Reason Sample Clauses

Reason. Following a Change in Control of the Company, you may terminate your employment at any time for Reason, in which event you shall be entitled to receive severance benefits under this Agreement. For the purposes of this Agreement, you shall have “Reason” to terminate your employment hereunder if there is either a change in your present responsibilities or there is a decrease in the level of your compensation or other economic loss.
Reason. A. If, in the sole judgment of the Board, it is determined to make a reduction in force for any reason including, but not limited to the reasons set forth in Section 3319.17 of the Ohio Revised Code, then the following procedures shall be utilized when making the reduction. The parties agree and understand that the provisions set forth in this article shall supersede and replace those provisions of O.R.C. 3319.08.1, 3319.17 and 3319.172.
Reason. A kitten by itself will get lonely and may become depressed and/or destructive. Kittens and young cats need feline companionship to live happily with their humans.
Reason. Marriage of employee's child, brother or sister Divorce or custody Serious fire or flood in employee's household Moving employee's household Serious household or domestic emergency Employee's or spouse's or dependent's graduation Leave of Absence with Pay The day of the wedding Time required for court appearance Up to three (3) days Up to three (3) days Maximum one (1) day per year One (1) day
Reason. A reduction in force (RIF) may result from any of the following: • Lack of fundsElimination and/or reduction of programs, courses or services • Decreased enrollmentOverstaffing • Reduction of allotments pursuant to RCW Chapter 43.88 as now or hereafter amended. • Board approved changes in educational policy and/or goals.
Reason. To guard against technical issues. This flag is in place in case a FI loads a transaction file twice.
Reason. The expenditure of time (computational expenditure) for bitmaps from a specific size onwards becomes too big as for every undo/redo-step a copy of the original (initial state) must be created. The value that is entered in this field should be between 5-10% of the RAM available in the computer. Delete undos before printing( max. memory utilization) The delete undos before printing -option deletes all undos done so far. Here, the font size of the writing can be entered that shall be used at the dimensioning.
Reason. The granting of such leaves of absence is at the sole discretion of the Employer and the length of time for such leaves shall be contingent upon the reasons for the request. Leaves of absence shall not exceed six months.