Processes Sample Clauses

Processes. (i) All full-time Faculty Members, together with the Dean as non-voting Chair, will meet within a week following January 15th to identify the individual(s) and make a recommendation based on the following criteria before January 31. In the case where the group cannot come to a two-thirds majority decision, it will so report to the President and the President, in consultation with the Dean, will make the decision before February 15th.
Processes. The procedures utilizing the Know-How for the manufacture of Products as developed and specified by the Company, together with any improvements of and modifications to the same as it relates to the manufacturing of Products, together with future technology, knowledge and product development which is useful in the manufacture of Products.
Processes. .1 All hard surface cleaners, including glass cleaners, shall be applied onto a microfibre cloth, never sprayed directly to the surface or object.
Processes. The Chordiant Product Test process, including the operation of the EDC Product Test Team will be defined (based on the process defined in Exhibit 2.3), agreed and documented by April 14th. This will include training materials for use in the staff training sessions.