Protection of Sample Clauses

Protection of. NTI Trade Secrets by Agents (as hereinafter defined) and Submanufacturers (as hereinafter defined) of the Company Neither the Company, nor its Agents (as hereinafter defined), nor its Submanufacturers (as hereinafter defined) shall at any time copy, remove from their proper location, or retain without NTI’s prior written consent, the originals or copies of any NTI Trade Secrets or of any of the unpublished records, books of account, documents, letters, diagrams, computer disks, papers or memoranda of NTI or the Company. It is understood that from time to time it may be necessary that certain of the foregoing items be copied or removed from their location; however, this shall be done subject to the requirement of this Article that the original material be returned to its proper location as soon as possible and that the confidential nature and integrity of the foregoing as NTI Trade Secrets be strictly maintained both as to original documents and copies thereof.
Protection of a Step-in Party Subject to any Law which applies despite any written agreement to the contrary, the Operator acknowledges that a Step-in Party will not be liable to the Operator in respect of:
Protection of third parties No purchaser, mortgagee or other person or company dealing with the Issuer, the Bond Trustee or the Receiver or its or his agents will be concerned to enquire whether the OFCA Secured Liabilities have become payable or whether any power which the Receiver is purporting to exercise has become exercisable or whether any money remains due under this Agreement or the Finance Documents or to see to the application of any money paid to the Bond Trustee or to such Receiver.
Protection of. Power Supply The OPTera OLA system is powered by redundant feeds. Failure of one of the power feeds due to an open or short circuit does not affect the system. Two breaker/filter modules provide power for the OPtera OLA shelves. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Redundancy of pump lasers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Protection of. SECURITY Assignee shall have the right (but not the obligation), upon any Event of Default, so long as such Event of Default is continuing, to take any action as Assignee may deem necessary or appropriate to protect Assignee's security, including, but not limited to, appearing in any action or proceeding and performing any obligations of the lessor under any Lease, and Assignor agrees to pay all reasonable costs and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys' fees) incurred by Assignee in connection therewith, pursuant to Section 7 above.
Protection of. Assets (a) Except for transactions and activities entered into in connection with the securitization that is the subject of this agreement, the trust created by this agreement is not authorized and has no power to:
Protection of third parties No person (including a purchaser) dealing with the Collateral Agent or a Receiver or its or his agents will be concerned to enquire: (a) whether the Secured Liabilities have become payable; (b) whether any power which the Collateral Agent or a Receiver is purporting to exercise has become exercisable or is being properly exercised; (c) whether any money remains due under the Secured Documents; or (d) how any money paid to the Collateral Agent or to that Receiver is to be applied. 12.5
Protection of. SECURITY Mortgagor agrees to promptly notify Mortgagee of and appear in and defend any suit, action or proceeding that affects the value of the Premises, the Indebtedness or the rights or interest of Mortgagee hereunder. Mortgagee may elect to appear in or defend any such action or proceeding and Mortgagor agrees to indemnify and reimburse Mortgagee from any and all loss, damage, expense or cost arising out of or incurred in connection with any such suit, action or proceeding, including costs of evidence of title and reasonable attorneys' fees.
Protection of. Trade Secrets and Confidential Information ---------------------------------------------------------
Protection of third parties (a) No person dealing with the Security Trustee, Receiver or Attorney is bound to enquire whether: (1) the Security has become enforceable; (2) the Receiver or Attorney is duly appointed; or (3) any Power has been properly or regularly exercised. (b) No person dealing with the Security Trustee, Receiver or Attorney is affected by express notice that the exercise of any Power was unnecessary or improper. (c) The irregular or improper exercise of any Power is, as regards the protection of any person, regarded as authorised by the Grantor and this deed, and is valid.