Proprietary Knowledge Sample Clauses

Proprietary Knowledge all Prior Knowledge and Parallel Knowledge. The Proprietary Knowledge used as part of the Project is listed in Schedule 4, which may be supplemented during the execution of the Project via a signed amendment pursuant to the provisions of clause 12.6 hereof.
Proprietary Knowledge. Proprietary Knowledge, specifically including each Party’s Materials and Information, shall remain the exclusive property of said Party. Each Party may use another Party’s Proprietary Knowledge free of charge exclusively for the Tasks incumbent upon them, and excluding any other use.
Proprietary Knowledge refers to technical and/or scientific information and knowledge, including know-how, manufacturing secrets, trade secrets, data, databases, software (source code and object code versions), records, plans, diagrams, drawings, formulas, and any other type of information, in any form whatsoever, whether patentable or not, whether patented or not, and all related intellectual property rights necessary for the Project, belonging to a Party or possessed by it prior to the effective date of the Agreement independently of the completion of the Project and to which it holds the rights of use, and/or developed or acquired by it simultaneously with the performance of the Agreement, and of which it has the right of disposal. It shall be the responsibility of each Party to inform the other Parties in writing of the identification, during the implementation of the Agreement, of other Knowledge and to provide proof, if necessary, of its independence with respect to the Project.
Proprietary Knowledge. (a) Employee agrees to make available to the Company all knowledge possessed by him relating to any methods, developments, inventions and/or improvements, whether patented, patentable or unpatentable, which concern in any way the business of the Company or its affiliated corporations, whether acquired by Employee before or during the Term of Employment; provided that nothing herein shall be construed as requiring any
Proprietary Knowledge. With the exception of the provisions below, the AGREEMENT does not include any transfer or licencing of the rights of the PARTIES to their own PROPRIETARY KNOWLEDGE. Subject to the provisions in article 8 below, nothing in this AGREEMENT prohibits the PARTIES from using their own PROPRIETARY KNOWLEDGE in any way whatsoever, by themselves or with any third parties of their choice.
Proprietary Knowledge. 5.1.1. Each of the Parties retains full and entire ownership of its Proprietary Knowledge (subject, where applicable, to the rights of Third Parties).
Proprietary Knowledge. Each Party shall retain full ownership of its Proprietary Knowledge. Each Party shall also own any changes that it itself makes to its Proprietary Knowledge. Communication of Proprietary Knowledge to other Parties shall not be construed as a transfer of ownership.
Proprietary Knowledge. The Establishments and the UNIME shall retain full and complete ownership of their Proprietary Knowledge, even where this Proprietary Knowledge has been used in the framework of the Study and/or has been integrated into the Results. No Party receives any right to the pertinent intellectual property rights and Know-how unless otherwise expressly agreed by the other Party.
Proprietary Knowledge. All technical and/or scientific information and knowledge, particularly any improvement in pre-existing KNOW-HOW, trade secrets, business secrets, DATA, databases, BASIC SOFTWARE, folders, drawings, schematics, drawings, formulae, and/or any other type of information, in any form whatsoever, patentable or not and/or patented or not, and all the resulting intellectual property rights, necessary to perform the PROJECT, belonging to or held by a PARTY before the EFFECTIVE DATE of the AGREEMENT or developed independently of the performance of the PROJECT by a PARTY. The PROPRIETARY KNOWLEDGE of the PARTIES is listed in Annex 2. Each PARTY may only request changes to the list of PROPRIETARY KNOWLEDGE in Annex 2 according to the COMMITTEE procedure specified in article 5.2.2 below.
Proprietary Knowledge. 8.1.1 For the purpose of executing the PROJECT The PARTIES will grant the right to use their PROPRIETARY KNOWLEDGE, listed in Annex 2, to the other PARTIES for the duration of the PROJECT, free of charge, on written request, provided it is necessary for them to complete their PROJECT SHARE. The PARTIES will grant the right to use their DATA to the other PARTIES for the duration of the PROJECT, free of charge, on written request, provided it is necessary for them to complete their PROJECT SHARE.