Publicly Available Sample Clauses

Publicly Available as of the date of disclosure is publicly available by publication or other documented means or later becomes likewise publicly available through no act or fault of recipient or any of its Affiliates; or
Publicly Available is or later becomes available to the public, other than by the RECEIVER’s default of this Article 16;
Publicly Available. No piece or body of Confidential Information shall be regarded as publicly available merely because it contains some information which is publicly available or is embraced by a more general disclosure which is publicly available.
Publicly Available. Information that is in the public domain, or becomes part of the public domain, after disclosure to such person through no fault of such person. Qualified Transferee: (i) Lender, or (ii) one or more of the following:
Publicly Available. This Agreement is a public document. The ICCSD will provide a copy of this Agreement to any person, upon request.
Publicly Available. Information that is in the public domain, or becomes part of the public domain, after disclosure to such person through no fault of such person.
Publicly Available. A copy of this document will be made available to any person by the County on request.

Related to Publicly Available

Publicly Available Statements and Reports For a period of five (5) years from the Effective Date or until such earlier time that the Company is required to be liquidated or the Common Stock and Warrants cease to be publicly traded, the Company will furnish to the Representative such copies of financial statements and other periodic and special reports as the Company from time to time furnishes generally to holders of any class of its securities and such additional documents and information with respect to the Company as the Representative may from time to time reasonably request. Any financial statements and reports filed on the Commission’s EDGAR website or otherwise available on the Company’s website will be considered furnished for purposes of this section.
IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE FUNDS Unless otherwise expressly provided for in this Agreement, all amounts payable by Borrower to Lender shall be payable only in United States currency, immediately available funds.
Information Available So long as the Registration Statement is effective covering the resale of Shares owned by the Purchaser, the Company will furnish to the Purchaser:
Additional Time of Sale Information 1. Term sheet containing the terms of the Securities, substantially in the form of Annex B. ANNEX B SunCoke Energy Partners, L.P. SunCoke Energy Partners Finance Corp. This pricing term sheet is qualified in its entirety by reference to the Preliminary Offering Memorandum (the “Preliminary Offering Memorandum”). The information in this pricing term sheet supplements the Preliminary Offering Memorandum and updates and supersedes the information in the Preliminary Offering Memorandum to the extent it is inconsistent with the information in the Preliminary Offering Memorandum. Terms used and not defined herein have the meanings assigned in the Preliminary Offering Memorandum.
Date of communications Any communication is considered to have been made when the receiving party receives it, unless the Agreement states that communication is considered to have been made on the date when the communication was sent. Email is considered to have been received by the receiving party on the day of dispatch of that email, provided that it is sent to the email address indicated in Article I.7. The sending party must be able to prove the date of dispatch. If the sending party receives a non-delivery report, it must make every effort to ensure that the other party actually receives the communication by email or mail. In such a case, the sending party is not held in breach of its obligation to send such communication within a specified deadline.
RDDS update time Refers to the time measured from the reception of an EPP confirmation to a transform command on a domain name, host or contact, up until the servers of the RDDS services reflect the changes made.
Routine Communications All routine communications related to the Contract shall be sent to the Department’s Contract Manager. If any of the Contractor’s contract information changes during the life of the Contract, the Contractor shall notify the Department’s Contract Manager; such updates do not necessitate a formal amendment to the Contract. Communications relating to a Customer contract or purchase order should be addressed to the contact person identified in the contract or purchase order. Routine communications may be my email, regular mail, or telephone.
Information Updates During the term of this Agreement the Trust shall have the ongoing obligation to provide UMBFS with the following documents as soon as they become effective: (i) certified copies of all amendments to its Declaration of Trust and By-laws made after the date of this Agreement; and (ii) a copy of each Fund’s currently effective Prospectus. For purposes of this Agreement, UMBFS shall not be deemed to have notice of any information contained in any such Prospectus until a reasonable time after it is actually received by UMBFS.
DNS update time Refers to the time measured from the reception of an EPP confirmation to a transform command on a domain name, until the name servers of the parent domain name answer “DNS queries” with data consistent with the change made. This only applies for changes to DNS information.
Available Information The Company is subject to the periodic reporting requirements of the Exchange Act applicable to foreign private issuers (as defined in Rule 405 of the Securities Act) and accordingly files certain information with the Commission. These reports and documents can be inspected and copied at the Commission’s website at or at the public reference facilities maintained by the Commission located at 100 F Street, N.E., Washington D.C. 20549, U.S.A.