Payment by definition

Payment by means of a transfer to a bank account shall be deemed to have been made upon crediting of the amount concerned to the bank account of MCi. All costs related to payment into or transfer to a bank account shall be for the account of the Customer.

Examples of Payment by in a sentence

Payment by some agencies may be made by procurement card, if the Vendor accepts that card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) from other customers, and it shall be accepted by the Vendor for payment under the same terms and conditions as any other method of payment accepted by the Vendor.

If EFT banking information is not required to be on the invoice, in order for the invoice to be a proper invoice, the Contractor shall have submitted correct EFT banking information in accordance with the applicable solicitation provision, contract clause (e.g., 52.232-33, Payment by Electronic Funds Transfer—System for Award Management, or 52.232-34, Payment by Electronic Funds Transfer—Other Than System for Award Management), or applicable agency procedures.

Payment by check or money order may be mailed to Federal Communications Commission, P.O. Box 979088, St. Louis, MO 63197-9000.

Payment by the Guarantor in terms of 4 or 5 shall be made within seven (7) calendar days upon receipt of the first written demand to the Guarantor.

The Contractor and the ordering agency may agree to use the credit card for dollar amounts over the micro-purchase threshold (See GSAR 552.232-79 Payment by Credit Card).

Payment by wire transfer may be made to ABA Number 021030004, receiving bank TREAS/NYC, and account number 27000001.

Payment by overnight mail may be sent to U.S. Bank - Government Lockbox #979088, SL-MO-C2-GL, 1005 Convention Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63101.

Except as otherwise provided by law or regulation or in Sections 504.4 and 504.5 of this Exhibit, the Date of Payment by NYSERDA of an amount properly due and owing under this Agreement shall be no later than thirty (30) calendar days, excluding legal holidays, after Receipt of a Proper Invoice.

Payment by Health Plan to the person or facility providing the services to You or Your Eligible Dependent shall discharge Health Plan's obligations under this Section.

Payment by some agencies may be made by procurement card and it shall be accepted by the contractor for payment if the contractor accepts that card (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) from other customers.

