Proceeds of the Loan Sample Clauses

Proceeds of the Loan. The proceeds of the Loan shall be used by the Borrower only for the purposes described in the preamble hereto.
Proceeds of the Loan. The Loan is subject to the provisions hereinafter set forth and shall mature on the Maturity Date. Borrower acknowledges that the net proceeds of the Loan to be received from Lender is in accordance with a loan settlement statement executed at closing by Lender and Borrower (the “Closing Statement”).
Proceeds of the Loan. The proceeds of the Loan shall be disbursed -------------------- solely for the purpose of refinancing existing indebtedness of the Borrower secured by the Equipment.
Proceeds of the Loan. The Borrower shall use the proceeds of the Loan solely:
Proceeds of the Loan. On the Closing Date, the proceeds of the Loan shall be applied by Borrower, either directly or by making a capital contribution to Opco to (i) finance the consideration payable on the Closing Date in connection with the ACN Acquisition, (ii) fund the payment of the conversion price to dissenting stockholders of Borrower in connection with the approval of the ACN Acquisition and (iii) pay Transaction Costs.
Proceeds of the Loan. The proceeds of the Loan shall be disbursed in the form of Advances (hereinafter defined) for Borrower's costs and expenses of the development of the Land and the construction thereon of all buildings and improvements (the "Improvements"), in accordance with (i) the original budget (the "Approved Budget") submitted by Borrower to Lender, attached hereto as Exhibit C and incorporated herein by reference for all purposes, which Approved Budget specifies the cost by item of (a) all labor, materials and services necessary for the development and construction of the Improvements, and (b) all other expenses anticipated by Borrower incident to the Loan, the Mortgaged Properties and the construction of the Improvements, and (ii) the Plans (hereinafter defined). In the event that the actual costs incurred by Borrower with respect to any item in the Approved Budget are less than the amount allocated therefor, then Borrower shall be entitled to reallocate any amounts it has saved to any other item set forth in the Approved Budget.
Proceeds of the Loan. The Loan shall have been made by the Lenders to the Borrower pursuant to the Loan Agreement in a principal amount equal to the aggregate of the Lenders' Commitments. 2.2 Proceeds of the Equity Investment. The Investor Participant shall have made the Equity Investment in the Owner Trust. 2.3 No change in Applicable Law. (a) Since the date of this Agreement and through the Delivery Date, no change shall have occurred in Applicable Law which, in the opinion of any of the Agent, the Lenders, the Collateral Trustee, the Arrangers, the Swap Counterparty, the Investor Participant, the Owners or the Parent, would make it illegal for any Participant to perform their respective obligations in accordance with the terms of any Operative Document on the Delivery Date, and (b) on the Delivery Date, no statute, rule or regulation (including, without limitation, any statute, rule or regulation relating to taxation) of any governmental body shall be pending or shall have come into effect which is likely to have a material and adverse effect on the transactions contemplated hereby. 2.4