Prospective Purchaser Sample Clauses

Prospective Purchaser. (a) A Shareholder (Disclosing Shareholder) must not disclose, and must procure that no holder of Upstream Securities discloses, any Confidential Information to a prospective purchaser of Securities or Upstream Securities (Prospective Purchaser) unless the Prospective Purchaser, prior to being provided with any such information, enters into a confidentiality agreement on terms no less onerous to the Prospective Purchaser than those set out in the Confidentiality Deed or otherwise reasonably acceptable to the Company.
Prospective Purchaser. Prospective purchasers of a Timeshare Interest or other interest at the Resort or any other RCI Affiliated Resort.
Prospective Purchaser. (THE PARTNERSHIP) Name: -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Prospective Purchaser. “Prospective Purchaser” or “Prospective Purchasers” means GSDC and its respective subsidiaries, divisions, officers, directors, shareholders, members, employees, agents, representatives, beneficiaries, heirs and assigns, and any subsequent Owner, Lender, or Occupant of the Site, as well as their respective investors, members, directors, officers, shareholders, partners, affiliates, employees, agents, successors and assigns. “Prospective Purchasers” excludes any person other than GSDC that has previously owned or operated at the Site, including GWRC, along with such person’s investors, members, directors, officers, shareholders, partners, affiliates, employees, agents, successors and assigns.
Prospective Purchaser. The purchaser of your Home may become a Park resident if the purchaser meets the Park entry requirements. We may only withhold approval for good causes as defined in Connecticut General Statutes, Section 21-79(d).
Prospective Purchaser. A Prospective Purchaser is any individual or entity that has made or intends to make an offer to purchase assets of a Failed Institution from the FDIC. For all purposes of this Certification, an “entity” includes any entity with a legally independent existence, including, without limitation, a trustee; the beneficiary of at least a 25% share of the proceeds of a trust; a partnership; a corporation; an association; or any other organization or society. Substantial Loss. A Substantial Loss is (i) any debt or duty to pay money to the FDIC or a Failed Institution that has an outstanding balance of more than $50,000 and that is more than 90 days past due; (ii) an unpaid final judgment of more than $50,000 regardless of whether it is forgiven in a bankruptcy proceeding; (iii) a deficiency balance following a foreclosure sale of more than $50,000 regardless of whether it is forgiven in a bankruptcy proceeding; or (iv) any loss of more than $50,000 reported on an IRS Form 1099-C (Information Reporting for Discharge of Indebtedness). ELIGIBILITY CERTIFICATION The undersigned hereby certifies that all of the following statements are true, correct and complete when made and will be true at closing of the sale.
Prospective Purchaser. 4, 6 Purchase Contract............................................................4 purchase price...............................................................5
Prospective Purchaser. (THE TRUST). Name: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (Number and Street) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (City) (State) (Zip Code) Address for Correspondence (if different): -------------------------------------- (Number and Street) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (City) (State) (Zip Code)

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Purchaser 2(a) The purchaser is registered under the GST Act and/or will be so registered at settlement. Yes/No
PURCHASERS a. Contractor acknowledges that use of the Contract by any city, county, state agency, state school district, state higher education institution, public utility district, Medicaid provider, or organization that has a Master Contract Usage Agreement (MCUA) is discretionary.
Cooperative Purchasing Pursuant to their own governing laws, and subject to the agreement of the Contractor, governmental entities that are not Customers may make purchases under the terms and conditions contained herein, if agreed to by Contractor. Such purchases are independent of the Contract between the Department and the Contractor, and the Department is not a party to these transactions. Agencies seeking to make purchases under this Contract are required to follow the requirements of Rule 60A-1.045(5), F.A.C.