Professional Services Sample Clauses

Professional Services. Bodily injury" or "property damage" arising out of the rendering of or failure to render profes- sional services;
Professional Services. If Customer has a legitimate reason under Data Protection Law that relates to the Subprocessorsprocessing of Personal Data, Customer may object to SAP’s use of a Subprocessor, by notifying SAP in writing within five business days of SAP’s information as per Section 6.2. If Customer objects to the use of the Subprocessor, the parties will come together in good faith to discuss a resolution. SAP may choose to: (i) not use the Subprocessor or (ii) take the corrective steps requested by Customer in its objection and use the Subprocessor. If none of these options are reasonably possible and Customer continues to object for a legitimate reason, either party may terminate the relevant services on five dayswritten notice. If Customer does not object within five days of receipt of the notice, Customer is deemed to have accepted the Subprocessor. If Customer’s objection remains unresolved thirty days after it was raised, and SAP has not received any notice of termination, Customer is deemed to have accepted the Subprocessor.
Professional Services. Publisher may subcontract all or part of the Services to be performed, to a qualified third party only with the explicit written acceptance of the Licensor. Any subcontracting of services must be noted on the Order Form and acknowledged in the customer’s delivery order.
Professional Services. The Administrator shall pay the fees and expenses of the Fund incurred in connection with ordinary professional services, but only up to the limits set forth below. In the event that the fees and expenses for such services are greater than the limits set forth below, the Advisor shall pay the amounts above such limit unless the expense has been specifically assumed by the Fund per the instructions of the Trust’s Board of Trustees.
Professional Services. Any professional services relevant to the Service, such as consulting or development services that require any deliverables from Apple are subject to fees and a separate agreement between Apple and Institution.
Professional Services. The New PC shall use and occupy the Orthodontic Offices designated on Schedule 2 hereof exclusively for the practice and rendering of orthodontic services, and shall comply with all applicable Laws and all standards of orthodontic care. It is expressly acknowledged by the parties that the orthodontic practice conducted at the Orthodontic Offices shall be conducted solely by Dr. Feldman and the Orthodontists and the other Practice Providers acting under the supervision and control of Dr. Feldman and the Orthodontists (if any), and no other orthodontist shall be permitted to use or occupy the Orthodontic Offices. The New PC shall provide professional services to patients hereunder in compliance at all times with ethical standards and Laws applying to the orthodontic profession. The New PC shall ensure that Dr. Feldman and each Orthodontist who provides orthodontic services to patients is licensed by the State. In the event that any disciplinary, medical malpractice or other actions are initiated against Dr. Feldman or any Orthodontist or other Practice Provider, the New PC shall immediately inform the MSO of such action and the underlying facts and circumstances subject to such confidentiality agreement or arrangements as the New PC and the MSO shall mutually determine at or prior to the time of such disclosure. The New PC agrees to cooperate with and participate in quality assurance/utilization review programs established by the MSO or mandated by accreditation and licensure standards applicable to the practice of orthodontics. Deficiencies discovered in the performance of any personnel or in the quality of professional services shall be reported immediately to the MSO, and appropriate steps shall be taken by the New PC at once to remedy such deficiencies.
Professional Services. Promptly upon the Agent's request to satisfy itself or the request of any Lender, the Borrower, at the Borrower's sole cost and expense, shall: (a) allow an inspection and/or appraisal of the Obligors' Property to be made by a Person approved by the Agent in its sole discretion; and (b) whenever the Agent or such other Lender has reasonable cause to believe that a potential Default may exist, cause to be conducted or prepared any other written report, summary, opinion, inspection, review, survey, audit or other professional service relating to the Obligors' Property or any operations in connection with it (all as designated in the Agent's request), including, without limitation, any accounting, architectural, consulting, engineering, design, legal, management, pest control, surveying, title abstracting or other technical, managerial or professional service relating to such property or its operations.
Professional Services. 7.1. If you purchase Professional Services, they shall be provided as described in any applicable attachment (such as a statement of work) or URL referenced in your Order Form and must be used within one (1) year of the annual Term in which they were purchased. We will assign employees and subcontractors with qualifications suitable for the Professional Services. We may replace employees and subcontractors in our sole discretion with other suitably qualified employees or subcontractors.