Profits Sample Clauses

Profits. It is not permitted for any person or entity to earn a Profit from an Award. See, e.g., 2 CFR 200.400(g); see also 30 ILCS 708/60(a)(7).
Profits. If Tenant shall enter into any assignment or sublease permitted hereunder or consented to by Landlord, Tenant shall, within sixty (60) days of Landlord’s consent to such assignment or sublease, deliver to Landlord a complete list of Tenant’s reasonable third-party brokerage fees, construction costs and allowances, legal fees and architectural fees incurred directly in connection with such assignment or sublease transaction, together with a list of all of Tenant’s Property to be transferred to such assignee or sublessee. Tenant shall deliver to Landlord evidence of the payment of such fees, costs and allowances promptly after the same are paid. In consideration of such assignment or subletting, Tenant shall pay to Landlord:
Profits. After giving effect to the special allocations set forth in Section 5.3 and Section 5.4, and any allocation of Profits set forth in Section 5.2(b), Profits for any Allocation Year shall be allocated among the Partners in proportion to their respective Percentage Interests.
Profits. The Recipient and Subrecipient may earn or keep the profits it may derive as a result of an Award, but the Recipient agrees that any such profits must be used in a manner consistent with the provisions of this Master Agreement or applicable federal guidance.