Procurement Process Sample Clauses

Procurement Process. Describe the procurement process utilized by the Applicant to secure bids or proposals and a demonstration that the bid or proposal selected is lawful and reasonable: The EAA followed the standard EAA procurement process. The EAA Staff advertises Request for Proposals (RFP’s) in the major newspapers in Uvalde, Hondo, San Antonio, New Braunfels, and San Marcos. In addition, RFP’s are distributed to vendors that had requested to be on an RFP vendor distribution list, or are vendors known to be capable of performing the service. The RFP vendor distribution list includes M/WBE’s. After the last RFP advertisement is published, a pre- proposal meeting is held. The proposals are usually due one week later. Submitted, complete R FP’s are independently graded by EAA Staff as to how well each proposal addresses the project and scope of the RFP’s without cost consideration. The graded RFP’s, with costs attached are then evaluated by EAA Staff to select contractors for each project. Contracts are reviewed by EAA Staff, legal counsel and approved by the EAA Board of Directors prior to the General Manager executing the contract. Pages 4, 5 and part of 6 lists the EACHP Mitigation Measure, Procurement Process and Selected Contractor for 2016. Additional page(s) attached. EAHCP Mitigation Measure Description Procurement Process Contractor
Procurement Process. In addition to providing strategic energy planning, supply sourcing, and supply management, the Team's procurement process encompasses additional activities to help ensure the success of the procurement. The Team's process typically involves an online, real-time reverse energy auction. The services have been organized into three categories: Pre-Auction Tasks, Auction Tasks, and Post-Auction Tasks (see Figure 18). (FLOW CHART) FIGURE 18: THE TEAM'S COMPREHENSIVE PROCUREMENT PROCESS WORLD ENERGY SOLUTIONS PROPRIETARY INFORMATION WORLD ENERGY SOLUTIONS
Procurement Process. (a) The Chiller Owner accedes that the conduct of competitive bidding acceptable to the World Bank shall be a pre-condition to participation in the Project.
Procurement Process. WCCCA procurement rules shall be used for their designated deliverables as preapproved by the City. For goods and services procured by WCCCA, any orders exceeding $50,000 will need City Council review and approval before order (a process that takes up to 4 weeks). The receipt of goods and services will be logged in a mutually agreeable tracking/accounting system. This will act as verification that services have been received prior to payment. Payment for goods and services will not be made until receipt can be confirmed. Once confirmed, the invoice will be routed through the approval process and paid accordingly. WCCCA will promptly notify the City of any disputes with contractors or subcontractors.
Procurement Process. [The Agreement is intended to be a contract for “energyand/or “energy related services” within the meaning of G.L. c. 30B, §1(b)(33) and therefore this Agreement is exempt from the competitive procurement procedures set forth in G.L. c. 30B. It shall be the Compact’s obligation to comply with submission and reporting requirements of G.L.
Procurement Process. Describe the procurement process utilized by the Applicant to secure bids or proposals and a demonstration that the bid or proposal selected is lawful and reasonable: The City of San Marcos will utilize many of the same contractors used in previous years for EAHCP-related work and will extend their existing contracts into 2019 to complete activities identified in the 2019 EAHCP COSM Work Plan. Additional contractors will be selected based on The City of San Marcos’ procurement policies. The City of San Marcos “Purchasing Policy and Procedures” will be followed as stated in the 2012 EAHCP Funding and Management Agreement. The City of San Marcos City Council does not need to approve the contract extensions for the 2019 EAHCP work plan/projects. Contract amounts will not exceed 2019 EAHCP Funding Application amounts listed in Table 1 above. Additional page(s) attached.
Procurement Process. As part of the Core Obligations, upon THC’s request or as required in Section 3.09 and Section 3.11, PSC shall assist THC in procuring additional equipment and additional third party software (including Additional Software Licenses and Additional Equipment), on Tenet’s account, at THC’s expense, either in Tenet’s or in PSC’s name, as THC shall determine, and on such terms and conditions as THC may approve. Additionally, specific procedures for procuring such additional equipment and third party software (including Additional Software Licenses and Additional Equipment) shall be set forth in the Management Procedures Manual (“Procurement Procedures”).
Procurement Process. (a) Supplier shall use all Commercially Reasonable Efforts to obtain the best price available for HSC Equipment, including by leveraging Supplier enterprise and alliance agreements and obtaining bids from multiple suppliers for orders of multiple items.
Procurement Process. 9.1 The value of the let contract is likely to be around £52-53m, once M&A costs of 8-10% have been accounted for and deducted from ESF (M&A cannot be deducted from DWP funds).