Other Governmental Authority definition

Other Governmental Authority means any government or any political subdivision of a government, any agency, department or any other administrative authority or instrumentality thereof, including, without limitation, any local or other governmental agency or other authority.
Other Governmental Authority charged with the interpretation or administration thereof, or (iv) compliance by the Bank (or its Lending Office) or any corporation controlling the Bank with any Capital Adequacy Regulation, affects or would affect the amount of capital required or expected to be maintained by the Bank or any corporation controlling the Bank and (taking into consideration such Bank's or such corporation's policies with respect to capital adequacy and such Bank's desired return on capital) determines that the amount of such capital is increased as a consequence of its Commitment, loans, credits or obligations under this Agreement, then, upon demand of such Bank to the Company through the Agent, the Company shall pay to the Bank, from time to time as specified by the Bank, additional amounts sufficient to compensate the Bank for such increase.
Other Governmental Authority charged with the interpretation or administration thereof, or compliance by such Bank (or its parent) with any guideline, request, or directive regarding capital adequacy (whether or not having the force of law) of any central bank or other Governmental Authority has or would have the effect of reducing the rate of return on such Bank's (or its parent's) capital as a consequence of its obligations hereunder or the transactions contemplated hereby to a level below that which such Bank (or its parent) could have achieved but for such adoption, implementation, change, or compliance (taking into consideration such Bank's policies with respect to capital adequacy) by an amount deemed by such Bank to be material, then from time to time, within ten (10) Business Days after demand by such Bank (with a copy to the Agent), the Borrower shall pay to such Bank such additional amount or amounts as will compensate such Bank (or its parent) for such reduction. A certificate of such Bank claiming compensation under this Section and setting forth the additional amount or amounts to be paid to it hereunder shall be conclusive, provided that the determination thereof is made on a reasonable basis. In determining such amount or amounts, such Bank may use any reasonable averaging and attribution methods. With respect to each demand by a Bank under this Section 6.4, no Bank shall have the right to demand compensation for amounts attributable to any reduction in such Bank's rate of return occurring at any time before the date which is three (3) months prior to the date the Bank gives such demand for compensation to the Borrower.

Related to Other Governmental Authority

Governmental Authority means the government of the United States or any other nation, or of any political subdivision thereof, whether state or local, and any agency, authority, instrumentality, regulatory body, court, central bank or other entity exercising executive, legislative, judicial, taxing, regulatory or administrative powers or functions of or pertaining to government (including any supra-national bodies such as the European Union or the European Central Bank).
Governmental Authority(ies) means any federal, state, county, municipal or other governmental department, entity, authority, commission, board, bureau, court, agency, or any instrumentality of any of them having jurisdiction with respect to the Project, Trade Contractor Work, Stadium Site, Adjacent Property, Authority, Team, Consultant, Architect, Subconsultant, Construction Manager, Subcontractor, Trade Contractor, Vendor, City, County, State, and other applicable Persons in connection with the design, development, construction, equipping, commissioning, use, occupancy, possession, operation, maintenance and management of the Project or any Adjacent Property.
Relevant Governmental Body means the Federal Reserve Board and/or the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, or a committee officially endorsed or convened by the Federal Reserve Board and/or the Federal Reserve Bank of New York or any successor thereto.
Environmental Authority means any foreign, federal, state, local or regional government that exercises any form of jurisdiction or authority under any Environmental Requirement.
Governmental Entity means any government or any agency, bureau, board, commission, court, department, official, political subdivision, tribunal or other instrumentality of any government, whether federal, state or local, domestic or foreign.
Local governmental entity means a county, municipality, school district, junior college district, or other political subdivision of this state or a local government corporation, board, commission, district, or authority to which a member is appointed by the commissioners court of a county, the mayor of a municipality, or the governing body of a municipality. The term does not include an association, corporation, or organization of governmental entities organized to provide to its members education, assistance, products, or services or to represent its members before the legislative, administrative, or judicial branches of the state or federal government.
Governmental Agency means any government or any governmental agency, semi-governmental or judicial entity or authority (including, without limitation, any stock exchange or any self-regulatory organisation established under statute).
Governmental Authorities means any nation or country (including but not limited to the United States) and any commonwealth, territory or possession thereof and any political subdivision of any of the foregoing, including but not limited to courts, departments, commissions, boards, bureaus, agencies, ministries or other instrumentalities.
Governmental Body means any: (a) nation, state, commonwealth, province, territory, county, municipality, district or other jurisdiction of any nature; (b) federal, state, local, municipal, foreign or other government; or (c) governmental or quasi-governmental authority of any nature (including any governmental division, department, agency, commission, instrumentality, official, organization, unit, body or Entity and any court or other tribunal).
Governmental Antitrust Authority has the meaning set forth in Section 5.09(b).
Governmental Authorization any approval, consent, license, permit, waiver, or other authorization issued, granted, given, or otherwise made available by or under the authority of any Governmental Body or pursuant to any Legal Requirement.
local authority means the council of a municipality that is a city, town or shire constituted under the Local Government Act 1960;
Government Authority means any foreign or domestic federal, state, provincial, municipal, county, city or local legislative, administrative or regulatory authority, agency, court, body or other governmental or quasi-governmental entity with competent jurisdiction, including any supranational body.
Governmental Agency(ies) means, individually or collectively, any federal, state, county or local governmental department, commission, board, regulatory authority or agency (including, without limitation, each applicable Regulatory Agency) with jurisdiction over the Company or a Subsidiary.
Governmental means any federal, state or local court or governmental or regulatory agency or authority or any arbitration board, tribunal or mediator having jurisdiction over the Company or its assets or Members.
Central Authority means the entity designated by the United States or a foreign country described in section 102(e)(iv) to perform the functions specified in the Convention.
Territorial authority means a territorial authority within the meaning of the Local Government Act 2002.
Appeal Authority means the person, board, commission, agency, or other body
Improper governmental action means any action by a district officer or employee:
Regional Authority means the Director General of Foreign Trade appointed under section 6 of the Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, 1992 (22 of 1992) or an officer authorised by him to grant an authorisation including a duty credit scrip under the said Act.
national authority means an approval authority or any other authority involved in and responsible for market surveillance, border control or registration in a Member State in respect of vehicles, systems, components, separate technical units, parts or equipment;
municipal authority means a municipality, improvement district and special area and, if the context requires, in the case of an improvement district and special area,
Governmental Person means the government of the United States or any foreign government or the government of any state or locality therein, any political subdivision or any governmental, quasi-governmental, judicial, public or statutory instrumentality, authority, body or entity, or other regulatory bureau, authority, body or entity of the United States, any foreign government or any state or locality therein, including the Federal Deposit Insurance Company, the Comptroller of the Currency or the Federal Reserve Board.
Governmental Authorizations means all franchises, permits, licenses, approvals, consents and other authorizations of all Authorities.
Governmental Actions means any and all consents, approvals, permits, orders, authorizations, waivers, exceptions, variances, exemptions or licenses of, or registrations, declarations or filings with, any Governmental Authority required under any Governmental Rules.
Governmental Action means all permits, authorizations, registrations, consents, approvals, waivers, exceptions, variances, orders, judgments, written interpretations, decrees, licenses, exemptions, publications, filings, notices to and declarations of or with, or required by, any Governmental Authority, or required by any Legal Requirement, and shall include, without limitation, all environmental and operating permits and licenses that are required for the full use, occupancy, zoning and operating of the Property.