Other Intangibles Sample Clauses

Other Intangibles. All right, tide and interest of Corporation to be Sold ------------------ in, to and under all rights, privileges, claims, causes of action, and options relating or pertaining to the Business or the foregoing Assets.
Other Intangibles. The vendor and customer lists of Seller related to the Rowe Business attached hereto on Schedule 7.26 are true and complete as of the Closing Date; and the engineering drawings, bills of material, manufacturing data, software and data collection services and other intangibles conveyed to Purchaser as described in Section 1.1.6 are all of such items used in the Rowe Business that are in the possession of Seller. Except as set forth on Schedule 7.26, there exists no actual or, to the knowledge of Seller, threatened termination, cancellation or material limitation of, or material modification in, the business relationship of Seller with any customer or supplier.
Other Intangibles. All other intangible assets of any kind or description, wherever located, whether or not carried on the books of the Business, which are owned by Sellers or which are used in connection with the operation of the Business.
Other Intangibles. All trade names, trademarks, service marks, copyrights, patents, patent rights, licenses, brand names, trade secrets, technical know-how, goodwill, rights, if any, to domain names and phone numbers and other intangibles more fully described on Schedule 1.7;
Other Intangibles. The term "Other Intangibles" shall mean and refer to all intangible assets, other than such Party's Systems Franchises, Systems Licenses and Systems Contracts, including subscriber lists, claims, and Intellectual Property, if any, included among such Party's Assets. Reference to PARTY A Other Intangibles shall be deemed to refer to the Other Intangibles of PARTY A, and reference to PARTY B Other Intangibles shall be deemed to refer to the Other Intangibles of PARTY B, in each case, as included among such Party's Assets.
Other Intangibles. Section 2.15(f) of the Disclosure Schedule sets forth a complete and accurate list of Other Intangibles that are material to the business of the Acquired Company.
Other Intangibles. Goodwill, if any, related to or used in conjunction with the Business.
Other Intangibles. All right, title and interest of the Seller in, to and under all rights, privileges, claims and causes of action.