Possess definition

Possess means to have physical possession or otherwise to exercise dominion or control over tangible property.
Possess or "possession" means having control over a thing or substance, but may not be inferred solely from mere access to the thing or substance through ownership or occupation of the premises upon which the thing or substance is found.
Possess means to have on one’s person, in one’s effects, or in an area subject to one’s control.

Examples of Possess in a sentence

Possess a valid Michigan Drivers License and pass a Safe-Driver check.

Possess any open alcoholic beverage container in the passenger area of any motor vehicle which is on the roadway or shoulder of any public highway.

A window should appear as follows:• Before proceeding, please ensure you have completed the following:• Possess an active, non-suspended VATSIM account which is registered under the Asia Region, South East Asia Division and Hong Kong VACC.

Possess a bachelor's degree or other academic degree approved by the board, and meet such re- quirements as to course of study and training as the board may prescribe, consistent with subdivision 4.Subd.

To qualify for licensure an applicant must: (1) Be at least 21 years of age; (2) Possess a suitable character as determined by the Director or the Commission; (3) Possess premises to be used for gaming that are deemed suitable by the Commission and that satisfy all health and safety requirements; and (4) Comply with all specific laws, rules and regulations regulating limited gaming in Colorado.

More Definitions of Possess

Possess. possessing,” or “possession” shall mean that a student has on the student’s person, in the student’s belongings, or under the student’s reasonable control by placement of and knowledge of the whereabouts of, alcohol, a drug, a look-alike substance, a drug-like substance or drug paraphernalia.
Possess means to own, keep, or control a dangerous wild animal, or supervise or provide for the care and feeding of a dangerous wild animal, including any activity relating to confining, handling, breeding, transporting, or exhibiting the dangerous wild animal.
Possess or "Possession" means exercising direct physical control or dominion, with or without ownership, over any kind of property, or archeological, cultural or natural resource.
Possess or "possessed" means having actual or constructive possession of an object with knowledge of its presence. A person has actual possession if such person has the object on his or her person or within easy reach and convenient control. A person has constructive possession if such person has the power and the intention at a given time to exercise dominion or control over the object either directly or through another person or persons. Possession may also be sole or joint. If one person alone has possession of an object, possession is sole. If two or more persons share possession of an object, possession is joint;
Possess means to own, care for, have custody of, or control.
Possess means to have either in or on an employee's person, personal effects, desk, files, or other similar area.
Possess means to own, maintain control over, restrain, hold, grow, raise or keep.