Ordinances Sample Clauses

Ordinances. Construction shall conform to all Federal, State, County, and local codes, ordinances, regulations, and standards having jurisdiction thereof. In the case of conflict between any such applicable documents mentioned above and the specifications and drawings, the highest requirement shall govern. No additional charges shall be allowed for any changes to make work conform to regulations of above-mentioned documents or governing agencies, but shall be considered as completely included in the Task Order price.
Ordinances. Buyers of real estate in the State of Rhode Island are legally obligated to comply with all local real estate ordinances; including, but not limited to, ordinances on the number of unrelated persons who may legally reside in a dwelling, as well as ordinances on the number of dwelling units permitted under the local zoning ordinances.
Ordinances. In the event any public authority shall require correction of violations of any statute, ordinance, regulation, or building code, corrections shall be made by Landlord at Landlord's expense except as to such violations arising from any alterations or additions made by Tenant, in which event Tenant's violations shall be corrected by Tenant at Tenant's expense. Tenant shall comply with all statutes, ordinances and regulations of government authorities now in effect or hereafter enacted relating to any alterations or improvements made by it, keeping the Leased Premises in an orderly condition, for conducting Tenant's business thereon.
Ordinances. Nothing in this Memorandum constitutes a waiver of the City ordinances or the City’s regulatory jurisdiction or the State’s utility regulatory jurisdiction.
Ordinances. The Tenant shall comply with all laws, orders, rules and regulations of federal, state, county and municipal authorities, and with any direction of any public officer and officers, pursuant to law, which shall impose any duty upon them with respect to the Demised Premises, or the use or occupation thereof, and shall promptly comply with and execute all rules, orders, and regulations of the Board of Fire Underwriters for the prevention of fires, at Tenant's own cost and expense. There shall be no abatement of rent for any period of untenantability caused by the imposition of such laws, orders, rules or regulations, by such authorities, providing it is the obligation of the Tenant to comply with same. Tenant further agrees not to permit any objectionable noise or anything tending to create a nuisance or to disturb other tenants or occupants of neighboring property, nor permit any offensive odor to be emitted, nor to conduct or allow upon said Demised Premises any business which is contrary to law.
Ordinances. Tenant shall at its own cost and expense promptly observe and comply with all laws, rules, orders, zoning ordinances, regulations, and requirements applicable to the Premises and all buildings and improvements thereon, or to repairs or alterations thereof, and shall also at its own cost and expense promptly comply with all laws, rules, orders, and regulations. If Tenant fails to comply with any of the foregoing requirements, Landlord may, at its option and after thirty (30) days' notice to Tenant of its intention to do so, comply with the same for the account of Tenant, and Tenant shall upon demand pay to Landlord the cost of such compliance including reasonable expenses, Interest, attorneys' fees, and costs incurred in connection therewith.
Ordinances. Subject to either party's right to protest to applicable governmental authorities, Landlord shall comply, at Landlord's expense, with all federal, state, county and municipal laws and ordinances and all rules and regulations affecting the Building, except that Tenant shall comply with such laws and ordinances, rules, regulations and orders which specifically relate to Tenant's use or occupancy of the Premises. Landlord covenants that on the Commencement Date the Premises shall comply with any applicable legal, governmental or quasi- governmental requirement, ordinance or rule (including the Board of Fire Underwriters) and thereafter, for the balance of the term, the Premises shall be in compliance with all such laws or ordinances to allow Tenant's continued occupancy hereunder.