PROVIDED THAT Sample Clauses

PROVIDED THAT. (i) any change to the ECA Facility Applicable Margin shall take place from the immediately following Euro Facility Interest Payment Date (the "ECA FACILITY APPLICABLE MARGIN ADJUSTMENT DATE") (subject to Clause 9.1(b)(iii)) if:
PROVIDED THAT if there occurs in relation to the Agent an Event of Default or an event which would constitute an Event of Default if Borrower served written notice under any sub-clause of paragraph 14, Borrower shall be entitled by giving written notice to the Principal (which notice shall be validly given if given to Lender in accordance with paragraph 21) to declare that by reason of that event an Event of Default is to be treated as occurring in relation to the Principal. If Borrower gives such a notice then an Event of Default shall be treated as occurring in relation to the Principal at the time when the notice is deemed to be given; and if the Principal is neither incorporated in nor has established a place of business in Great Britain, the Principal shall for the purposes of the agreement referred to in paragraph 16.4(ii) be deemed to have appointed as its agent to receive on its behalf service of process in the courts of England the Agent, or if the Agent is neither incorporated nor has established a place of business in Great Britain, the person appointed by the Agent for the purposes of this Agreement, or such other person as the Principal may from time to time specify in a written notice given to the other Party. The foregoing provisions of this paragraph do not affect the operation of the Agreement as between Borrower and Lender in respect of any transactions into which Lender may enter on its own account as principal.
PROVIDED THAT. (1) Whenever one of the above-mentioned public holidays falls on a Saturday or a Sunday and the Government of Canada and the Government of the Province of British Columbia, or either of them in the absence of the other, proclaim that such public holiday be observed on a day other than Saturday or Sunday, then the day so proclaimed shall be read in substitution for such public holiday; SAVE AND EXCEPT THAT: Whenever one of the aforementioned public holidays falls on a Saturday or a Sunday and neither the Government of Canada nor the Government of the Province of British Columbia proclaims that such public holiday be observed on a day other than Saturday or Sunday, or the proclamations of such governments do not proclaim the same day for the observance of such public holiday, then not less than seven (7) calendar days prior to that public holiday, the Corporation shall post a notice or notices in conspicuous places so that each employee affected thereby may have ready access to and see the same, designating the employee's holiday entitlement in accordance with one of the following methods:
PROVIDED THAT. In all instances, if circumstances permit and suitable accommodation is provided or is reasonably available, C.S.S.A.'s may be released from duty for one rest period of not less than eight consecutive hours in each subsequent 24-hour cycle; following which rest period, they may be required to perform eight hours continuous service in each 24- hour cycle at pro rata rate, with time and one-half time payable for all service performed thereafter within the same 24-hour cycle.
PROVIDED THAT. 3.1 the Consent shall not be effective until the date upon which:
PROVIDED THAT. (i) No Event of Default will arise if the relevant Financial Indebtedness is not accelerated or, if it is accelerated but, in aggregate, the Financial Indebtedness is less than fifteen million Dollars (USD15,000,000); and
PROVIDED THAT. (i) "Calendar Year" for the purpose of this Agreement shall mean the twelve (12) month period from January 1st to December 31st inclusive.
PROVIDED THAT. If the Division and the Association, after delivery of the written request to settle the grievance by arbitration, and before the expiration of the ten (10) teaching days period prescribed for the selection of their respective nominees agree that the difference shall be settled by a single named arbitrator, the arbitrator so selected shall have the like authority as the arbitration board to make a final settlement of the difference, and shall act in the place and stead of the arbitration board. If the parties elect to follow the procedure entailing the appointment of an arbitration board, then, in the event of any vacancy on the board occurring by reason of death, incapacity or resignation, or for any other reason, such vacancy shall be filled in the same manner as is provided herein for the establishment of the board in the first instance.