Order Sample Clauses

Order. An order or application to provide, change or terminate a Service (including, but not limited to, a commitment to purchase a stated number or minimum number of lines or other Services for a stated period or minimum period of time).
Order. “Order” shall mean any order, writ, injunction, judgment or decree.
Order. Order" shall mean any: (a) order, judgment, injunction, edict, decree, ruling, pronouncement, determination, decision, opinion, verdict, sentence, subpoena, writ or award issued, made, entered, rendered or otherwise put into effect by or under the authority of any court, administrative agency or other Governmental Body or any arbitrator or arbitration panel; or (b) Contract with any Governmental Body entered into in connection with any Proceeding. Ordinary Course of Business. An action taken by or on behalf of a Person shall not be deemed to have been taken in the "Ordinary Course of Business" unless such action is recurring in nature, is consistent with the past practices of such Person and is taken in the ordinary course of the normal day-to-day operations of such Person.
Order. Seller shall reduce generation from the Project as required pursuant to a Buyer Curtailment Order, Buyer Bid Curtailment or Curtailment Order, provided that (A) a Buyer Curtailment Order, Buyer Bid Curtailment or Curtailment Order shall be consistent with the operational characteristics set forth in Section F of the Cover Sheet; (B) the Buyer Curtailment Period shall be for no more than one hundred (100) hours cumulatively per Contract Year (which may be consecutive or non-consecutive); and (C) Buyer shall pay Seller for Deemed Delivered Energy associated with a Buyer Curtailment Period pursuant to Article 4. Seller agrees to reduce the Project’s generation by the amount and for the period set forth in the Buyer Curtailment Order, Buyer Bid Curtailment or Curtailment Order.
Order. All orders for Services are subject to the terms and conditions contained in these Support Terms and the applicable written quote or agreement signed by Vocera or a Reseller. All orders shall be initiated by written Purchase Order. Any different or additional terms preprinted on any End User Purchase Order or similar document are hereby rejected, notwithstanding any terms set forth therein to the contrary.
Order. 3.1 Orders and alterations to orders shall be made in writing. In case of doubt, verbal agreements or arrangements discussed over the phone shall only be binding if confirmed in writing.
Order. All orders are subject to acceptance and approval by Seller’s credit department. All orders must show definite prices, delivery dates, exact quantities, complete product description, and when acknowledged by Seller in writing, are considered full commitments. All variations to an order requested by Buyer shall be in writing and the price shall be agreed prior to performance of any additional work by Seller. If Seller agrees to make any variations in accordance with this condition, then any dates quoted for delivery or completion shall be extended appropriately.
Order. 3.1 Orders and order changes shall be performed by Buyer in writing or electronically. The contents of oral or telephone discussions shall, in case of doubt, only be binding when confirmed in writing.