Rates and Charges Sample Clauses

Rates and Charges. The rates and charges for Verizon Telecommunication Services purchased by Excel for resale pursuant to this Attachment shall be as provided in this Attachment and the Pricing Attachment.
Rates and Charges. 6.3.1 Wholesale discounts for resold Telecommunications Services offerings are provided in Exhibit A. The Telecommunications Services offerings available for resale but excluded from the wholesale pricing arrangement in the Agreement are available at the retail Tariff, price list, catalog, or other retail Telecommunications Services offering rates. Telecommunications Services available for resale with or without a wholesale discount are subject to Commission-approved change, and any such changes shall apply from the effective date of such change on a going-forward basis only.
Rates and Charges. Customer agrees to pay to Provider the rates and charges for the Services set forth in the applicable appendices to this Agreement. Rates and charges are set forth in Appendix C attached to this Agreement and made a part hereof.
Rates and Charges. 3.1 The recurring (“MRC”) and NRC rates for QLSP Services and all associated QLSP applicable usage-based rates and miscellaneous charges are set forth or incorporated by reference into the attached QLSP Rate Sheets. Rates for QLSP Services are in addition to the applicable rates for elements and Services provided under CLEC’s ICAs. Applicable intercarrier compensation rates and charges (such as access charges, reciprocal compensation, and other charges for elements and services) are applicable and are provided under a separate Agreement or Tariff.
Rates and Charges. 5.1 GUVNL shall pay for the Delivered Energy as certified in the SEA by Gujarat SLDC, for the Term of this Agreement from the SCOD, to the Power Producer every month. The Tariff payable by GUVNL for energy purchased shall be as below.
Rates and Charges. 4.1 The charge for Emergency Energy delivered to the NYISO or to ISO-NE shall be as set forth in Attachment A, attached hereto.
Rates and Charges. The prices for the foregoing services shall be as set forth in BA's Tariffs or, in the absence of an applicable BA Tariff price, in Exhibit A or, if not set forth in either, as may be determined by BA from time to time. If BA at any time offers another resale support service the prices for which are not stated in BA's Tariffs or Exhibit A, BA shall have the right to revise Exhibit A to add such prices. SCHEDULE 13.4 COLLOCATION: SHARED CAGE ARRANGEMENT
Rates and Charges. 8.1 BellSouth shall assess an Application Fee via a service order which shall be issued at the time BellSouth responds that space is available pursuant to Section 2. Payment of said Application Fee will be due as dictated by ALEC Inc.,’s current billing cycle and is non-refundable.