PROVIDED Sample Clauses

PROVIDED. HOWEVER, that if the Issuer, its successors or assigns, shall well and truly pay, or cause to be paid, the principal of the Notes and the interest due and to become due thereon, or provide fully for payment thereof as herein provided, at the times and in the manner mentioned in the Notes according to the true intent and meaning thereof, and shall make all required payments into the Funds as required under Article V hereof, or shall provide, as permitted hereby, for the payment thereof by depositing with the Trustee sums sufficient to pay or to provide for payment of the entire amount due and to become so due as herein provided (including payments due and payable to any Counterparty), then this Indenture (other than Sections 4.13, 4.14 (for a period of 90 days) and 7.05 hereof) and the rights hereby granted shall cease, terminate and be void; otherwise, this Indenture shall be and remain in full force and effect;
PROVIDED. (i) If by messenger, it shall be deemed communicated if it is left at the Client's address, whether actually received by the client or not;
PROVIDED. If at any time the Issuer and the Company shall request the consent of the Trustee to any such proposed amendment, change or modification of the Agreement or the terms of the Notes, the Trustee shall, upon being satisfactorily indemnified with respect to expenses, cause notice of such proposed amendment, change or modification to be given in the same manner as provided by Section 10.02 hereof with respect to supplemental indentures. Such notice shall briefly set forth the nature of such proposed amendment, change or modification and shall state that copies of the instrument embodying the same are on file with the Trustee for inspection by all Bondholders.
PROVIDED. Protective aprons shall be provided to wear during cooking, serving and dishwashing.
PROVIDED. Tenant shall immediately notify Landlord whenever any such separate insurance is taken out and shall deliver to Landlord duplicate originals thereof or original certificates evidencing the same with true copies of such insurance policies attached. All such policies of insurance shall provide that any loss shall be payable to Landlord notwithstanding any act or omission of Tenant which might otherwise result in a forfeiture or reduction of such insurance. Each policy required under this Article V shall have attached thereto (i) an endorsement that such policy shall not be canceled or materially changed without at least thirty (30) days prior written notice to Landlord and any party holding a mortgage on the Demised Premises which has provided evidence of such fact and its address to which notices should be sent (a "Registered Mortgagee"), and (ii) an endorsement to the effect that the insurance as to the interest of Landlord shall not be invalidated by any act or neglect of any person. All policies of insurance shall be written in companies reasonably satisfactory to Landlord and any Registered Mortgagee and licensed in the state in which the Demised Premises are located, and shall be written in such form and shall be distributed in such companies as shall be reasonably satisfactory to Landlord and any Registered Mortgagee. Such policies (or certificates of insurance acceptable to Landlord and any Registered Mortgagee) shall be delivered to Landlord endorsed "Premium Paid" by the company or agent issuing the same or accompanied by other evidence satisfactory to Landlord and any Registered Mortgagee that the premiums thereon have been paid. Such policies (or certificates of insurance acceptable to Landlord) and evidence of payment shall be delivered to Landlord upon commencement of the term; and prior to expiration of such policy, a new policy (or certificates of insurance acceptable to Landlord), plus evidence of premium payment, shall be delivered to Landlord not less than twenty (20) days prior to the expiration of the then current policy term.
PROVIDED. On the delivery date, Quigley shall surrender to Suncoast, or its duly authorized designee, possession of all certificates representing the Preferred Shares covered by the put or call notice, endorsed in blank or accompanied by duly executed stock powers, and such Preferred Shares shall be free and clear of any claims, liens, charges, encumbrances or other restrictions or commitments of any nature whatsoever.
PROVIDED. Prior to the delivery by the Trustee of any of the Project Bonds there shall be filed with the Trustee: