Questioning Sample Clauses

Questioning. An employee who is being questioned concerning an incident or action which will subject him/her to disciplinary action shall be notified of his/her right to have a union steward or other representative present upon request, provided however, this provision shall not unreasonably delay completion of the questioning before, during or after the filing of a charge against an employee or notification to the employee of disciplinary action.
Questioning. A. Information-seeking: a rational question seeking a rational response.
Questioning. 3. The Parties shall provide for the following measures, which fall within the scope of cooperation, to be carried out by their aircraft to intervene against suspicious aircraft as defined in article 2 (d):
Questioning. If the Chief of Police determines that the officer shall be question about the allegation, such questioning shall be done as soon as practicable. Unless an emergency is thought by the Chief of Police to exist, such questioning shall be conducted when the employee is on duty, if possible.
Questioning. Effective questioning can be used to reinforce learning and includes a combination of low-level and high-order questions for deeper learning and can be used to keep learners at work and to check their understanding (Redfield and Rousseau, 1981). Examples of questioning drawn from the fieldwork visits include:  Use at the beginning of a session and throughout to ascertain prior knowledge and links to advance organisers  Use to check understanding and identify who is not fully engaged with the task  Use to encourage evaluation by learners of their work and their learning, through the use of appropriate questions applied in a variety of forms; mainly open – and not just superficial but going beyond the initial response to probe deeper  Use to check understanding by returning to a learner who may not have fully understood previously in response to questions asked: the teacher does not supply the answer, but challenges the learner to work it out – involving other learners to supply the answer if appropriate. For questioning, it is helpful to involve all learners, not just the assertive and self-confident who want to answer the questions all the time. Sometimes learners will wants not to offer an answer when they may be uncertain. One teacher solved this issue by using learners to nominate someone to answer the next question. Questioning can be used in an elimination strategy so that learners move towards the right answer. Strategies to develop learning skills Assisting learners to become more effective learners, to ‘learn how to learn’, enables them to learn knowledge and skills more efficiently – a valuable skill in itself for life. Active control over the thinking processes involved in learning is referred to as metacognition. Activities such as planning how to approach a given learning task, monitoring comprehension, and evaluating progress toward the completion of a task are metacognitive in nature. Because metacognition plays a critical role in successful learning, it is important for both learners and teachers. Metacognition is often referred to as ‘thinking about thinking’ and can be used to help learners to ‘learn how to learn’. In some interviews, teachers explicitly described their intention to develop higher-order thinking skills. If the culture of the organisation in which learning takes place systematically cultivates habits and attitudes that help learners to be confident of their own learning ability and to be creative, then learners are like...
Questioning a) When conducting an investigation at school regarding violation of school rules, School Administrators will take the lead on questioning students.

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Challenges The elections officer or an authorized agent of any party to the election may challenge, for good cause, the eligibility of a voter. Any challenges shall be made prior to the tally of the ballots.
Validity The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of this Agreement shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of this Agreement, which shall remain in full force and effect.
Infringement Controlled Affiliate shall promptly notify Plan and Plan shall promptly notify BCBSA of any suspected acts of infringement, unfair competition or passing off that may occur in relation to the Licensed Marks and Name. Controlled Affiliate shall not be entitled to require Plan or BCBSA to take any actions or institute any proceedings to prevent infringement, unfair competition or passing off by third parties. Controlled Affiliate agrees to render to Plan and BCBSA, without charge, all reasonable assistance in connection with any matter pertaining to the protection of the Licensed Marks and Name by BCBSA.
Contests In the event any Governmental Authority determines that Connecting Transmission Owner’s receipt of payments or property constitutes income that is subject to taxation, Connecting Transmission Owner shall notify Developer, in writing, within thirty (30) Calendar Days of receiving notification of such determination by a Governmental Authority. Upon the timely written request by Developer and at Developer’s sole expense, Connecting Transmission Owner may appeal, protest, seek abatement of, or otherwise oppose such determination. Upon Developer’s written request and sole expense, Connecting Transmission Owner may file a claim for refund with respect to any taxes paid under this Article 5.17, whether or not it has received such a determination. Connecting Transmission Owner reserves the right to make all decisions with regard to the prosecution of such appeal, protest, abatement or other contest, including the selection of counsel and compromise or settlement of the claim, but Connecting Transmission Owner shall keep Developer informed, shall consider in good faith suggestions from Developer about the conduct of the contest, and shall reasonably permit Developer or an Developer representative to attend contest proceedings. Developer shall pay to Connecting Transmission Owner on a periodic basis, as invoiced by Connecting Transmission Owner, Connecting Transmission Owner’s documented reasonable costs of prosecuting such appeal, protest, abatement or other contest. At any time during the contest, Connecting Transmission Owner may agree to a settlement either with Developer’s consent or after obtaining written advice from nationally-recognized tax counsel, selected by Connecting Transmission Owner, but reasonably acceptable to Developer, that the proposed settlement represents a reasonable settlement given the hazards of litigation. Developer’s obligation shall be based on the amount of the settlement agreed to by Developer, or if a higher amount, so much of the settlement that is supported by the written advice from nationally-recognized tax counsel selected under the terms of the preceding sentence. The settlement amount shall be calculated on a fully grossed-up basis to cover any related cost consequences of the current tax liability. Any settlement without Developer’s consent or such written advice will relieve Developer from any obligation to indemnify Connecting Transmission Owner for the tax at issue in the contest.