Other Advisors Sample Clauses

Other Advisors. Other than the engagement letter or other Contract with Lincoln International referred to in Section 3.21 (as to which no representation is made in this Section 3.22), each engagement letter or other Contract between the Company or one of its Subsidiaries, on the one hand, and each of its legal, accounting or other advisors, on the other hand, in connection with the transactions contemplated by this Agreement entitles the legal, accounting or other advisor party thereto to receive compensation only at its usual hourly rates, without any premium, bonus, or similar payment, in connection with the transactions contemplated by this Agreement.
Other Advisors. Each of the Sub-Advisor and the Advisor shall have the right to engage any legal, tax, financial or other advisors in connection with their duties under this Agreement, including any Affiliates of the relevant party.
Other Advisors. EMC shall not appoint or engage other advisors to provide advisory or investment management services in respect of Investments which are the same as or similar to the services to be performed by the Advisor under this Agreement, provided that, without affecting EMC's obligation to pay the Advisor fees and costs and expenses to the extent required by Section 1.2, EMC may so engage other advisors (a) to provide services in respect of Investments relating to matters falling within the scope of this Agreement which the Advisor is not able to provide, in which case the Advisor shall be responsible for recommending to EMC, in accordance with Section 4.9, appropriate service providers for such purpose, and (b) to provide second opinions in respect of advice or recommendations of the Advisor hereunder or to provide specialized assistance on a non-recurring basis to supplement the services of the Advisor when so requested by EMC.
Other Advisors. 6.1 Bates Wells is a professional services firm delivering legal services. Though our role is to provide you with advice in those areas, it is not part of our role to advise on the commercial, financial or business issues or justifications for any specific course of action. In particular, unless otherwise agreed in writing, we do not advise on the commercial or financial viability or merits of transactions, nor on the business risks that may be associated with them.
Other Advisors. Prom 350.00 FBLA (Nationals same category as state completion) 2025.00 Banquet 175.00 Yearbook (increase $100.00 per year experience ) 600.00 Student Council 350.00 Class Play 600.00 Pep Club 300.00 Science Olympiad 375.00 Bowbells Speech Meet 525.00 Academic Olympic 300.00 Math Counts if they go to state- state bonus payments OTHER: Lead Team 400.00 Gearing up for Kindergarten 100.00 Webmaster 500.00 Technology 1750.00 STATE BONUS PAYMENTS Head Coach Per Activity per Week (capped at 200% or $300 max payment) 150.00 Assistant Coach – Per Activity per Week
Other Advisors. The parties hereto acknowledge that they have been advised by the real estate broker(s) named above that this document has legal consequences. No representation or recommendation is made by any real estate broker as to the legal or tax consequences of this Agreement or the transaction which it addresses. These are issues to be addressed or which have been addressed by the partiesattorneys, financial, and other advisors. This Agreement is offered by the Northern Illinois Commercial Association of Realtors (“NICAR”) to its members for use by their clients and customers. All parties hereto hereby release any and all claims they may have against NICAR and its officers, attorneys, employees, agents, and members arising or which may arise from use of this Contract in its present form or as may be amended by any party.
Other Advisors. No fee payable to any other financial consultant or advisor -------------- by the Promotor or TEDA shall reduce or otherwise effect any fee payable hereunder to the parties.
Other Advisors. From time to time, in respect of the subject matter to be addressed by the Steering Committee at any meeting thereof, the Co-Chairs may agree with each other to invite representatives of their respective companies, consultants and other agents with expertise or experience with respect to such subject matter to attend such meetings and to participate in the Steering Committee’s consideration of such subject matter.
Other Advisors. The Company agrees not to amend or modify the existing agreement between it and Company's Independent Advisor nor to enter into any new agreement with, or otherwise engage, any additional advisors or consultants in connection with the Merger and the transactions contemplated by this Agreement, except with the consent of the Chief Executive Officer of Parent which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed.