Property Used Sample Clauses

Property Used. Applicant shall be entitled to use the following-described City property at the times and on the dates set forth below: Property: (“Property”) Hours of Use: a.m./p.m. – a.m./p.m. Days of Use: from through Estimated Group Size:
Property Used. In producing and carrying on the businesses of the Newspapers under this Agreement, the LLC shall print such Newspapers and conduct all operations under this Agreement, except the operations of the news and editorial departments of the two Newspapers, with the LLC's equipment and from the LLC's plant or plants, or from the plant or plants of independent contractors selected by the LLC. The LLC may also utilize the Licenses granted to it to the extent necessary to carry on the activities of the LLC pursuant to this Agreement.
Property Used. Except as set forth on Schedule 4.17(a), the Transferred Assets and the New Lease Agreement constitute all of the assets, properties and rights used to conduct the Business in the manner in which it is currently being conducted and as of the Closing Date all of such assets, properties and rights shall be transferred to Buyer. No person or entity other than Seller has any interest in any of the property used in the conduct of the Business, except as set forth on the Interests of Other Persons List attached to this Agreement as Schedule 4.17(b).
Property Used. With the exception of the leased vehicles and equipment referenced in Section 6.7 of this Agreement and as otherwise specified in this Agreement, all of the property that is primarily dedicated to or used by Black Mountain is included in the assets as reflected in the financial statements set forth in Schedule 4.5. Except for rights arising under existing contracts as of December 31, 2001, the assets and leased vehicles and equipment constitute all of the property necessary for the conduct of Black Mountain’s operations as currently conducted. All of the material items of tangible personal property included in the assets and the leased vehicles and equipment referenced in Section 6.7 are in good operating condition and repair, subject to normal wear and tear.
Property Used. Applicant shall be entitled to use the following-described City property at the times and on the dates set forth below: Property: STRATTON ROSE GARDEN (“Property”) Hours of Use: from to Days of Use: from through Estimated Group Size: Locates Needed: Yes No (if stakes will be put into the ground)

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Real Property; Fixtures Each Grantor covenants and agrees that upon the acquisition of any fee interest in Real Property it will promptly (and in any event within two (2) Business Days of acquisition) notify Secured Party of the acquisition of such Real Property and will grant to Secured Party a first priority Mortgage on each fee interest in Real Property now or hereafter owned by such Grantor and shall deliver such other documentation and opinions, in form and substance satisfactory to Secured Party, in connection with the grant of such Mortgage as Secured Party shall request in its reasonable credit judgment, including title insurance policies, financing statements, fixture filings and environmental audits and such Grantor shall pay all recording costs, intangible taxes and other fees and costs (including reasonable attorneys fees and expenses) incurred in connection therewith. Each Grantor acknowledges and agrees that, to the extent permitted by applicable law, all of the Collateral shall remain personal property regardless of the manner of its attachment or affixation to real property.
Personal Property The Company has delivered to IES an accurate list (which is set forth on Schedule 5.14) of (x) all personal property material to the operations of the Company included in "plant, property and equipment" on the balance sheet of the Company, (y) all other personal property owned by the Company with an individual value in excess of $2,500 (i) as of the Balance Sheet Date and (ii) acquired since the Balance Sheet Date and (z) all material leases and agreements in respect of personal property, including, in the case of each of (x), (y) and (z), (1) true, complete and correct copies of all such leases and (2) an indication as to which assets are currently owned, or were formerly owned, by Stockholders, relatives of Stockholders, or Affiliates of the Company. Except as set forth on Schedule 5.14, (i) all personal property material to, and used by, the Company in its business is either owned by the Company or leased by the Company pursuant to a lease included on Schedule 5.14, (ii) all of the personal property listed on Schedule 5.14 or replacement property thereof is in working order and condition, ordinary wear and tear excepted and (iii) all leases and agreements included on Schedule 5.14 are in full force and effect and constitute valid and binding agreements of the parties (and their successors) thereto in accordance with their respective terms.
Property Locations The Inventory, Equipment and Fixtures are located solely at the locations described in Exhibit A. All of said locations are owned by the Obligors except for locations (i) which are leased by the Obligors as lessee and designated in Part C of Exhibit A and (ii) at which Inventory is held in a public warehouse or is otherwise held by a bailee or on consignment as designated in Part D of Exhibit A, with respect to which Inventory the Obligors have delivered bailment agreements, warehouse receipts, financing statements or other documents satisfactory to the Collateral Agent to protect the Collateral Agent’s security interest in such Inventory.