Price Lists Sample Clauses

Price Lists. Seller has delivered to Buyer true and complete lists of current standard prices (the "Price Lists") charged for advertisements by new advertisers in the Directories, as well as the date and amount of the last price increase for the Directories. Section 2.24 of the Disclosure Schedule sets forth a true and complete list of the Company's standard pricing and discount plans with respect to the business (excluding directory specific and temporary discount programs).
Price Lists. 6.1.1. The State may publish any pricing information under this Contract, including, without limitation the pricing shown on Exhibit C, Products and Pricing, on the State’s website and any other website as the State determines is necessary or efficient to facilitate the use of this Contract by Purchasing Entities.
Price Lists. We will use written notice to provide you with price lists for the licensed software. Price lists include reference sales prices for licensed software in U.S. dollars (or CAD or other local currency that we specify based on customer location) and licensed software discounts. You do not have discretion to set your own customer prices unless otherwise agreed upon. Customer prices will be fixed by BSSI and you have the right to negotiate customer pricing with BSSI and to negotiate and establish payment terms and conditions with your customers. The negotiation of those terms between you and your customers will not be subject to our review or approval in any way.
Price Lists. 25.01 All piece-work price lists shall be posted conspicuously and within easy access to the employees in the factory. Copies of all settled piece-work prices or adjusted time-work rates shall be furnished by the Employer to the Union at the beginning of each season. On furnishing such price lists, these, on confirmation by the Union, shall remain the settled prices.
Price Lists. Netscape and ISOCOR shall make available to each other each party's published price list simultaneously with such price list's availability to each party's business customers.
Price Lists. Provide to BNB FTC and BNB the list of prices and any amendments thereto for the sale of the Lots and of any other part of the Development that may be for sale by the Borrower.
Price Lists. CURRENT PRICE LISTS SHALL BE MADE AVAILABLE BY THE COMPANY TO THE BROKER AT ALL TIMES. BY: GUY QUIGLEY BY: /S/ RUSSELL MITCHELL ---------------------------- -------------------- The Quigley Corporation Russell Mitchell Date 6/6/95 Date 6/20/95 -------------------------- ----------------- Witness /S/ CHARLES PHILLIPS Witness /S/ LYNN MITCHELL -------------------- -----------------
Price Lists. Within ten (10) days following the Effective Date of this Agreement, each party agrees to provide its Price List to the other party. Each party is free to set prices in their sole discretion. Within ten (10) days of making any changes to the Price List ("Updated Price List"), each party shall make available to the other party such Updated Price List. Numerical Technologies, Inc. - Seiko Instruments, Inc. 21
Price Lists. Price lists shall be provided in accordance with the terms of the Master Contract and this section. Price list changes must be submitted to the Primary Designated Contact listed above only after those changes have been approved by the State of Oklahoma. Changes to the Master Contract price list will not become effective for purposes of this Piggyback Contract until they are approved, in whole or in part, by OGS and posted on the OGS website.