower desires to incur (x) Eurodollar Loans hereunder, the Borrower shall give the Administrative Agent at the Notice Office at least three Business Days’ prior notice of each Eurodollar Loan to be incurred hereunder and (y) Base Rate Loans hereunder (excluding Swingline Loans and Revolving Loans made pursuant to a Mandatory Borrowing), the Borrower shall give the Administrative Agent at the Notice Office at least one Business Day’s prior notice of each Base Rate Loan to be incurred hereunder, provided that (in each case) any such notice shall be deemed to have been given on a certain day only if given before 2:00 P.M. (New York City time) on such day. Each such notice (each, a “Notice of Borrowing”), except as otherwise expressly provided in Section 2.10, shall be irrevocable and shall be in writing, or by telephone promptly confirmed in writing, in the form of Exhibit A-1, appropriately completed to specify: (i) the aggregate principal amount of the Loans to be incurred pursuant to such Borrowing (stated in the relevant currency), (ii) the date of such Borrowing (which shall be a Business Day) and (iii) whether the Loans being incurred pursuant to such Borrowing are to be initially maintained as Base Rate Loans or, to the extent permitted hereunder, Euro Rate Loans and, if Euro Rate Loans, the initial Interest Period to be applicable thereto. The Administrative Agent shall promptly give each Lender which is required to make Loans specified in the respective Notice of Borrowing, notice of such proposed Borrowing, of such Lender’s proportionate share thereof and of the other matters required by the immediately preceding sentence to be specified in the Notice of Borrowing.
Notice of Denial If the Executive or a beneficiary of the Executive is denied a claim for benefits under this Agreement, the Claims Administrator shall provide to the claimant written notice of the denial within ninety (90) days (or forty-five (45) days with respect to a denial of any claim for benefits due to the Executive becoming Substantially Disabled) after the Claims Administrator receives the claim, unless special circumstances require an extension of time for processing the claim. If such an extension of time is required, written notice of the extension shall be furnished to the claimant prior to the termination of the initial 90-day period. In no event shall the extension exceed a period of ninety (90) days (or thirty (30) days with respect to a claim for benefits due to the Executive becoming Substantially Disabled) from the end of such initial period. With respect to a claim for benefits due to the Executive becoming Substantially Disabled, the Claims Administrator may extend the time period for processing a claim for an additional thirty (30) days beyond the initial 30-day extension period if special circumstances warrant such an extension. In such event, written notice of the extension shall be furnished to the claimant within the initial 30-day extension period. Any extension notice shall indicate the special circumstances requiring the extension of time, the date by which the Claims Administrator expects to render the final decision, the standards on which entitlement to benefits is based, the unresolved issues that prevent a decision on the claim and the additional information needed to resolve those issues.
Date of Any Action In the event that any date on which any action is required to be taken hereunder by any of the parties hereto is not a Business Day, such action shall be required to be taken on the next succeeding day which is a Business Day.
Notice of Absence If Tenant plans to leave the Property for 7 (seven) or more consecutive days or expects long, frequent or customary absences, Tenant must notify the Landlord in writing. Tenant hereby agrees that any such absence, whether a singular occurrence or customary, shall not obviate Tenant's obligation to pay timely Rent.
Notice of Delay Within seven (7) New York business days from the date of commencement of any delay on account of which the SELLER claims that it is entitled under this Contract to an extension of the time for delivery of the VESSEL, the SELLER shall advise the BUYER by telefax confirmed in writing, of the date such delay commenced, and the reasons therefor. Likewise within seven (7) New York business days after such delay ends, the SELLER shall advise the BUYER in writing or by telefax confirmed in writing, of the date such delay ended, and also shall specify the maximum period of the time by which the date for delivery of the VESSEL is extended by reason of such delay. Failure of the BUYER to acknowledge the SELLER's notification of any claim for extension of the Delivery Date within thirty (30) days after receipt by the BUYER of such notification, shall be deemed to be a waiver by the BUYER of its right to object to such extension. Failure of the SELLER to give the BUYER notice of delay as provided in this Article except for the case of entire power failure or cut-off of the communication facilities shall preclude the SELLER from claiming extension of the Delivery Date by reason of such failure.
Notice of Defects The BUYER shall notify the SELLER in writing, or by telefax confirmed in writing, as promptly as possible, after discovery of any defect or deviations for which a claim is made under this guarantee. The BUYER's written notice shall describe the nature of the defect and the extent of the damage caused thereby. The SELLER shall have no obligation under this guarantee for any defects discovered prior to the expiry date of the guarantee, unless notice of such defects, is received by the SELLER not later than thirty (30) days after such expiry date. Telefaxed advice with brief details explaining the nature of such defect and extent of damage within thirty (30) days after such expiry date and that a claim is forthcoming will be sufficient compliance with the requirements as to time. If the SELLER becomes aware of defective materials or design or construction within the nature of serial defect in respect of the VESSEL or any other vessel built by the SELLER, the SELLER shall immediately notify the BUYER in writing and by fax or by telefax.
Notice of Lay-off (a) The Employer shall notify permanent employees who are to be laid off a minimum of three (3) months before the lay-off is to be effective. If the employee laid off has not had the opportunity to work three (3) months after notice of lay-off, he/she shall be paid in lieu of work for that part of the three-month period during which work was not made available.