Print Sample Clauses

Print. The printed forms used internally and externally for documentation and processing Participant, or their agent's, inquiries and requests; paper and envelope supplies for letters, notices, and other written communications sent to Administrators and Participants, or their agents, which includes charges from T. Rowe Price Investment Technology, Inc. for internally printed forms and written communications to existing Participants with investments in the Funds or their Administrator.
Print. Print the attached license agreement form.
Print. Sponsor shall receive:
Print. PHBD, in consultation with the City, will update its educational material to reflect information about the state law and the City’s related Municipal Code as well as to include information on how to comply locally. In 2012, the PHBD will send out letters to inform covered entities of the change and the various options available to businesses: site visits/waste audits, requests for bins/dumpsters/containers, and the June 21st public workshop. Each year thereafter, PHBD will educate businesses, public entities, and multi‐family complexes about the state law, the City’s Municipal Code, and how to comply locally. This yearly outreach effort will be in one of the following forms: newsletter, bill insert, letter, e‐mail message, or something similar approved by the City.
Print. It is safe to reinstall Easy Grade Pro without losing any data as long as your gradebook is not named Demo Gradebook or Demo.
Print. Images sent to us for print should follow the same basic rules above. They should be saved as CMYK .tif format. Image names should be SETA ITEM NUMBER.tif and SETA ITEM NUMBER_v2.tif...etc... • Resolution minimum 120 pixels/cm or 240 pixels/cm. • Images should contain a path around all jewelry named as “Path 1”. • Jewelry should be shot on white backgrounds with a black-only shadow. • Images should be shot with a ruler close to the item so they can be sized proportionate to all other images in the catalog.