Protection of the Company Sample Clauses

Protection of the Company. (A) EXCLUSIVE SERVICES During the term of his employment, the Executive ------------------ shall at all times devote his entire working time, attention, energies, efforts and skills to the business of the Company, and shall not, directly or indirectly, do anything to compete with the Company's present or contemplated business, nor will he plan or organize any competitive business activity.
Protection of the Company. Section 6 of the Agreement is not modified.
Protection of the Company. (A) The provisions of Section 6(A) of the Agreement shall apply through the expiration of the Consulting Period.
Protection of the Company. 13.1 Undertakingsgeneral The Restrained Sellers undertake to the Buyer that:
Protection of the Company. Section 6 of the Existing Agreement is not modified.
Protection of the Company 

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Formation of the Company By execution of this Agreement, the Members ratify and confirm the action of Brian C. Mulligan, as their duly authorized agent in connection with the filing of a certificate of formation (the "Certificate") with the Secretary of the State of the State of Delaware for the purpose of forming USA Networks Partner LLC (the "Company"), a limited liability company formed under the Delaware Limited Liability Company Act, 6 Del. C. Section 18-101, et seq. (the "Act").
PROTECTION OF TEACHERS A. Since the teacher’s authority and effectiveness in his/her classroom is undermined when students discover that there is insufficient administrative backing and support of the teacher, the administration recognizes its responsibility to give support and assistance to teachers with respect to the maintenance of control and discipline in the classroom. Whenever it appears to teachers involved with a problem student that she/he requires the attention of special counselors, social workers, law enforcement personnel, physicians, or other professional persons, the administration will take appropriate and immediate steps to alleviate the situation.
Operation of the Company Each Party agrees to take all actions necessary to ensure that the Company shall be operated in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and the other Transaction Agreements, including, without limitation, to vote all Securities held by it (and to cause all Securities held by any of its Affiliates and permitted transferees under Section 13 to be voted) to effect the terms hereof.
Termination of the Company Upon the voluntary termination of the Company upon the consent of the Members, the sale or other transfer of all or substantially all of the Company's assets or any other termination of the Company in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, the Company shall wind up its affairs and shall then be liquidated as provided in Article 13.
Duration of the Company The Company shall continue in perpetuity unless terminated sooner by operation of law or by decision of the Member.
Obligation of the Company In connection with the registration of the Registrable Securities, the Company shall do each of the following:
Continuation of the Company The Company shall not be dissolved upon the occurrence of any event which is deemed to terminate the continued membership of a Member. The Company’s affairs shall not be required to be wound up. The Company shall continue without dissolution.
Organization of the Company The Company is a corporation duly organized and validly existing and in good standing under the laws of the State of Nevada and has all requisite power and authority to own, lease and operate its properties and to carry on its business as now being conducted. The Company is duly qualified as a foreign corporation to do business and is in good standing in every jurisdiction in which the nature of the business conducted or property owned by it makes such qualification necessary, other than those in which the failure so to qualify would not have a Material Adverse Effect.
Protection of the Adviser The Adviser shall not be liable to the Fund or to any portfolio series thereof for any action taken or omitted to be taken by the Adviser in connection with the performance of any of its duties or obligations under this Agreement or otherwise as an investment adviser of the Fund or such series, and the Fund or each portfolio series thereof involved, as the case may be, shall indemnify the Adviser and hold it harmless from and against all damages, liabilities, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and amounts reasonably paid in settlement) incurred by the Adviser in or by reason of any pending, threatened or completed action, suit, investigation or other proceeding (including an action or suit by or in the right of the Fund or any portfolio series thereof or its security holders) arising out of or otherwise based upon any action actually or allegedly taken or omitted to be taken by the Adviser in connection with the performance of any of its duties or obligations under this Agreement or otherwise as an investment adviser of the Fund or such series. Notwithstanding the preceding sentence of this Paragraph 8 to the contrary, nothing contained herein shall protect or be deemed to protect the Adviser against or entitle or be deemed to entitle the Adviser to indemnification in respect of, any liability to the Fund or to any portfolio series thereof or its security holders to which the Adviser would otherwise be subject by reason of willful misfeasance, bad faith or gross negligence in the performance of its duties or by reason of its reckless disregard of its duties and obligations under this Agreement. Determinations of whether and the extent to which the Adviser is entitled to indemnification hereunder shall be made by reasonable and fair means, including (a) a final decision on the merits by a court or other body before whom the action, suit or other proceeding was brought that the Adviser was not liable by reason of willful misfeasance, bad faith, gross negligence or reckless disregard of its duties, or (b) in the absence of such a decision, a reasonable determination, based upon a review of the facts, that the Adviser was not liable by reason of such misconduct by (i) the vote of a majority of a quorum of the Trustees of the Fund who are neither “interested persons” of the Fund (as defined in Section 2(a)(19) of the Investment Company Act of 1940) nor parties to the action, suit or other proceeding, or (ii) an independent legal counsel in a written opinion.
Acquisition of the Company Upon the closing of any Acquisition, other than an Acquisition which constitutes a Qualified Sales Transaction (as defined in Section 5.1), the successor entity shall assume the obligations of this Warrant, and this Warrant shall be exercisable for the same securities, cash, and property as would be payable for the Shares issuable (as of immediately prior to such closing) upon exercise of the unexercised portion of this Warrant as if such Shares were issued and outstanding on the record date for the Acquisition and subsequent closing. The Warrant Price shall be adjusted accordingly. As used herein, “Acquisition” means any sale, transfer, assignment or other disposition of all or substantially all of the assets or equity securities of the Company, or any reorganization, consolidation or merger of the Company in which holders of the Company’s outstanding voting securities as of immediately before such transaction (for such purpose treating all outstanding options and warrants to purchase voting securities of the Company as having been exercised and treating all outstanding debt and equity securities convertible into voting securities of the Company as having been converted) beneficially own less than a majority of the outstanding voting securities of the surviving entity as of immediately after the transaction. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Holder agrees that, in the event of an Acquisition, Holder shall be entitled to require the successor or surviving entity to purchase this Warrant upon the closing of the Acquisition, subject to the same terms as other holders of the same class of securities of the Company participating in the Acquisition as if the Warrant were exercised and Holder held the Shares prior to the closing of the Acquisition, for an amount equal to the aggregate consideration Holder would have received in consideration for the Shares issued upon exercise of this Warrant in connection with the Acquisition had Holder exercised this Warrant immediately prior to the record date for determining such consideration to the security holders, minus the aggregate Warrant Price for such Shares.