Product Defect Sample Clauses

Product Defect. Supplier will notify Philips should a defect in any of the OEM Products be found which it believes is likely to be associated with an Epidemic Failure as set forth in Section 10.5 or cause a Safety Standard Change as set forth in Section 7.5.
Product Defect. Any defect (whether of a design or manufacturing origin) in the Product supplied to Faulding pursuant to this European Agreement, including failure to meet the Specification except to the extent that any defect or failure is the result of any action or inaction by NaPro at Faulding's direction evidenced in writing.
Product Defect. Epilogue Systems defines a product defect as a technical aspect or functionality of a product that does not execute and deliver results as documented in the supplied product documentation. Unexpected behavior that can be isolated to a user’s specific configuration or environment does not constitute a product defect. Epilogue Systems Technical Support may provide troubleshooting suggestions for unexpected behavior in these cases; however Epilogue Systems is not responsible for the resolution of any such behavior. An issue is recognized as a product defect only after it has been reproduced in steps provided by the customer and has been confirmed by an Epilogue Systems Support consultant.
Product Defect. The manufacture by Faulding of any product containing the Product other than by reason of a defect in the Product where such defect is the fault of NaPro.
Product Defect. Any defect (whether of a design or manufacturing origin) in the Formulated Product manufactured by Faulding, other than by reason of a defect in the Product where such defect is the fault of NaPro.
Product Defect. Provider is solely responsible for any non-conformity or defect in the Add- Ons. Provider shall promptly notify NI of any material defects or non-conformities it discovers in the Add-Ons. Provider shall ensure that the sale, use, and delivery of the Add-Ons do not violate any applicable law, regulation or other legal mandate.
Product Defect. A Licensee Customer or Licensee encounters a problem that is determined to be a Product Defect in the TANTAU Licensed Products.
Product Defect. Product Defects are to errors due to unexpected behavior within the Accela Platform source code. A Product Defect cannot be resolved through configuration changes and requires a new product release or hotfix/patch.

