Processing Sample Clauses

Processing. (a) The filing or pendency of any grievance or arbitration proceedings under this Article shall not operate to impede, preclude, or delay the University from taking the action complained of. Reasonable efforts, including the shortening of time limits when practical, shall be made to conclude the processing of a grievance prior to the expiration of the grievant's employment, whether by termination or failure to reappoint. An employee with a pending grievance will not continue to be compensated beyond the last date of employment.
Processing. Assignor may, or may by contract cause a Third Person to, dehydrate, separate, treat, compress or otherwise process Assignor’s Net Share of Minerals (including Assignee Minerals) and may commit any of the Subject Interests (including the Royalty Interest attributable thereto) to an agreement for processing Minerals (pursuant to which, for example, the plant owner or operator receives a portion of the Subject Minerals or plant products therefrom or proceeds of the sale thereof as a fee for processing), so long as (a) Assignor enters into such processing arrangements in good faith and in accordance with the Reasonably Prudent Operator Standard and (b) any such processing arrangements entered into with Affiliates of Assignor contain rates and charges that are comparable to the prevailing charges for similar services in the applicable area. Assignee shall be bound by such arrangements and shall permit Assignor’s Net Share of Minerals (including Assignee Minerals) to be processed by Assignor or its contractor. Assignee shall not, however, be personally liable for any costs or risks associated with such processing operations, but Assignee shall indirectly suffer the energy content reduction and volume reductions associated with processing through corresponding reductions in the content and volumes of Assignee Minerals.
Processing. Bank will handle Checks received at the Lockbox Address according to the applicable deposit account agreement, as if the Checks were delivered by Company to Bank for deposit to the Account, except as modified by these Terms and Conditions. Bank will open the envelopes picked up from the Lockbox Address and remove the contents. For the Lockbox Address, Checks and other documents contained in the envelopes will be inspected and handled in the manner specified in the Company’s set-up documents. Bank captures and reports information related to the lockbox processing, where available, if Company has specified this option in the set-up documents. Bank will endorse all Checks Bank processes on Company’s behalf. If Bank processes an unsigned check as instructed in the set-up documents, and the check is paid, but the account owner does not authorize payment, Company agrees to indemnify Bank, the drawee bank (which may include Bank) and any intervening collecting bank for any liability or expense incurred by such indemnitee due to the payment and collection of the check. If Company instructs Bank not to process a check bearing a handwritten or typed notation “Payment in Full” or words of similar import on the face of the check, Company understands that Bank has adopted procedures designed to detect Checks bearing such notations; however, Bank will not be liable to Company or any other party for losses suffered if Bank fails to detect Checks bearing such notations. RETURNED CHECK Unless Company and Bank agree to another processing procedure, Bank will reclear a Check once which has been returned and markedRefer to Maker,” “Not Sufficient Funds” or “Uncollected Funds.” If the Check is returned for any other reason or if the Check is returned a second time, Bank will debit the Account and return the Check to Company. Company agrees that Bank will not send a returned item notice to Company for a returned Check unless Company and Bank have agreed otherwise.
Processing. All preparation and investigation of grievances shall be held when the grievant and Union representative are on non-work time. The designated Union representative and the grievant may attend grievance, and problem solving, per Article 31, Section 1H, meetings with the University administrative designee(s) during working hours without loss of pay.
Processing. The Union and the College agree that in-person meetings are preferred as part of the grievance process and will make efforts to schedule in-person meetings, if possible.
Processing. The Company has, to knowledge of the Company, valid and subsisting contractual rights to Process or to have Processed all Company-Licensed Data howsoever obtained or collected by or for the Company in the manner that it is Processed by or for the Company. Except as disclosed on Schedule 3.12(p)(iii) of the Disclosure Schedule, the Company has all rights, and all permissions, licenses or authorization required under applicable Laws (including Privacy Laws), and relevant Contracts (including Company Data Agreements), to retain, produce copies, prepare derivative works, disclose, combine with other data, and grant third parties rights, as applicable to each of the Company-Licensed Data as necessary for the operation of the Business as presently conducted, except as would not cause a material and adverse effect on the Company. The Company has been and is in material compliance with all Contracts pursuant to which the Company Processes or has Processed Company-Licensed Data and the consummation of the Transactions will not conflict with, or result in any violation or breach of, or default under, any such Contract. To the knowledge of the Company, since January 1, 2018 any third party who has provided Personal Data to the Company has done so in compliance with applicable Privacy Laws, including providing any notice and obtaining any consent required under such applicable Privacy Laws.
Processing. Processing of glass and any other materials when used in place of same, including but not limited to: Glass cleaning in the shop, mirror cleaning and stripping, beveling, silvering, scratch polishing, sandblasting, flat glass where cutting, miter cutting, engraving, hole drilling and machine operations including belt, automatic and all machines used in processing of glass.