Practical definition

Practical means reasonable and capable of being accomplished, as provided by WAC 197-11-660.
Practical means that complying with a specific requirement does not cause undue economic hardship and that special conditions do not exist which are beyond the control of the applicant and would prevent compliance.

Examples of Practical in a sentence

OEPA QLs may be expressed as Practical Quantification Levels (PQL) or Minimum Levels (ML).

Controlling the False Discovery Rate: A Practical and Powerful Approach to Multiple Testing.

Practical training shall mean the time it takes to perform a practical operation.

Practical measures (both physical measures and sensitive working practices) to avoid or reduce impacts during construction (may be provided as a set of method statements).

How to prove yourself: Practical solutions to identification and signature problems.

More Definitions of Practical

Practical means the market and operational issues that will create variable time lags before the Bank can respond after a Trigger Time and that will mean that other dealersin the foreign exchange market may experience a different Trigger Time and may have been able to settle similar orders at a rate other than the Next Available Rate. Examples of such issues are dealing in less liquid currencies, lack of a perfect market, the volume of purchase and sales at a rate other than the Next Available Rate, operating in different time zones, market volatility, the time taken (even by automated systems) to make decisions and matters that are beyond theBank’s reasonable control (including but not limited to system outages); (f ) “Prevailing FX Rate” shall mean the foreign exchange rate quoted by the Bank from time to time for your Currency Exchange Order Contract; (g) “Stop Loss Order” shall mean the Currency Exchange Order Contract whereby the Stop Loss Rate specified by you at the time of entry into of the Currency Exchange Order Contract is “worse” (gives a lower Exchange Currency equivalent) than the Prevailing FX Rate, and where the Bank will complete a foreign exchange conversion transaction for you at the NextAvailable Rate if the Prevailing FX Rate reaches or exceeds the Stop Loss Rate before the Expiry Date; (h) “Stop-Loss Rate” shall mean the conversion rate between the currency of the Investment Amount and the Exchange Currency in a Stop-Loss Order;
Practical means the product or service is of comparable quality, can perform the intended function at least as well as a conventional product or service, and is available at a price that reasonably approximates the cost of a conventional product or service within a reasonable time frame.
Practical generally means at least verbal notice to the Benefits Office within one or two business days of learning of the need to take leave).
Practical means classes that require students (generally in smaller groups compared to lecture) to perform certain functions that help them to test and understand what is being taught in the lecture or otherwise.
Practical means a class for practical application or demonstration of content of theoretical inputs.