Occurrence Sample Clauses

Occurrence. This term shall mean each accident or occurrence or series of accidents or occurrences arising out of one event, whether involving one or several of the Company's policies. All bodily injury or property damage arising out of continuous or repeated exposure to substantially the same general conditions shall be considered as arising out of one occurrence. The date of occurrence shall be deemed to be the following:
Occurrence. This Agreement shall terminate on the earlier of the:
Occurrence. In respect of insured section Terrorism, occurrence means a single loss or series of losses arising out of and directly occasioned by a single event or a single original cause. However, the duration and extent of any single occurrence shall be limited to all individual losses arising in respect of a continuous period of seventy two (72) hours of which the proximate cause is the same act of terrorism. You may choose the date and time when any such period of seventy two (72) hours shall commence provided that no two periods overlap and no period commences earlier than the date and time of the happening of the first recorded individual loss to you as a result of the act of terrorism. Should any such seventy two (72) consecutive hour period extend beyond the expiry or cancellation date, we shall be liable as if such period had fallen entirely within the period of insurance of the policy.
Occurrence. The Compensation shall be paid: (check one) ☐ - Weekly ☐ - Bi-Weekly ☐ - Monthly ☐ - Other. ____________________
Occurrence. This term shall mean a loss or series of losses arising out of one event.