Related to Product Defect

Latent Defects Notwithstanding anything to the contrary set forth herein, no acceptance, or deemed acceptance, by City pursuant to this Section shall be applicable with respect to any Latent Defects discovered within twelve (12) months after the applicable certificate of occupancy. An acceptance, or deemed acceptance, by City pursuant to this Section shall not mean that City has accepted, or the other party has been relieved of, responsibility for: (i) compliance with the Laws; (ii) the proper application of construction means or methods; or (iii) correcting any portion of the Project if it later is determined within twelve (12) months after a building’s certificate of occupancy that any portion of the Project is materially inconsistent with the Final Documents and Drawings.
Defective Product If Client rejects Products under Section 6.1 and the deviation is determined to have arisen from Patheon’s failure to provide the Manufacturing Services in accordance with the Specifications, cGMPs, or Applicable Laws, Patheon will credit Client’s account for Patheon’s invoice price for the defective Products. If Client previously paid for the defective Products, Patheon will promptly, at Client’s election, either: (i) refund the invoice price for the defective Products; (ii) offset the amount paid against other amounts due to Patheon hereunder; or (iii) replace the Products with conforming Products, without Client being liable for payment therefor under Section 3.1, contingent upon the receipt from Client of all Active Materials and Client-Supplied Components required for the manufacture of the replacement Products. If the defective Products were manufactured using Client-Supplied Components, then Patheon will, as determined by Client, (i) refund the value of these Client-Supplied Components to Client or (ii) offset the amount paid against other amounts due to Patheon hereunder. For greater certainty, Patheon’s responsibility for any loss of Active Materials in defective Product will be captured and calculated in the Active Materials Yield under Section 2.2 and Client will receive a Shortfall Credit in connection therewith.
PRODUCT DELIVERY Delivery must be made as ordered to the address specified on the Purchase Order and in accordance with the terms of the Contract. Delivery shall be made within thirty calendar days after receipt of a Purchase Order by the Contractor, unless otherwise agreed to by the Authorized User and the Contractor. The decision of the Commissioner as to compliance with delivery terms shall be final. The burden of proof for delay in receipt of a Purchase Order shall rest with the Contractor. In all instances of a potential or actual delay in delivery, the Contractor shall immediately notify the Commissioner and the Authorized User, and confirm in writing the explanation of the delay, and take appropriate action to avoid any subsequent late deliveries. Any extension of time for delivery must be requested in writing by the Contractor and approved in writing by the Authorized User. Failure to meet such delivery time schedule may be grounds for cancellation of the order or, in the Commissioner’s discretion, the Contract.
Product Recalls In the event that any Regulatory Authority issues or requests a recall or takes similar action in connection with a Co-Promoted Product, or in the event a Party reasonably believes that an event, incident or circumstance has occurred that may result in the need for a recall, market withdrawal or other corrective action regarding a Co-Promoted Product, such Party shall promptly advise the other Party thereof by telephone or facsimile. Following such notification, Abbott shall decide and have control of whether to conduct a recall or market withdrawal (except in the event of a recall or market withdrawal mandated by a Regulatory Authority, in which case it shall be required) or to take other corrective action in any country and the manner in which any such recall, market withdrawal or corrective action shall be conducted, subject to the oversight of the JDCC and provided that Abbott shall keep Enanta regularly informed regarding such recall, market withdrawal or corrective action. In the event of a dispute about whether to recall a Co-Promoted Product or to conduct a market withdrawal or take other corrective action, the final decision on such matter shall be made by Abbott. In the event that Enanta disagrees with any such decision for reasons related to safety of a Co-Promoted Product, Enanta may elect to terminate its Co-Promotion of such Co-Promoted Product immediately by written notice to Abbott. Abbott shall bear all expenses of any such recall, market withdrawal or corrective action (including, without limitation, expenses for notification, destruction and return of the affected Co-Promoted Product and any refund to customers of amounts paid for such Co-Promoted Product).
SHOP DRAWINGS, PRODUCT DATA AND SAMPLES 4.12.1 Shop Drawings are drawings, diagrams, schedules and other, data specially prepared for the Work by the Contractor or any Subcontractor, manufacturer, supplier or distributor to illustrate some portion of the Work.
Product Testing Upon request, Customer shall provide Operator a laboratory report for each Product delivery by Customer or Customer’s supplier. Operator will not be obligated to receive Contaminated Product for throughput across the Berths, nor will Operator be obligated to accept Product that fails to meet the quality specifications set forth in the arrival notice.
Purchase Order Pricing/Product Deviation If a deviation of pricing/product on a Purchase Order or contract modification occurs between the Vendor and the TIPS Member, TIPS must be notified within five (5) business days of receipt of change order. Termination for Convenience of TIPS Agreement Only TIPS reserves the right to terminate this agreement for cause or no cause for convenience with a thirty (30) days prior written notice. Termination for convenience is conditionally required under Federal Regulations 2 CFR part 200 if the customer is using federal funds for the procurement. All purchase orders presented to the Vendor, but not fulfilled by the Vendor, by a TIPS Member prior to the actual termination of this agreement shall be honored at the option of the TIPS Member. The awarded Vendor may terminate the agreement with ninety (90) days prior written notice to TIPS 4845 US Hwy North, Pittsburg, Texas 75686. The vendor will be paid for goods and services delivered prior to the termination provided that the goods and services were delivered in accordance with the terms and conditions of the terminated agreement. This termination clause does not affect the sales agreements executed by the Vendor and the TIPS Member customer pursuant to this agreement. TIPS Members may negotiate a termination for convenience clause that meets the needs of the transaction based on applicable factors, such as funding sources or other needs. TIPS Member Purchasing Procedures Usually, purchase orders or their equal are issued by participating TIPS Member to the awarded vendor and should indicate on the order that the purchase is per the applicable TIPS Agreement Number. Orders are typically emailed to TIPS at • Awarded Vendor delivers goods/services directly to the participating member. • Awarded Vendor invoices the participating TIPS Member directly. • Awarded Vendor receives payment directly from the participating member. • Fees are due to TIPS upon payment by the Member to the Vendor. Vendor agrees to pay the participation fee to TIPS for all Agreement sales upon receipt of payment including partial payment, from the Member Entity or as otherwise agreed by TIPS in writing and signed by an authorized signatory of TIPS.
Product Recall If any Governmental Entity issues a recall or takes similar action in connection with the Products, or if MEC determines that an event, incident or circumstance has occurred which may require a recall or market withdrawal, MEC shall advise Distributor of the circumstances by telephone or facsimile. MEC shall have the right to control the arrangement of any Product recall, and Distributor shall cooperate in the event of a Product recall with respect to the reshipment, storage or disposal of recalled Products, the preparation and maintenance of relevant records and reports, and notification to any recipients or end users. MEC shall pay all reasonable expenses incurred by Distributor of such a recall, including the costs of destroying Products. Distributor, shall promptly refer to MEC for exclusive response to all customer or consumer complaints involving the health, safety, quality, composition or packaging of the Products, or which in any way could be detrimental to the image or reputation of MEC or the Products, and shall notify MEC of any governmental, customer or consumer inquiries regarding the Products about which Distributor becomes aware.
Defective Products Dead on Arrival (DOA). Tech Data shall have the right to --------------------------------------- return to NetIQ for Return Credit any DOA Product that is returned to Tech Data within ninety (90) days after the initial delivery date to the End User and any Product that fails to perform in accordance with NetIQ's Product warranty. NetIQ shall bear all costs of shipping and risk of loss of DOA and in-warranty Products to NetIQ's location and back to Tech Data or Tech Data's Customer.
Product Labeling SPC shall affix a warning to the packaging, labeling, or directly on each Product and Additional Product provided for sale in retail outlets in California that states: WARNING: This product can expose you to lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to