Proportionate Share Sample Clauses

Proportionate Share. The term "Proportionate Share" shall mean each Stockholder's respective percentage ownership interest in the Company as set forth on Exhibit A.
Proportionate Share. At any time or times, upon request of Landlord or of any tenant of the Building, the method for allocating Tenant's Proportionate Share of any Impositions, cost, charge, rent, expense or payment then or thereafter payable shall be redetermined by an independent qualified expert. The cost of such redetermination shall be borne by the tenants of the Building in the same proportion as that determined by such expert for reallocation of said relevant sum; except that if such redetermination is requested by a tenant, the cost thereof shall be borne entirely by such tenant if the proportionate share of said relevant sum allocable to such tenant as the result of such redetermination shall not vary by at least 5% from the amount which would have been allocable to such tenant in accordance with the percentage based on square foot area.
Proportionate Share. As used in this Agreement, the term “Proportionate Share” will mean User’s Share as defined in Section 2.1 above and in the case of Tenant, Tenant’s Proportional share shall be the amount remaining after subtracting User’s Share from 100% (i.e. if User’s Share is 40% the Tenant’s Proportionate Share is 60%).
Proportionate Share. For purposes of this Agreement, a TRA Holder’s “proportionate share” for any Taxable Year equals (i) the deductions available for use in such Taxable Year associated with the Exchange Basis Adjustments and the Imputed Interest attributable to such TRA Holder, divided by (ii) the deductions associated with all Exchange Basis Adjustments and all Imputed Interest that are available for use in such Taxable Year.
Proportionate Share. If the Premises are a part of a multiple tenancy complex, the responsibility of Lessee for costs are determined by taking a percentage of the total cost of the expenses based upon the rentable floor space in said complex occupied by Lessee. It is agreed the Premises is _____________ Percent (____%) ("Proportionate Share") of the total floor space in the building. Lessor may, with notice to Lessee, elect to perform and provide certain maintenance and services pertaining to the entire building or area of which the Premises are a part, including, but not limited to, landscaping, trash removal, lawn maintenance, common area lighting, watering, paving maintenance, and snow removal. In such event, Lessee shall reimburse Lessor for its Proportionate Share of such maintenance services. Within ninety (90) days following the end of each year during the Term, Lessor shall furnish Lessee a written statement covering the lease year just expired (measured from the Commencement Date), showing in reasonable detail a general breakdown of the total operating costs, the amount of Lessee's obligation relating thereto, and the total payments made by Lessee. Lessee agrees to conduct its business in a lawful and legal manner and in a way that provides quiet enjoyment to the rest of the Lessees in the complex, including, but not limited to, mitigation and limitation of noise, vibration, odor, trash, or fumes. In the event Lessor receives complaints from other Lessees in the building or complex and determines, in its sole reasonable judgment, that Lessee is conducting its operations in a manner so as to be objectionable to other Lessees, Lessee shall, upon notice from Lessor, promptly modify its operations to eliminate such objections.
Proportionate Share. 22 12.17 Regulations.............................................................................................22 12.18 Taxes...................................................................................................22 12.19
Proportionate Share. Tenant’s Proportionate Share of Operating Costs and Tenant’s Proportionate Share of Real Estate Taxes shall be increased in proportion to the Gross Leasable Area following the Second Additional Premises Commencement Date and the Third Additional Premises Commencement Date.
Proportionate Share. Tenant's Proportionate Share of the additional rent, as defined in Subparagraphs A, B and C hereof, shall be the Tenant Percentage Share shown on the Summary Pages, which the parties agree is the Tenant's share of the total additional rent items, which Proportionate Share reflects the ratio of the gross square feet of the area rented to the Tenant as compared with the total number of gross square feet of the rentable area of the entire Building measured outside wall to outside wall. Landlord shall have the right to make changes or revisions in the common areas of the Building or Office building Area so as to provide additional leasing area.
Proportionate Share. For purposes of Sections 8.10 and 10.1 and Section 11, Lessee’s proportionate share of the Insurance Amount, the Real Property Tax Amount and the CAM amount shall be a fraction, the numerator of which is the total gross rentable square footage of the Premises, and the denominator of which is the total gross rentable square footage of the entire Project, from time to time. The parties agree that as of the Commencement Date, Lessee’s proportionate share will be:
Proportionate Share. Tenant's proportionate share of Operating Expenses ("Proportionate Share") shall be equal to one hundred percent of the Operating Expenses of the Project. Landlord may invoice Tenant monthly for one twelfth (1/12th) of Tenant's estimated annual Proportionate Share of Operating Expenses for each calendar year, which amount shall be adjusted reasonably from time-to-time by Landlord based upon anticipated Operating Expenses. Tenant's Proportionate Share of Operating Expenses for the years in which the Lease Term commences and terminates shall be prorated as equitably determined by Landlord based upon the Commencement Date and date of termination of the Lease Term. Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, during the year in which this Lease terminates, Landlord, prior to the termination date, shall have the option to invoice Tenant for Tenant's Proportionate Share of the Operating Expenses based upon the previous year's Operating Expenses.