Other Notice Sample Clauses

Other Notice. In addition to the other notice obligations of the Company provided for elsewhere in this Agreement, the Company shall provide notice to the Practice, within five Business Days of receipt of knowledge thereof by the Company, of any notice from a Third-Party Payor that alleges a default under or intention to terminate or not perform its obligations under, or of any other material occurrence under, a managed care agreement. The Company shall also provide notice to the Practice of any Change of Control, within five Business Days after the occurrence of a Change of Control.
Other Notice. In addition to the other notice obligations of the Practice provided for elsewhere in this Agreement, the Practice will provide, and will use its best efforts to cause each Physician to provide, notice to the Company of any (i) physical or mental illness or condition that impairs or may impair a Physician’s ability to provide the services required by this Agreement, and (ii) Physician’s dependency on, habitual use or episodic abuse of, alcohol or any controlled substances.
Other Notice. In case at any time:
Other Notice. If notice is given in any other manner or at any other place, it shall also be given at the place and in the manner specified in Section 14.06(A).
Other Notice. Any notice required to be given under this Agreement, other than notice of lost or stolen Card(s), shall be given in writing and shall be delivered, mailed, faxed or emailed to the respective parties as follows: For FCL, the address is 401 - 22nd Street East, Saskatoon SK, S7K 3M9, attn: Petroleum Department; fax (306) 244-3403; or, email fuelcard@fcl.ca. For the Customer, the address is as listed in its Commercial Petroleum Account Application. The parties may change their address for service at any time by notice in writing. Notice served by hand or by telecommunication shall be deemed to have been given on the business day on which such notice is sent. Notice served by mail shall be deemed to have been given five business days following the date on which such notice is sent except during postal disruption.
Other Notice. Other than the mailing procedure outlined herein, there shall be no other form of notice to Class Members. Class Counsel shall not directly and/or indirectly publicize the settlement nor directly and/or indirectly solicit or contact Class Members for the purpose of inducing or encouraging them to file claims; notwithstanding, nothing shall prohibit Class Counsel from consulting with potential Class Members that may inquire as a result of the Notice or from communicating with presently known Class Members.
Other Notice. Each party has an affirmative obligation to immediately notify the other if TL or TM’s California license is suspended, revoked, or forfeited, or if the TL or TM no longer conducts licensed activity through Broker.