Prosecuted definition

Prosecuted in turn, means “[t]o institute and pursue a criminal action against (a person).” BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY 1416 (10th ed. 2014). Relatedly, BLACK’S

Examples of Prosecuted in a sentence

Achieved a claim value less than client’s final settlement offer after week long arbitration.■ Prosecuted on behalf of a national hotel and condominium developer claims related to a defective hydroponic heating and cooling system installed in a 100 year-old hotel building on the South-Side of Chicago, IL.

Rakoff, The Financial Crisis: Why Have No High-Level Executives Been Prosecuted?, N.Y. REV.

Prosecuted under s.343.44 (1) (b) if the occupational license was issued while the person’s operating privilege was revoked.

Prosecuted under s.343.44 (1) (a) if the occupational license was issued while the person’s operating privilege was sus- pended.

Casas-Becerra, ‘Women Prosecuted and Imprisoned for Abortion in Chile’ (1997) 5 Reproductive Health Matters, 29; Casas and Vivaldi, ‘Abortion in Chile: the Practice under a Restrictive Regime’ (2014) 22 Reproductive Health Matters 70 at 76–77 (regarding mandatory reporting of abortion by healthcare providers); UN Committee against Torture, supra n 15 at para.

Supreme Court; Coordinated appeals with Solicitors; Prosecuted Medical Board and other licensing board cases.

Prosecuted as a class action, the matter was successfully resolved by court consent in favor of all families living in Greenville Public Housing.

The foregoing insurance and limits of coverage in no way limit Supplier's liability, or the right of Highland Hospital or the entity issuing the PO, if the issuer is other than the Highland Hospital, to require that Supplier provide other insurance or greater coverage amounts.

In the event that Exelixis decides either: (A) not to continue the prosecution or maintenance of a Patent within the Exelixis Prosecuted Patents in any country; or (B) not to file such new patent application, Exelixis shall provide Sanofi-Aventis with written notice of this decision at least [ * ] prior to any pending lapse or abandonment thereof.

Unless otherwise agreed by the Parties, any PCT application Covering a Joint Invention shall be prepared, filed, and Prosecuted by Licensee in accordance with Section 10.4.1 (Prosecution in the Licensee Territory).

Related to Prosecuted

Prosecute means to engage in Prosecution.
Prosecution has the meaning set forth in Section 9.2(a).
Commenced means that an owner has undertaken a continuous program of construction or modification or that an owner has entered into a contractual obligation to undertake and complete, within a reasonable time, a continuous program of construction or modification.
Prosecutor means the county prosecuting attorney, city director of law, village solicitor, or similar chief legal officer, who has the authority to prosecute a criminal case in the court in which the case is filed.
Execution Venue means the entity with which client orders, assets or securities are placed and/or to which the Company transmits Client’s orders for execution.
Prosecute and Maintain means, with regard to a Patent Right, the preparing, filing, prosecuting and maintenance of such Patent Right, as well as handling re-examinations, reissues, and requests for patent term extensions with respect to such Patent Right, together with the conduct of interferences, the defense of oppositions and other similar proceedings with respect to the particular Patent Right. For clarification, “Prosecution and Maintenance” or “Prosecute and Maintain” will not include any other enforcement actions taken with respect to a Patent Right.
eligible proceeding means a legal proceeding or investigative action, whether current, threatened, pending or completed, in which a director, former director or alternate director of the Company (an “eligible party”) or any of the heirs and legal personal representatives of the eligible party, by reason of the eligible party being or having been a director or alternate director of the Company:
Final Judgment means the order and judgment to be entered by the Court finally approving the Settlement and dismissing the Action, materially in the form attached hereto as Exhibit B.
Adjudicative proceeding or "hearing" shall mean a proceeding required by statute or constitutional right and conducted under the rules of this chapter, which provides an opportunity to be heard by the department prior to the entry of a final order under this chapter.
Public Prosecutor means any person appointed under section 24, and includes any person acting under the directions of a Public Prosecutor;
Public defender means a federal public defender, county public defender, county legal defender or county contract indigent defense counsel and includes an assistant or deputy federal public defender, county public defender or county legal defender.
Initiated means start or ignite a fire or reignite or rekindle a fire.
Professional Judgement shall be defined as judgement that is informed by professional knowledge of curriculum expectations, context, evidence of learning, methods of instruction and assessment, and the criteria and standards that indicate success in student learning. In professional practice, judgement involves a purposeful and systematic thinking process that evolves in terms of accuracy and insight with ongoing reflection and self-correction.
Guardianship proceeding means a judicial proceeding in which an order for the appointment of a guardian is sought or has been issued.
Patent Prosecution means the responsibility and authority for (a) preparing, filing and prosecuting applications (of all types) for any Patent, (b) paying, filing and maintenance fees relating to any Patent, (c) managing any interference, opposition, re-issue, reexamination, revocation, nullification, or cancellation proceeding relating to the foregoing, (d) deciding to abandon Patent(s) and (e) settling any interference, opposition, revocation, nullification or cancellation proceeding.
Legal Proceeding means any action, suit, litigation, arbitration, proceeding (including any civil, criminal, administrative, investigative or appellate proceeding), hearing, inquiry, audit, examination or investigation commenced, brought, conducted or heard by or before, or otherwise involving, any court or other Governmental Body or any arbitrator or arbitration panel.
ADR Proceeding means either an Arbitration or a Mediation.
Outcome means a job/training or placement outcome after the Start Date; and a Participant has been in employment/training/placement and Off-Benefit each week; and there has been an either continuous or cumulative individual period of employment/training/placement (Outcome payment trigger point) as detailed in the Specification for each Participant Group].
Criminal proceeding means any hearing, argument or other matter that is scheduled by and held before a trial court but does not include any deposition, lineup, grand jury proceeding or other matter that is not held in the presence of the court.
Protective proceeding means a judicial proceeding in which a protective order is sought or has been issued.
Bond proceedings means, collectively, this Resolution, the Certificate of Award, the Continuing Disclosure Agreement, the Registrar Agreement, the Purchase Agreement, and such other proceedings of the Board, including the Bonds, that provide collectively for, among other things, the rights of holders and beneficial owners of the Bonds.
Suit means a civil proceeding in which damages because of "bodily injury", "property damage" or "personal and advertising injury" to which this insurance applies are alleged. "Suit" includes:
Child custody proceeding means a proceeding in which legal custody, physical custody, or visitation with respect to a child is an issue. The term includes a proceeding for divorce, separation, neglect, abuse, dependency, guardianship, paternity, termination of parental rights, and protection from domestic violence in which the issue may appear. The term shall not include a proceeding involving juvenile delinquency, contractual emancipation, or enforcement under sections 452.850 to 452.915;
winding-up proceedings means collective proceedings involving realisation of the assets and distribution of the proceeds among the creditors, shareholders or members as appropriate, which involve any intervention by administrative or judicial authorities, including where the collective proceedings are terminated by a composition or other analogous measure, whether or not they are founded on insolvency or are voluntary or compulsory;
Intervention means a specialist service provided by a private sector or community entity or an employment or training programme administered by the Commonwealth or by a state or territory government (including by state or territory government funded providers) that the Provider may access, to provide specialised assistance to Stream Participants to increase job competitiveness or address Non-vocational Barriers.
Improper governmental action means any action by a district officer or employee: