Overall Sample Clauses

Overall. All uses of the Licensor Marks by each Licensee or such Licensee’s sublicensees (as permitted by this Agreement) and all business conducted by them under the Licensor Marks shall be in a manner consistent with the historical reputation and goodwill of business conducted in connection with the Licensor Marks, and no such Person shall make use of any of the Licensor Marks in any manner that reflects negatively upon or adversely affects the Licensor Marks.
Overall. Tell me what you want to happen in your life related to your legal issue. If I know your goals, I can help you better. Share all the facts with me - even facts that you think might be unimportant or may make you look bad. If you don’t, the advice I give you and my plan to help you might not be best for your situation. It can make things a lot worse if the judge or others involved in the case find out facts that I don’t know about. If my recommended plan for meeting your goals seems like more than you can or want to do, please let me know. We can look at other options. Sometimes, the legal system can result in more work than benefits, and problems may be best solved in other ways. Before you see me, think of questions you might have for me. Some people find it’s helpful to write down questions ahead of time. Let me know if you have a hard time getting the paperwork I need for your case. If that happens, I will try to help or find others who can. I’ll attach a list of some of the paperwork I will need and where you can get it. You may mail it to me or fax it to me (see my business card). Let me know if other legal issues come up as they may change how we work on this case. I will look for someone who can help you with the other legal issue(s), including VLN. If I am ever not being clear, please ask me to explain it again or in another way. I also will write down my advice or instructions so you can look it over later or with a friend. Please tell me: Are there any physical or mental disabilities you would like me to know about that may impact our work together? Are there any other legal or personal problems you’d like me to know about that may impact our work together?
Overall. 1. How satisfied were you with the program? Completely Largely Somewhat Satisfied Satisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied
Overall a. Through this Planning Agreement, the Parties commit to: (1) submit the “Project Description” for a Delta watershed-wide agreement (Appendix A hereto), to the State Water Board for consideration and analysis, as provided in Resolution 2018-0059; (2) undertake a process to assist the State Water Board in its analysis of the Project Description; and (3) use best efforts to develop appropriate terms for Voluntary Agreements for submittal to the State Water Board by December 1, 2019.
Overall. How does this course compare with other courses you have had at the College?
Overall. All imaging studies that are transported and archived will be accurate as guaranteed via a binary hash associated with each study that is checked at each point the study is moved.
Overall. Subject only to the obligations of the Landlord set forth in Sections 11, 18, and 19 hereof, the Tenant shall keep and maintain the Demised Premises and any fixtures, facilities or equipment contained therein including, but not limited to floors, fire protection, sprinkler, electrical, plumbing, which exclusively and directly services the Demised Premises and sewer systems, the exterior doors, security grilles, window frames and all portions of the store front area and all replacements thereof, in good condition and repair. Tenant shall be solely responsible for providing any replacements thereof. The Tenant shall at its sole cost: (i) repair all broken and cracked glass, and keep the inside and outside of all glass in the doors and windows of the Demised Premises clean; (ii) not place or maintain any merchandise, any sign, or other thing of any kind in the vestibule or entry of the Demised Premises or on the malls or walkways adjacent thereto or elsewhere on the exterior of the Demised Premises (except signs permitted under Subsection 7(E.) hereof; (iii) maintain the Demised Premises in a clean, orderly and sanitary condition and free of insects, rodents, vermin, and other pests; and (iv) regularly clean and, when necessary, replace all floor treatment (including carpet) which adjoins any mall or walkway area.
Overall. The Contractor shall provide Unarmed and Armed Security Personnel Services to the City in accordance with this scope of work. Services shall be provided at various locations under the control of General Services Facilities Management, Wastewater Management, Department of Human Services, or any other City agency or location, as may be required in the future. Current levels of coverage for service requirements are given herein. However, the City reserves the right to add or delete service locations as required and to increase, reduce or eliminate the quantity of personnel or personnel hours as deemed necessary. The Contractor shall furnish all necessary qualified labor, equipment, uniforms and supplies to perform the services herein. The Contractor shall provide to all City locations and agencies fully trained and highly motivated personnel directed by an engaged effective management team that strives towards continual improvement and toward providing a level of professionalism that is in alignment with security industryBest Practices.‟ The City reserves the right to acquire additional/ alternative security services outside of this contract. B.2 N/A B.3 MANAGEMENT FEE INCLUDES BUT NOT LIMITED TO: - Account Management Positions Expense -MWBE Participation and Management, -Employee Benefits (MEDICAL, HEALTH, DENTAL, VACATION, AND ETCETERA...) -Overhead - Training - Profit -Denver Head Tax -Federal Unemployment Tax {FUTA} -CO State Unemployment Insurance -Uniforms and Staff Equipment