Perfected Security Interest Sample Clauses

Perfected Security Interest. The Company agrees to take such actions as the Custodian may from time to time request in order to insure that the Custodian has a first perfected security interest in the Collateral and that the Custodian has the ability to enforce its security interest. Without limitation upon the foregoing, for such purposes the Company (a) shall promptly deliver to the possession or control of the Custodian or its designee originals of any instruments (including promissory notes) and chattel paper comprised in the Collateral and not already in the possession or under the control of the Custodian and its agents, affiliates and subcustodians, (b) shall promptly obtain termination amendments of Uniform Commercial Code financing statements or terminations or subordinations of security interests or other liens, in form and substance satisfactory to Custodian, where the failure to take such action could result in a competing security in or other lien on any of the Collateral having priority over the security interest of the Custodian in the Collateral, and (c) further authorizes the Custodian to take such action as in the opinion of the Custodian may be necessary or advisable under any foreign law.
Perfected Security Interest. This Agreement creates a valid, first priority security interest in the Collateral, subject only to Permitted Liens (as defined in the Notes), securing payment of the Secured Obligations. Upon the filing of Uniform Commercial Code financing statements in the offices set forth on Schedule 4 hereto and the recordation of this Agreement (or a short form hereof) at the United States Copyright Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office, all security interests which may be perfected by filing shall have been duly perfected. Except for the filing of the Uniform Commercial Code financing statements referred to in the preceding sentence and the delivery of the Instruments referred to in paragraph (g) above, no action is necessary to create, perfect or protect such security interest. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, except for the filing of said financing statements and such recordation and except for customer contracts which may contain limitations on assignment, no consent of any third parties and no authorization, approval or other action by, and no notice to or filing with any Governmental Authority or regulatory body is required for (i) the execution, delivery and performance of this Agreement, (ii) the creation or perfection of the security interest in the Collateral or (iii) the enforcement of the Agent’s rights hereunder.
Perfected Security Interest. On the Delivery Date, after giving effect to the filing of the documents referenced in Section 3.01(l)(ii) and the financing statements referenced in Sections 3.01(m) and (n), the Indenture Trustee shall have received a duly perfected first priority security interest in all of Owner Trustee's right, title and interest in the Aircraft and the Lease, subject only to Permitted Liens.
Perfected Security Interest. This Security Agreement and the grant and transfer of the Collateral hereunder creates a valid and enforceable security interest in the Collateral. Upon filing of the Financing Statements in the locations set forth on Exhibit A hereto, such security interest will be perfected and subject to no prior or equal security interest other than and only to the extent of the Permitted Liens. The execution and filing of the Financing Statements has been duly authorized by all appropriate action on the part of the Borrower (and any other Person named as debtor therein) and the Borrower (and any other Person named as debtor therein) has duly executed the Financing Statements.
Perfected Security Interest. Evidence of Lien searches, through a date satisfactory to the Administrative Agent, showing no Liens affecting the Collateral other than Liens in favor of the Administrative Agent for the ratable benefit of the Lenders in connection herewith;