Notices and Legends Sample Clauses

Notices and Legends. Licensee shall apply or use all notices and legends, including patent markings, required by applicable law or regulations to preserve and protect the value and validity of any Intellectual Property licensed pursuant to this Agreement, including applying or using any notices or legends reasonably requested by Licensor.
Notices and Legends. All copies of the Products and the Documentation distributed by RESELLER shall retain the copyright notices and proprietary markings contained in or appearing on the master copy thereof supplied to RESELLER by CASI; provided, however, that RESELLER may add proprietary markings relating to Derivative Works to the extent such works are owned by RESELLER. All copies of the Products and Documentation licensed to the United States Government shall contain an appropriate "Restricted Rights" or "Limited Rights" legend according to applicable United States government regulations.
Notices and Legends. As reasonably requested by the applicable Pfizer Licensor, each Company Licensee shall, and shall cause its Sublicensees to, use commercially reasonable efforts to mark in a manner that is visible to the public, use of the Licensed Marks (or, if a Licensed Mark is used multiple times in any Materials, the first prominent use of such Licensed Mark) and the Licensed Copyrighted Works.
Notices and Legends. LICENSEE shall include and reproduce appropriate notices and legends, as prescribed by LICENSOR, on all copies of the LICENSED SOFTWARE made by LICENSEE hereunder. The initial copyright notice shall be in the following form: (C) 1999 and name of copyright owner* ALL RIGHTS RESERVED *(to be specified by LICENSOR upon execution of this Agreement)
Notices and Legends. The Licensee shall and shall cause each Sublicensee to use the Marks only in such manner as will comply with the provisions of applicable Law relating to the Marks. Following the Effective Date, the Licensee shall not and shall cause each Sublicensee not to remove any existing markings, visible to the public, of the use of the Marks (or in the case of multiple uses of any Mark in any particular Materials, the first prominent use of such Mark) with (a) the superscript “R” symbol (®) or superscript “TM” symbol (TM) or “SM” symbol (SM), as applicable, and (b) the legend set forth below or such legend reasonably designated by the Licensor in writing (the “Legend”): “[The Mark] is a trademark owned by [Licensor] and is being used under license.”
Notices and Legends. The certificates representing the Shares and the Capital Notes shall bear a legend reflecting the restrictions on transfer provided for in Section 2.9.1 above as well as any other notices or written legends required by applicable securities laws or by the charters of the Pricemex Group Companies.
Notices and Legends. The LICENSEE shall reproduce, in corresponding locations on and in any partial or complete copies of the Licensed Programs (The System) and Materials, any proprietary notice or legend which the Licensed Programs or Materials contained when received by the LICENSEE.
Notices and Legends. Buyer shall use reasonable efforts to mark every service or materials utilizing the Retained Intellectual Property Rights or the Retained Patents with a proper copyright, trademark, or patent notice, including as reasonably requested by Seller.