Related to Payment by

Payment Bond is one executed in connection with a contract to assure payment as required by law of all persons supplying labor and material in the execution of the work provided for in the contract.
Payment Ahead means, with respect to a Precomputed Receivable and a Collection Period, any Excess Payment (not representing, when added to any Deferred Prepayment with respect to such Precomputed Receivable, a prepayment in full of such Precomputed Receivable) which the Servicer, in accordance with its customary servicing practices, will apply towards the payment of Scheduled Payments due in one or more future Collection Periods.
Settlement Administration Costs means the expenses incurred in the administration of this Class Settlement Agreement, including all amounts awarded by the Court for costs associated with providing notice to the Rule 23(b)(3) Settlement Class and the Rule 23(b)(2) Settlement Class, locating members of those classes or determining their eligibility to be an Authorized Cash Claimant and/or an Authorized Interchange Claimant, calculating or verifying the amount of the Class Exclusion Takedown Payments or Default Interchange Payments, obtaining information regarding the claims of members of the Rule 23(b)(3) Settlement Class, administering, calculating, and distributing the Net Cash Settlement Fund to Authorized Cash Claimants and the Net Interchange Settlement Fund to Authorized Interchange Claimants, other costs of claims administration, payment of Taxes or administration costs with respect to the Class Settlement Cash Escrow Account(s) and the Class Settlement Interchange Escrow Accounts as provided in Paragraph 7 below, and other reasonable third-party fees and expenses incurred by the Class Administrator in connection with prosecuting, handling, and settling the Class Actions, and administering the terms of this Class Settlement Agreement, that are not categorized as Attorneys’ Fee Awards, Expense Awards, or Class Plaintiffs’ Awards.
Payment Amount has the meaning set forth in Section 6.1.
Settlement Payment means the transfer, or contractual undertaking (including by automated clearing house transaction) to effect a transfer, of cash or other property to effect a Settlement.
Settlement Administration Expenses means the expenses incurred by the Settlement Administrator in or relating to administering the Settlement, providing Notice, mailing checks for Settlement Payments, and other such related expenses, with all such expenses to be paid from the Settlement Fund.
Reimbursement Payment means the payment made to a Participating Operator for the Total Reimbursement due in respect of all Included Services he provides;
Payment Agreement means a written agreement entered into by the City and a Qualified Counterparty, as authorized by any applicable laws of the State, for the purpose of managing or reducing the City’s exposure to fluctuations or levels of interest rates, or for other interest rate, investment, asset or liability management purposes, and which provides for (i) an exchange of payments based on interest rates, ceilings, or floors on such payments; (ii) options on such payments; (iii) any combination of the foregoing; or (iv) any similar device. A Payment Agreement may be entered into on either a current or forward basis. A Payment Agreement must be entered into in connection with (or incidental to) the issuance, incurring, or carrying of particular bonds, notes, bond anticipation notes, commercial paper, or other obligations for borrowed money (which may include leases, installment purchase contracts, or other similar financing agreements or certificates of participation in any of the foregoing).
Debit Payment means a particular transaction where a debit is made.
Payment Business Day means a day on which the Trans-European Automated Real-time Gross Settlement Express Transfer System (TARGET2) and the Clearing System settle payments in the Issue Currency.
Co-payment means a cost sharing requirement under a health insurance policy that provides that the policyholder/insured will bear a specified percentage of the admissible claims amount. A co-payment does not reduce the Sum Insured.
Agreement Payment means a Payment paid or payable pursuant to this Agreement (disregarding this Section);
Administration Fee means the fee payable to the Administrator pursuant to Section 3 of the Administration Agreement.
Event Payments has the meaning set forth in Section 6.1(d).
Down payment means all partial payments, whether made in cash or otherwise, received by or for the benefit of the seller before or substantially contemporaneous with either the execution of the installment sale contract or the delivery of the motor vehicle sold under that contract, whichever occurs later.
Payment means any payment or distribution in the nature of compensation (within the meaning of Section 280G(b)(2) of the Code) to or for the benefit of the Executive, whether paid or payable pursuant to this Agreement or otherwise.
Purchase Payment A payment made toward this Contract.
Repurchase Payment means, with respect to a 2019-B Lease and the related 2019-B Vehicle required to be purchased by the Servicer pursuant to Section 8.02(a) and Section 8.02(b) of the 2019-B Servicing Supplement, the sum of (i) the Securitization Value of the 2019-B Lease as of the end of the Collection Period preceding the Collection Period in which the Servicer granted an extension with respect to such 2019-B Lease or discovers or receives notice of the change in domicile with respect to Section 8.02(a) of the 2019-B Servicing Supplement or discovers a breach of representations or warranties pursuant to Section 8.02(b) of the 2019-B Servicing Supplement and (ii) any delinquent Monthly Payments which have not been paid by the related Lessee by the end of the Collection Period relating to the Deposit Date on which the Repurchase Payment will be made.
Performance includes performance by means of a disc player, tape machine, other devices for playing musical works, and includes performance by means of a radio and/or television set or diffusion loudspeakers, Whether or not the apparatus is owned by the employer or employee(s).
Outcome Payment means the fee payable by the Authority to the Contractor on achievement of an Outcome and which shall be payable in accordance with the requirements of Schedule 2 (Administration Requirements) and Schedule 4 (Prices and Rates).
Payment in lieu of taxes means those estimated tax revenues from real property in a redevelopment project area derived from real property that has been acquired by a municipality which according to the redevelopment project or plan is to be used for a private use which taxing districts would have received had a municipality not acquired the real property and adopted tax increment allocation financing and which would result from levies made after the time of the adoption of tax increment allocation financing to the time the current equalized value of real property in the redevelopment project area exceeds the total initial equalized value of real property in said area.
Next Payment means, in respect of each Next Payment Date, the greater of (i) the amount of any payments due to be made by Party A under Section 2(a) on such Next Payment Date less any payments due to be made by Party B under Section 2(a) on such Next Payment Date (in each case, after giving effect to any applicable netting under Section 2(c)) and (ii) zero.
Compensation Payment means a payment, whether in monetary form or in the form of a benefit or service, by or on behalf of an insurer to a complainant to compensate the complainant for a proven or estimated financial loss incurred as a result of the insurer’s contravention, non-compliance, action, failure to act, or unfair treatment forming the basis of the complaint, where the insurer accepts liability for having caused the loss concerned, but excludes any –
Remittance means a payment by Utility to DWR or its Assign(s) in accordance with the Servicing Arrangement.
Payment Guaranty means, if applicable, that certain Guaranty (Payment) of even date herewith executed by Guarantor to and for the benefit of Lender, as the same may be amended, restated, replaced, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time.
Transfer Payment Made As defined in Section 4.03.