Performance of the Services Sample Clauses

Performance of the Services. 25.1 The Services will be performed at the Service Point.
Performance of the Services. ACS represents and warrants to Symetra that it has the skills, resources and expertise to provide, and shall provide, all Services in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, ACS represents and warrants to Symetra that all Services and Other Services provided under this Agreement shall be provided in a timely, professional and workmanlike manner consistent with the highest industry standards of quality and integrity provided, however, that where this Agreement specifies a particular standard or criteria for performance, including, without limitation, applicable SLRs, this warranty is not intended to and does not diminish that standard or criteria for performance.
Performance of the Services. Provider shall:
Performance of the Services. (i) For each month during the Term (as defined below), the Consultant commits to dedicate its best efforts to render the Services, provided, that the Consultant shall work as many hours as may be reasonably necessary to timely render the Services pursuant to this Agreement.
Performance of the Services. 6.1. The Supplier shall:
Performance of the Services. 8.1 During the Contract Period the Service Provider shall perform the Services (and any modifications authorised by or under this Contract, in particular clause 9 of this Contract) efficiently, effectively and safely and in a manner totally consistent with the terms of this Contract and to the entire satisfaction of the Supervising Officer.
Performance of the Services. Departure and arrival dates which may be provided by the T.L.O are given for informational purposes only. The Instructing Party shall issue all necessary instructions in due course to the T.L.O. for the performance of transportation, ancillary, and/or of logistical services. The T.L.O. is not required to verify documents (commercial invoice, packing note, etc.) provided by the Instructing Party. Any delivery-specific instruction (payment on delivery, declaration of value or insurance, special interest in delivery, etc.) shall be made in writing in a duplicated order for each shipment, and shall be expressly approved by the T.L.O.