Potential Sample Clauses

Potential. In line with the strategic objectives and vision of Isizinda (to unlock the potential of aluminium and aluminium beneficiated products within South Africa), discussions with key strategic stakeholders in South Africa (such as local and national government and local downstream users of these value-added product lines) to form partnerships will be held to assess future opportunities to reopen these lines and unlock new potential for these aluminium related products in South Africa. These operating lines will bring new opportunities for economic development and reduce South Africa’s reliance on imported finished products. Value-added products (rod, rim and billet) from these operating lines are used in many different sectors within the South African economy on a daily basis. ROD Aluminium wire rod is used pervasively in electrical transmission applications due to its superior conductivity and non-corrosive nature. With the expansion and need for electricity in growing economies such as South Africa and neighbouring countries, the manufacture of wire rod locally will reduce our need for imports and create valuable skilled jobs in the local economy. Every-day products produced from aluminium rod wire, rod and bar include chain-link fence material, aluminium antennas and zippers.
Potential. There is the potential to drill an additional 5 wells on the property. Requires additional geological and engineering review. When initial wells were drilled they produced between 75 and 100 barrels of oil per day. Wells adjacent to this property have produced sizeable increases with new types of treatments and water floods. - Share Exchange Agreement - - Intergold Corporation changing its name to Lexington Resources, Inc. -
Potential. BridgingAccommodation by the Manager. In certain cases, prior to the Subscriber making a Subscription or after the Subscriber makes a Subscription but prior to the release by the Company or North Capital of the proceeds thereof, in both cases in order to accommodate a timely closing by the Company on the Company’s Investment, the Manager may (but is not obligated to) (i) borrow money from an affiliate of RealtyShares (the “Warehouse Affiliate”) that itself may borrow money from a third party lender and (ii) purchase special redeemable interests in the Company (in contrast to the non- redeemable Membership Interests issued to Investors) in each case in order to supply the Company with sufficient capital to make, and to facilitate the timely closing of, the Company’s Investment. In any such case, when the Subscriber’s funds have been received and cleared and the Subscriber’s investment is approved, the Subscriber’s funds will then be utilized by the Company to redeem the Manager’s special redeemable interests (instead of to purchase the Company’s Investment, which the Company will then already hold). The Subscriber understands and acknowledges that in the above-described circumstances the Manager will provide the Company with immediately available funds in return for the redeemable interests in the Company, and that in such circumstances your Membership Interest purchase will be financing the redemption of such redeemable interests. You hereby authorize the Manager to advance such funds and to purchase such redeemable interests in its discretion and authorize North Capital and any applicable escrow agent to transfer your funds (when available) to the Company to finance the redemption of such redeemable interests (in addition to the issuance to you of your Membership Interest).
Potential. We are inspired by the individuals and families we serve, their achievements and potential for wellness and recovery.
Potential. Warner-Lambert shareholders are better off with Pfizer based on all key financial measures. In fact, AHP actually hurts Warner-Lambert's financial performance. Worse still, AHP is the defendant in mass tort litigation which could lead to substantial unexpected liabilities borne by Warner-Lambert shareholders. We will be doing everything we can do to enable you to cut through the Warner-Lambert rhetoric and take advantage of a superior offer from Pfizer. [PFIZER LOGO] * December 2 letter from Warner-Lambert Board of Directors to Warner-Lambert Shareholders.
Potential. Consider the potential for capital appreciation or income or both presented by the Security;
Potential. The potential of the officers shall be assessed on the basis of an interview. The interview committee which will be constituted by the Managing Director will interview all the eligible candidates and prepare a final list of successful candidates.
Potential. SALE Section 15.1

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Impact direct impact on people does not necessarily require direct contact, for example, environmental health, trading standards and similar officers may have a direct impact on people, through the implementation or enforcement of regulations, without necessarily having direct contact with those who benefit.
Contacts 1. Florida Housing’s contract administrator for this Agreement is: Contract Administrator Florida Housing Finance Corporation 227 North Bronough St., Suite 5000 Tallahassee, Florida 32301-1329 Phone: 850.488.4197 E-mail: Contract.Admin@floridahousing.org
Clients in this context, clients are people who are dependent upon the caring skills and services of the local authority, for example, the elderly, mentally infirm, those with mental or physical impairments. Clients in this context also include those whose needs are identified and catered for in settings such as schools and nurseries, that is, young children and school pupils dependent on the organisation for their educational and developmental welfare. Clients exclude internal authority customers (as in client departments) or external customers (for example, members of the public with planning applications), because neither are dependent on the local authority for their care and welfare. The exceptional needs of clients refer to those which are exceptionally demanding, not to those which are out of the ordinary.
Relationships Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be deemed to constitute either party a partner, joint venture or employee of the other party for any purpose.
Outcomes The Committee’s recommendation must be approved by the Principal. The Principal shall advise the candidate in writing of the outcome of the advancement process by December 31st, or before if possible for those under consideration for advancement in the Fall Session, and April 30 for those under consideration for advancement in the Spring Session. If a candidate’s application is successful, he/she will have status as a Sessional Lecturer II in the following academic session. In advising candidates who are not successful, the Principal shall set out the reasons for which this decision was made. A candidate who is advanced to the rank of Sessional Lecturer II shall assume that rank for purposes of consideration for vacancies in the following academic session after the date of the Principal’s letter. A candidate who is not advanced to the rank of Sessional Lecturer II may be eligible for re- evaluation after a further two (2) years of employment and a minimum of four (4) further half courses or the equivalent.
Strategies MAEM’s strategies with respect to all Offers, Third Party Contracts and all Scheduling activities shall be consistent with: